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7 Best Places to visit in Kodaikanal

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - May 26, 2015

As we all know Kodaikanal, or Kodai, as it is fondly called, is a popular hill station frequented in summer. But do we know most of the attractions close to it? Have we visited many of the beautiful places surrounding it? Let’s check out some such best places.

7 Best Places to visit in Kodaikanal

Silent Valley:

Best visited in the early mornings and late afternoons, the Silent Valley fascinates with its deep and dangerous dips and stunning panoramic views.

Pillar Rocks:

Getting the name from the natural formation of three granite rocks standing side by side, Pillar Rocks is not to be missed when in Kodai. The rocks stand 400 feet high and the chambers between two pillars are referred to as Devil’s kitchen.

Coakers Walk:

Situated around one kilometre from Kodai Lake, Coakers Walk is a walker’s delight. Grab an early morning walk and let the robust fresh air and dew filled spectacular views of the plains and valleys set you up for an energetic day.

Bryant Park:

On the eastern side of the Kodai Lake is the Bryant Park. Re-designed by the British Army Officer, Bryant, the park is named after him. The park is a riot of colours with an amazing collection of hybrid flowers. A glasshouse with a large display of flowers, ferns and decorative plants is a huge attraction too.

Bear Shola Falls:

With rugged hilly paths leading to it, Bear Shola Falls is around two kilometres from Kodai Lake. This water falls was frequented by bears in olden times, hence the name. It makes a fabulous picnic spot and tourists can enjoy hours of peace and quiet in the natural surroundings.

Berijam Lake:

Situated around 23 kilometres from Kodai centre, Berjim Lake offers an engrossing day of activities along with scenic views. Boating on the lake is an awesome experience with the encircling greenery and views of the innumerable varieties of fishes in the pristine waters. Hikers will love the hike to the lake as the route is through thick forests. But beware of wild animals.

Dolphin’s Nose:

Eleven kilometres from the city centre is the Dolphin’s Nose. The last stretch of three kilometres has to be covered on foot. On the way up gear yourself to be smothered by wisps of clouds that open out to miles and miles of lush green lands and dense forests. Standing on the edge of the rock shaped like a dolphin’s nose, you will be a spectator to some of the most magnificent views of Kodai.

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Chennai’s Music Season

Blog, Festivals/Events - GoroadTrip - May 15, 2015

With a nip in the air, the dawnchilly and misty

The thrum of the thambura, the throb of drums

The bow on the violin, flute and pipes

Rhythmic anklets jingling, steps a-timing

Notes and lyrics in pitches a-scaling

The Music season is on in Chennai


Bhajan singers walking the streets

Black clothed hill-bound pilgrims

Carrying lamps, shoulderingdouble bundles

Carol singers strolling and serenading

Each with religious fervour according totheir faith

The lights of devotion shine in Chennai

Naradha Gana Sabha, Chennai music season, December season


Relatives visiting, hotels, roads teeming

The gloss and glitter of Sabha hopping

Mock snow, tinsel, Xmas treestwinkling

Frenzied Pongal shopping, New Year’s dancing

USA twangsAppreciating,Australian drawling

The tourist invasion is on in Chennai


Exhibitions, seasonal sales, offers and rebates

Lectures and demos, dissertations on music

Gossip, innuendo, critics, reviews, mud-slinging

Doyens and upstarts, the pro and the amateur

Jostling for attention or just a mention

A media blitz is let loose in Chennai

Chennai Music Festival, December Season


Mufflers and sweaters, wools and shawls

Shimmering silks with diamonds and geegaws

Veshtis and jibbas with flyaway angavastrams

Plaits and chignons, bobs, kudumis and pigtails

Decorated with jasmine, roses and ribbons

Chennai is all dressed up for its December Season

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10 Places In India That Look Like Destinations In Europe

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - May 8, 2015

10 Places In India That Look Like Destinations In Europe

Alleppey – Venice:

Allepey in Kerala was called as the Venice of the East by Lord Curzon. With its scenic backwaters, lagoons, beaches and canals, Allepey indeed lives up to this title.

Khajjar in Himachal Pradesh was recognized as the Switzerland of India in 1992 by Willy. T. Blazer, the Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India. Khajjar has a topographical similarity to Switzerland with its snow clad peaks and rambles of greenery; hence the name.

Coorg – Scotland:

During the British reign the planters of the coffee plantations in Coorg were mostly Scots. They loved Coorg as they found many similarities between their homeland and Coorg and nicknamed it as the Scotland of India.

Nainital- England:

While Nainital is called the lake district of India, The Lakes or Lakeland is the Lake District in North West England. Both are famous for their lakes and popular holiday destinations.

Pondicherry – Greece:

Though established by the French, Pondicherry’s French Quarter bears an uncanny resemblance to Fira in Greece.

Delhi – Paris, Italy:

India Gate in Delhi resembles the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It has also been called as ‘a creative reworking of the Arc de Triomphe’. The QutubMinar has often been said to appear as the Leaning Tower of Pisa of Italy.

Sikkim – Iceland:

The Gurodongar Lake in Sikkim and the Jokulsarlon Lake in Iceland could be called twins! Visit this high altitude lake in India, you will be saved a trip to Iceland!

Mumbai – London:

Modelled on the Big Ben of London by Sir George Gilbert Scott, the Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai in the Fort Campus of the University is our very own Big Ben.

Jaipur – Lithuania:

Jalmahal of Jaipur and Trakai Castle in Lithuania both are in the middle of a lake. And the similarity does not end there. They are both majestic and grand and fascinate a great number of tourists.

Pune – Italy:

Styled on the Portofino town in Italy, Lavasa in Pune is the perfect Italian getaway in India.

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