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Being the birthplace of Che Guevara and Lionel Messi and also the third largest city in Argentina, people generally tend to visit this place as a part of their expedition tours and packages. People tend to wonder what to do in Rosario. However, the list below details and places to visit and things to do in Rosario, Argentina

  • Monumento Nacional a la Bandera – One of the most recognized places in Rosario hence the first addition of what to do in Rosario is the National Flag Monument. This monument houses the tomb of the creator of the Argentinean Flag, Manuel Belgrano. In addition to the historical significance of this monument, it also adds a value for those who wish to climb its tower in order to enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city of Rosario.
  • If one wonders what to do in Rosario, Kayaking and cycling are the most attractive ways to explore the city of Rosario. Hiring a cycle and cycling all around the stretches and lanes of the city is an exhilarating experience. Kayaking on the Parana River cruising along the narrow vastness of the city can also be an added adventure one can choose to witness. Hiring kayaks and cruising along the Parana River is a thrilling adventure to exit the mundane life of the city and explore the local wildlife.
  • Museo Historico Provincial – While we talk about what to do in Rosario and in order to relish its historical significance, museums are extremely important. With brilliant exhibits ranging from local artifacts to colonial displays and exhibitions on local drink, mate, the main history museum of Rosario offers a brilliant insight in the history and culture of the third largest city of Argentina.
  • Entre Rios 480 – The revolutionary Che Guevara once lived in this attractive neo-classical building which till date forms a part of the things to do in Rosario. This apartment building though is privately-owned yet that doesn’t stop onlookers to crowd around this place taking pictures.
  • Museo de Arte Contemporaneo – Also known as MACRO, Rosario’s museum of contemporary art forms an important addition to the list of things to do in Rosario. This museum houses the artwork of the young students local to the area. Visiting this place would provide an insight into the tourists regarding the local art and culture of Rosario.

The final addition to the list of what to do in Rosario would be the amazing green patches of land and parks it has to offer. Parque Independencia is the largest park in Rosario with a lake, beautiful ground and a wide array of vendors.
In this list of things to do in Rosario, these attractions form a major addition to the list of places tourist must see during their visit to Rosario. Rosario has so much to offer that the tourists often tend to get elated on seeing such beautiful and alluring sights.

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Cordoba in Argentina is an extremely exotic and less-known place to most tourists since they tend to miss out on the place because of the other frequented places. However, Cordoba is a must visit for the people who look for some adventure and fun combined with a view of amazing landscapes. Cordoba Argentina is one of the queerest and untouched places in the world which exhibits a huge blend of culture, history, religion, and lifestyle of the Argentine.
Reasons to keep in mind before visiting Cordoba

  • Cordoba Argentina attractions include the beautiful and alluring scenic landscapes marked by beautiful hills, rivers, waterfalls, and gorges. People generally enjoy camping and hiking along these beautiful scenic esplanades. Among such beautiful landscapes, Cordoba forms a choice for locals as well as tourists for exquisite road trips. These landscapes have a lot of empty green spaces that offer an opportunity for the people to go camping. Cordoba even offers a sanctified opportunity for people to explore their inner peace and spirituality. Cordoba allows tourists to feel connected with nature.
  • Cordoba Argentina is a university town and since it’s populated with young college goers hence most of the parties start late at night and goes on till the wee hours of the night. Students in Cordoba tend to spend most of their nights to music, alcohol, and dance. This particular region in Cordoba does not offer a very pleasant place to stay for any individual looking for some peace.
    Cordobazo was a civil uprising that took place in Cordoba with students and workers alike against the dictatorship which helped shape the democracy in the county during that age. This has created a perception among the general mass of Argentina and hence Cordoba that democracy and freedom can only be achieved against successive dictatorships through civil uprisings.
  • Cordoba Argentina attractions include the random European settlements found basking in different parts of the country. This place has seen a lot of migrations from Italy, Spain, Wales, and Germany. A small alpine village called Belgrano is the home to Germans and also has its very own Oktoberfest. This creates an overall cultural diversity in Cordoba that allows tourists to witness a blend in multicultural festivals, food, beverages, and lifestyle.
  • Colonial history is an important part of Cordoba Argentina attractions. The city’s main plaza has a colonial style Cathedral. Jesuit Block and Estancias are the most popular locations in the city that is flocked by tourists every year. The University of Cordoba is also housed in the Jesuit Block, the oldest university in South America.

Keeping such pivotal points or features of Cordoba Argentina attractions, an adventure inquisitive individual should draw up a bucket list to include Cordoba in the list of places to visit at least once in a lifetime. The vast cultural diversity of Cordoba marked with great and alluring landscapes with a hint of colonial history forms a major attraction in the world today.

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Italian saint once dreamt of having a utopian city. This inspired the construction or formation of the city of Brasilia in Brazil. Oscar Niemeyer designed the city of Brasilia with his utmost passion for architecture and ensured each building looks unique in its own way. Brasilia has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage site since it boasts a brilliant form of architecture coupled with lush green spaces and vivid esplanades. The 10 most beautiful buildings that form a part of Brasilia attractions are –

  • Cathedral of Brasilia – This is the first piece of Brasilia attractions which is an example of the finest architecture possible by Oscar Niemeyer. It displays the top features of Niemeyer’s features of open concrete, simplicity, brilliant curves, daring structural designs and bold forms.
  • The Itamaraty Palace – One of the major Brasilia attractions is this beautiful building designed by Oscar Niemeyer and inaugurated in 1970 as the headquarters of the Ministry of foreign affairs. The interiors of this elegant building are marked with artworks by Athos Bulcao, Rubem Valentim and Alfredo Volpi – the three icons of Brazilian modernism.
  • Palacio da Justica – Oscar Niemeyer took the liberty to design of the oldest buildings as a part of Brasilia attractions. This building has a facade marked with asymmetrical waterfalls which meet a pond at the bottom.
  • Congresso Nacional is one of the three Monumental buildings composing the Praca dos Tres Poderes coupled with Palacio do Plalanto and Supremo Tribunal Federal. This is an icon for Brazil’s capital in the world. The buildings are constructed in the formation of two hemispheres and two linear towers interconnected via a tunnel.
  • Templo da Boa Vondate – Amongst all Brasilia attractions, this is the most visited site in Brasilia. This is a seven-faceted pyramidal temple with a white marble dressing.
  • Santuario Dom Bosco – Paying homage to light, Claudio Naves has designed this architecture as a major of Brasilia attractions. It is designed in such a way that it reflects a beautiful and astounding feel of being under a starry sky. The center of the building is beautified with a brilliant chandelier made up of small pieces of Murano glass.
  • Museu Nacional – Inaugurated by Oscar Niemeyer this Brasilia attraction is a dome-shaped structure along with a ramp for access. The facade, however, is used for exhibitions and concerts. The mezzanine inside the building is home to several artwork exhibitions. This building provides an exquisite view of the horizon of Esplanada dos Ministerios.
  • Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil – This building is an addition to the list of Brasilia architecture because it is the home to several cultural events from all over the world. This houses a plethora of cultural events like fairs, exhibitions, music festivals, food festivals and so many more.
  • Supremo Tribunal Federal – The building is located on the Three Powers Square along the centers of imaginary triangles. Outside the building, a figure depicting Lady Justice has been installed to symbolize insightful judgment.
  • Teatro Claudio Santoro – Yet again another addition to the Brasilia attractions by Oscar Niemeyer is a building dedicated completely to art and culture.
    Hence whenever an individual wish to travel or reside in the Brazilian city of Brasilia these 10 buildings are some amazing piece of architecture to look out for.
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Whenever Brazil comes to our minds we think of Football, Samba, the tropical rainforests, and breathtaking natural landscapes. Being the largest yet the most beautiful and alluring part of South America, here are the best cities in Brazil you can look to migrate to.
1First in our list of the best cities in Brazil is, of course, the famous Rio de Janeiro. Rio is a stunning location known worldwide for its landscapes, beautiful golden beaches, and an exhilarating atmosphere. Staying in Rio gives you an experience of the raw essence of Brazil. Exquisite panoramic views of the city from the summit of Pao de Acucar, mixing with the good-looking Cariocas on Ipanema and dancing the night away to the tunes of Samba at Pedra do Sal forms a part of the living experience in Brazil. Spectacular beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana, the beautiful Guanabara Bay and the Tijuca National Park complete the feeling of soaking in the exquisite culture of Brazil. The south end of the country is marked with Samba schools and the famous Macarena stadium which is a Mecca for the people of Brazil since Brazil means Football.

Brazil Falls
  1. Next in line for the best cities in Brazil comes the enormous cosmopolitan city of Sao Paulo. This city is known for its cultural scenes, mouth-watering food, and a ravishing nightlife. The concrete jungle, Madalena is a vibrant blend of cafes, boutiques, art studious and a pulsating nightlife. Ibirapuera Park is marked with landmark modernist buildings designed by Oscar Niemeyer forms an attraction. Museu de Arte Sao Paulo boasts the collection of the most beautiful and rare art of the Southern Hemisphere. Sao Paulo with its modern lifestyle, food and an unparalleled nightlife creates an intriguing option for migrants to come to settle down here.
  2. Brasilia is considered among the best cities of Brazil where one can reside and work. Brasilia has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site which depicts a stunning blend between the urban buildings of modern architecture and quirky landscapes and greenery. Oscar Niemeyer designed the city as a giant aircraft with most buildings scattered along the Eixo Monumental (Monumental Axis) with the Cathedral of Brasilia, cultural complex of the Republic, Itamaraty Palace and the National Congress of Brazil.
  3. Salvador da Bahia is another addition to this list of best cities in Brazil because of its colonial architecture, mouth-watering Bahia food, and the vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture. It is a culmination of music, beaches, and culture creating a varied experience for people who wish to reside in this city. Salvador reflects the music culture of Brazil with a large number of local bars showcasing their love for music.

Hence, these are the few cities in Brazil where one can look to immigrate in order to enjoy the beautiful culture and diversified locations in the country of Brazil. Migrating to such cities would provide an exhilarating experience to any individual who loves to live a colorful life.

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Waterloo is a city situated in Ontario in Canada. The city is famous for the battle which took place in it. Also known as the Battle of Waterloo, this battle was fought between the French and the British and Prussian army.
It’s a very good place to plan a trip to. There are a lot of things to do in Waterloo.
Here are some of the best things to do in Waterloo:
• ST. JACOBS FARMERS MARKET- This market is farmers and flea market. Its location is to the south of King Street North. Fresh vegetables and lots of locally grown fruits are specialties of this market. People love this market also for its variety of tasty street food. People can also get local handicrafts in this market. Basically, it is a very economical and cheap market.

• THE MUSEUM- This is a museum open to the public. It exhibits a range of permanent interactive and rotating temporary exhibits for almost all age groups to touch, see and enjoy. It is a must be in peoples list of things to do in Waterloo.
• WATERLOO PARK- This park is full of splash pads; there is a replica of a mill and a farm. It is a good location both for adults and children to enjoy. Also, there are picnic sites and sports facilities to enjoy. People can go there for a workout and also for family fun.


• WOODSIDE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE- This is the childhood home of former Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. This house was built earlier in 1853. This house is well preserved and its a Victorian home. It contains the family heirlooms of the former prime minister.
• KITCHENER-WATERLOO ART GALLERY- This art gallery displays a variety of contemporary visual arts including local, national and international arts. Also its very affordable because the entry fee is almost nil.
• HILLSIDE PARK- This is a great park to enjoy nature. There is a variety of trees in this park. Also, people find many owls in this park. So it is a good place for bird watching and bird photography.


• COLOMBIA LAKE- This place is located beside the lake as the name suggests. Its famous for displays a variety of fireworks every July. Also, it is great for going on walks.
• CLAIR LAKE PARK- This is a great place for a quiet and thoughtful sit. It has a pleasant surrounding with many happy and friendly ducks. They also have a set of playground equipment.
• PETERSBURG REGIONAL FOREST- This is a great place for hiking. Nature lovers will love this place. This is surely an item of the things to do in waterloo list.
• BECHTEL DOG PARK- This is a great place to roam around with dogs. The shrubs are short in height and so you can see your dogs and there is no chance of them getting lost. Also, the walks are good for the owners as the environment is very good in the park.
Thus Waterloo is a great place to go on a trip. There are a lot of things to do in Waterloo and also it feels special due to its historical significance. This place is a must visit.

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