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Cherish the summer adventures at Zell am See

Blog, Destinations, Europe - GoroadTrip - February 20, 2019

Zell am See is a resort town on the shore of Lake Zell. It is visited by the admirers of mountain skiing from all over Europe, especially in summer. Indeed, in Europe, no other lakeside resort allows tourists to both enjoy swimming in Lake Zell and Alpine skiing. Also, the resort attracts lovers of mountains and nature, because the lakeside and the surroundings are very picturesque. We set out a list of things to do in Zell am See –
1. For tourists wanting to do sightseeing, the city offers a lot of possibilities. The Cathedral of Saint-Hippolyte and the Evangelist Church, the building of the Town Hall which also houses a painting gallery are very interesting. The Museum of Local History presents the history of the city since ancient times. Fans of history will inevitably appreciate the Fortress of Prielau. The walk in the medieval streets will bring a rare pleasure one of the essential things to do in Zell am See. One can reach the Krimml Ski slopes by an old narrow-gauge railway, from which one can admire the landscapes of unique beauty.

2. Tourists come here to relax on lakeside beaches. This lake is deep, so travelers are welcome to take part in activities that are not typical for these parts, such as diving which is popular among things to do in Zell am See. During summer, tourists can choose from many hiking and horseback rides. They can also visit the riding school close by. In the vicinity of the complex, you will find several prestigious golf clubs, tennis courts, and other playgrounds. Zell am See continues to be one of Austria’s most recognizable and popular resorts. In the warmer months, the main attraction of the resort is hiking. Vacationers can explore the sights both on foot and by bike. There are several playgrounds and recreational areas for children also.

3. At the station, there is a fascinating history museum. Most of the exhibitions date back to the time of the founding of the city. Visitors have the opportunity to see archaeological artifacts discovered by researchers in the area and to evaluate the collection of important historical documents and early images of the city. Most museum pieces are real works of art. It will be fascinating for the admirers of paintings to visit the art gallery the most fun among things to do in Zell am See. It houses unique works by William Cowley, Günter Brus, Terry Winters, and other Austrian painters.

4. Near the city, there is an exciting natural attraction, the ice caves of Werfen. You can visit the caves only at certain times of the year an adventure among things to do in Zell am See. Travelers usually come here as part of guided tours of the old Hohenwerfen Castle. It is not very far away.

5. In addition to its attractions, the resort is famous for providing a good time here at any time of the year. The Steinerwirt restaurant invites visitors to enjoy classic Austrian cuisine. Those who decide to visit the restaurant at night are recommended to book a table in advance. Cabbage duck is particularly popular among regular customers. The Einkehr restaurant is perfect for sampling Austrian specialties. It’s a nice place for a family vacation, as qualified chefs prepare delicious and original dishes for young visitors. In addition to gourmet treats, guests are invited to choose a fine wine, as the choice of drinks at Einkehr is very impressive. You can try different varieties of pizza with soft drinks in the Villa Crazy Daisy restaurant. In the warmer months, visitors can stay at the beautiful outdoor terrace. There is also a spacious and elegant room with natural light. In addition to the original pizza, the restaurant offers fresh salads and appetizers.

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Blog, Destinations, Europe - GoroadTrip - January 21, 2019

Granada is in Southern Spain. It is one of the most beautiful and celebrated cities in Southern Spain. It makes one feel like walking back in time. The city is said to be a Moorish gem. The city has indefinable beauty to be discovered. Granada was previously dubbed as Llbyr by the primitive people of this place. Are you eager to know about what Granada, Spain has to offer you? Let us then find out the best things to do in Granada:
1) Alhambra- This would be the first addition to the things to do in Granada. It is a palace built as a small fort in AD 889 in Granada. The emirs of Granada would get away into this place to stay away from the summer heat. The gardens, colorful flowerbeds, pools, and fountains make it worth spending a fascinating day in this place.

2) Albyzín- It is in the vicinity of Granada. This district was under the Muslim rule. This place was first inhabited by the Liberians. Albyzínis also inundated with Ziri wall, New door or door of Weights, Fajalauza door, Alhacaba Towers, Monaita door, Puerta de Elvira, Church of El Salvador, St. Louis. Temple, Palace of Dar al-Horra and many other places to visit. This place is worth an in-depth exploration. This is a notable addition to the list of things to do in Granada.

3) Granada Cathedral- Next in line to the list of things to do in Granada would be a Roman Catholic Church. This church was built by Queen.

4) Isabella. This cathedral is an outstanding artistry of Spanish Renaissance design and is worth a visit.
5) Royal Chapel- It was built between 1505 and 1517. This place is next to the cathedral and is a burial setting of the Spanish Monarchs. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were inurned here. This forms an essential addition to the list of things to do in Granada.
6) Alcaicería- This is an ancient marketplace and is situated near the Granada Cathedral. Visitors may enjoy shopping Arabic glass ornaments, leather goods, clothes, ceramics, jewelry, and spices. This place is rich in culture and history with engrossing, eye-catching things to buy.
7) Sacromonte-Set on the valley of Valparaíso, this place is famous for Romany caves rich in historical, cultural and religious levels.
8) The Banuelos- This place is also known as Aammim Alyawza. The Banuelos in Granada is a skilfully maintained 11th-century Arabic baths. It was declared a National Monument in the year 1918.
9) The Sierra Nevada- This place is best for hiking and trekking around the beautiful and breathtaking sceneries. Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Park all recline within the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Granada’s stunning views, the alluring Spanish beauty, and its historical places attract travelers in a large number. Once you have gotten your fill of this place’s rich background scenario you have to make sure to visit Granada once in the lifetime for an unforgettable wide view. Hence this list should be a must when you wish to figure out the things to do in Granada.

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Blog, Destinations, Europe - GoroadTrip - January 17, 2019

Mallorca is a beautiful and extravagant Mediterranean island with brilliant weather and vast landscapes and mouth-watering food. It is the largest part of the Balearic Islands in Spain it forms a picturesque location with mountains covered in green flora dipping into the sea. Apart from the brilliant landscapes and esplanades Mallorca attractions also comprise historic towns and charming villages filled with tourist attractions like churches, castles and art museums. The list of a few places to enjoy while in Mallorca has been explained in a nutshell
1. City of Palma de Mallorca – Palma de Mallorca is a harbor town marked with a blend in a perfect seaside atmosphere and cultural touch. It has two most important tourist attractions – the Cathedral and castle. Catredal de Mallorca sits on the side of the harbor symbolizing a vision of faith and hope among people. Castillo de Bellver sits on the top of a hill three kilometers away from the capital city. It also houses a history museum and a chapel which reflects the formidable 13th-century building.

2. Alcudia’s Old neighborhood – Surrounded by green landscapes and pine covers, Alcudia forms a major part of Mallorca attractions. This medieval town is known for its historical monuments, delicious food, and amazing traditional festivals. Several interesting tourist locations like La Albufera for bird watching since this park along the bay attracts almost 200 species of birds every year. Also near the city is Yannick & Ben Jakober foundation which is an excellent modern and contemporary art museum. This museum also houses a beautiful garden with a sculpture park.
3. The hilltop town – The beautiful setting between the Tramuntana Mountains and the Mediterranean sea, the historic village of Valldemossa is located. This town is classified with steep pedestrian streets & buildings with old stone facades giving this place a heritage appearance. The area is filled with thick vegetation sloping down into the beach over the alpine cover. Most of the restaurants in this town offer an amazing variety of seafood which is mouth-watering and serves as a delight to the tourists.

4. Soller – Among the olive groves and citrus orchards leading to the sea. The famous Soller train takes the tourists on a ride through the beautiful landscapes. The town is marked with several beautiful historical monuments including parish church of Sant Bartomeu, Sa capatella Monastery and the Alfabia palace.

5. The island also exhibits a major number of beaches which also forms a part of Mallorca attractions. Llucmajor beaches, Playa del Arenal and the Cala Pi beach are the prominent beaches which allow people to soak up some sun during the summer months.
With such beautiful places thriving across Mallorca it forms one the most exquisite and alluring places to visit in the island of Spain. Mallorca offers a blend of culture and beautiful landscapes which catches the eye of many tourists looking to have an exhilarating experience. Mallorca should be in the bucket list for any person looking to travel overseas in search of some peace and tranquility.

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Fun things to do when travelling through the UK

Blog, Europe - GoroadTrip - January 2, 2019

The United Kingdom offers its visitors an array of experiences that differ from other you may find across Europe. Whilst most tourists find themselves drawn to London and Cambridge, one should not be restricted, and it is in fact a good idea to explore options that spread all over the UK to make the trip the most memorable it can be.

Visit and stay at York

York is loaded with millennia of history and has multiple attractions. The York Maze is one such that promises to be great fun. Although it is open to visitors only from mid July to beginning of September, it is famous for the Giant Maize Maze consisting of a million maize plants. Kids will have fun solving the Finger Fortune Maze and the Maze of Illusions, amongst others. There are multiple BnB’s and flat share options at York that are easy on the pocket. Some offer special rates for students making for a more affordable option.

Fingal’s Cave

The astonishing beauty of the Fingal’s Cave has drawn people from across genres including Pink Floyd and Jules Verne. The spectacular hexagonal basalt columns that make up the interiors create a pathway that people can walk over and reach the insides of the cave. The amazing acoustics produced at times inside the cave also causes it to be called “Cave of Melody”. Its beauty has inspired people of all walks of life. One can reach it by boat to the nearest ferry or by bus, and there are also train services.

Hire a canal boat

UK is famous for its landscape which is laced with canals and waterways. A fun way to see this for yourself is to explore the canals on a canal boat. You can cruise around the canals of London, the infamous Leeds-Liverpool canal and even through Ireland on these. An entirely water-based route through Bath and Edinburgh can be chalked out. The canal boats are equipped with most amenities like showers, beds, kitchens and adequate heating. The beautiful views along the way make it all worth it. The famed English countryside is explored at its best in this manner.

Harry Potter tour

Platform 9 and 3/4th is the stuff of legends and no one, young or old, wants to give this tour a miss. A whole new industry has been spawned around ‘The Boy who Lived’ and the Harry Potter experience is a magical place to visit. Filled with merchandise shops and other things relatable to the famed series; the excitement is never ending. Getting a chance to ride your own broomstick, visiting Dumbledore’s office, the wonders never cease. The walking tour takes you to film locations where you can identify a lot of what you watched on the screen.

Cider-making course

Add a little zing to your UK tour with a cider-making course. It promises to be a lot of fun. You are a part of every step of the process, from selecting the apples to the finished product. You end up with about 25 litres of apple juice which you ferment to get your very own cider. It is easy to choose and book a course that suits you best online.

There are different aspects to travel worldwide. Fun activities thrown into your itinerary will only enhance your experience for the best.

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5 Unforgettable Experiences to be Had Abroad

Blog, Europe - GoroadTrip - January 2, 2019

Do you ever experience wanderlust and crave new challenges and adventures? Do you have a desire to immerse yourself in new cultures and to take on tasks and rolls beyond your norm? Then below are some great ideas for you.

Work in Europe

European counties come up with a wide range of recruitment opportunities in various fields; you can do anything from working in a bar, to being a butler in a private household. Factors like high standard of living in most of the European countries, excellent economic condition, booming industrialization, easy access to state of the art technology and a progressive social structure collectively open up a world of newer prospects.

Experience working in various fields all over Europe. For instance, Germany, England, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Scotland, Ireland, Russia, and Switzerland are all excellent countries to work in fields of medicine, law, engineering and economics just to name a few. Not only is Europe an extremely popular place to study in but is also draws people in to work and I could not recommend it more.

Enjoy a Ski season

The ski season is one of the most enchanting tourist attractions of Italy. Come winter, and thousands from around the world throng places like Paganella, Kronplatz, Via Lattea, Latemar, Monte Bondone, Montecampe, Campitello Matese and a quite few other ski resorts to get the feel of the chill and snow of the mighty Alps.

Experience an island life

Visiting the Mediterranean island of Malta has always been an overwhelming experience, more so when you can enjoy the festive period of Christmas by the sea. Breathtaking views are there to welcome you along the rocky coastline of the island, and if you are game for some diving and snorkelling experience, the ocean is always there to entice you.

Visit UNESCO listed sites

If you are planning a tour abroad, do not forget to rope in UNESCO world heritage sites in your ‘to-visit’ list. From the artistic palaces of the historic port city of Genoa, to the cultural core of Bordeaux, tours of heritage sites can indeed be a phenomenal experience.

Tour around Italy

Italy, with all its natural beauty is a dream to tour around. Its landscape consists of pristine seas, snowy mountains, vast, sprawling meadows and plains, famous wineries and lush, green country sides and an extremely rich history and heritage that date back to thousands of years, making it one of the most sought-after countries in Europe.

The most fascinating places to visit in Italy are Rome, with all its historical monuments and remnants that remind us of the indomitable Roman Empire. Then there is Naples with its turquoise beaches, the infamous Mt. Vesuvius, the ancient ruins of the doomed Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae, the colourful Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, the fascinating Porta Nolana and so many other things. Then who can forget Venice with its canals and gondolas and the medieval architecture that dates back to the age of renaissance? There are also Turin, Genoa, Verona, Florencethe, the famous Vatican City and of course Pisa to visit, along with its numerous other culturally and historically rich cities.

Excited? Gear up and pack your bags; the world abroad is beckoning.

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