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9 Best Travel Apps in 2020

Travel Apps - GoroadTrip - March 26, 2020

Curious to find out the best travel apps in 2020 that makes your travel task easier? Then you have come to the best place; here, you can find out the best travel apps in 2020.

In this digital world, there is an app for almost everything. For travel, there are hundreds of travel apps hovering around the internet. Now, how do you find the best apps? If you are worried about that, then don’t worry. We have got you covered.

In this list of best travel apps, we have removed all the cluttering apps on both the Android and Apple Marketplaces and made you a list of useful apps that act as saviors.

Let’s check out the best travel apps in 2020:

Best Travel Apps in 2020:

We have sorted out all the useless ones and included useful apps. To build this list, we did extensive research on the top travel apps and brought this list. Let’s explore the best travel apps in 2020.

Air Help:

Air help is one of the best travel apps in 2020, that is known for its useful features. If you have ever faced the pain of delayed flights or cancelled flights? Then you’ll see the suffering of overbooking. In such cases, Air help will help you out.

This app was designed to follow both US and UK laws to provide compensation in such cancelled or overbooked cases.

To get compensation, all you have to do is enter your flight number and the problem you faced to claim it successfully. This company usually takes 25% of the payout and gives you the remaining amount.


Splittr is one of the incredibly useful apps while you travel abroad with a group of people. This app remains one of the best travel expense manager apps to share the expenses. Users can quickly manage all the payments in different currencies and split the amount equally among the group.

This app has a ton of features and comes with an intelligent payment algorithm that helps you in cutting down the number of transactions as well. Splittr automatically backups all the data on its cloud server for the user’s safety. These are the best travel apps in 2020 you should use to manage your group travel expenses.

Lounge Buddy:

Lounge buddy is one of the exciting travel apps you should have to access the lounge access. Usually, people don’t know about which lounge they can access. In such cases, the lounge buddy can help you out.

All you have to do is enter your credit card details, airline status and other lounge memberships this exclusive app tells you which lounge you have access too.

So, this cuts off all the guessing work, and the best part is this app lets you know about the free lounges that one can access without any paid memberships. That’s why lots of travellers love this app, and the best thing is it’s free.


Airbnb is one of the best travel apps in 2020 you should have on your phone to rent the rooms. With Airbnb, you can rent individual rooms, couches or even entire apartments from the locals. Usually, lots of people love Airbnb because it connects you with local hosts so you can know more details about the local places. This app allows you to book your stay in minutes so you can stay tension free.


If you are striving to book your flight for the best and cheapest price? Then Skyscanner is a helpful travel app specially designed for you. This app searches millions of flights from different sources and then gives you the best option that’s presently available. It is a handy app for travellers who often seek for cheap flights to roam around the world.

This app also has the chart feature that lets users look at the most affordable days or months to fly for your desired location. It even sends you notifications when the price changes. So, with all these features, you can say this as the best travel apps in 2020.

Hostel world:

Are you a backpacker who often travels to lots of places on a budget? Then the best option for you is hostels to complete the trip in your budget. If you are searching for the best hostels in the travel destination? Then the hostel world can help you out with that. This app gives you information about the hostel you love to book and even has the reviews section. So, you can carefully check the reviews and book that hostel for your stay.

Uber/ Lyft:

When you are travelling to a different place, you need Uber or lyft for all your local rides. Usually, getting a ride in another city can be expensive when you negotiate with them. However, in some cases, you might not get the desired service as well.

But, with an uber or lyft app, you can easily save money and even leave the trouble of exchanging currency as you can pay the amount online. Lyft is the best choice in the US and coming to the other locations uber is best to roam around.

Google Maps:

Finding a destination at a new place is a daunting task for travelers. To simplify that, you have to make use of Google Maps. It’s one of the most useful apps for any traveller who loves to explore different places. With the help of google maps, you can visit all the areas with detailed routing maps. Although for some locations, it might be better to take the help of locals in place of Google maps. Some of the sites are the Himalayas, mountains and so on. If you’re planning to explore usual places means you can use google maps. This is undoubtedly the best travel apps in 2020.


Tripit is one of the useful organizer apps you have to use while travelling. This app helps you organize your upcoming travel itinerary. All you have to do is forward all your flight, hotel, restaurant, and car rental confirmation email to the Then you can transfer all this information to your master itinerary so that you can quickly find out all your upcoming plans at a glance.

In case, if you are using a premium version, then you can find the options when your flight gets cancelled. If you are travelling a lot, then these best travel apps in 2020 are vital.


These are the best travel apps in 2020 you have on your device to simplify your trip. Apart from these, they are other travel apps such as Detour, open rise, TripAdvisor, and so on which can help you in 2020.

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