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What GoRoadTrip does for you.


Understanding the traveler in you.

We understand your travel preferences in just over a few questions. And when we say few, we really mean it! This helps us deliver a plan that’s just right for you.

Plan Creation

Your inputs. Our wizardry.

Stay, travel, food, what to see, what to do and how long to spend at every point – our plans have it all covered. By the way, did we tell you we cover over 7000 locations? And that we have personally visited all of them? And that we compare Tripadvisor ratings by actual travelers? And that the whole thing gets done in about 5 minutes? And… Ok, you get the drift right?


It’s your trip. And it’s your call.

Want to change our hotel suggestion? Want to spend more time at a particular place? South Indian over Chinese? No problem! Customize the plan to suit your needs in just a few clicks!


Pack your bags and also a kickass plan.

Download your plans on your smart phone and easily integrate it with Google Apps. The only thing left to do now is say Tata B-bye folks!

mobile app

Road Trips Made Easy

Plan on the go, execute with our app.

Fully integrated with Google Maps.

There’s no better time to plan a vacation than now! Explore road trips. Explore destinations. Explore the exciting world of travel. Only with world’s first road trip vacation planner - GoRoadTrip. With our state-of-the-art itinerary planner, not only do you get to explore existing itineraries but you can also plan your own trip.