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Waterloo is a city situated in Ontario in Canada. The city is famous for the battle which took place in it. Also known as the Battle of Waterloo, this battle was fought between the French and the British and Prussian army.
It’s a very good place to plan a trip to. There are a lot of things to do in Waterloo.
Here are some of the best things to do in Waterloo:
• ST. JACOBS FARMERS MARKET- This market is farmers and flea market. Its location is to the south of King Street North. Fresh vegetables and lots of locally grown fruits are specialties of this market. People love this market also for its variety of tasty street food. People can also get local handicrafts in this market. Basically, it is a very economical and cheap market.

• THE MUSEUM- This is a museum open to the public. It exhibits a range of permanent interactive and rotating temporary exhibits for almost all age groups to touch, see and enjoy. It is a must be in peoples list of things to do in Waterloo.
• WATERLOO PARK- This park is full of splash pads; there is a replica of a mill and a farm. It is a good location both for adults and children to enjoy. Also, there are picnic sites and sports facilities to enjoy. People can go there for a workout and also for family fun.


• WOODSIDE NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE- This is the childhood home of former Canadian prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King. This house was built earlier in 1853. This house is well preserved and its a Victorian home. It contains the family heirlooms of the former prime minister.
• KITCHENER-WATERLOO ART GALLERY- This art gallery displays a variety of contemporary visual arts including local, national and international arts. Also its very affordable because the entry fee is almost nil.
• HILLSIDE PARK- This is a great park to enjoy nature. There is a variety of trees in this park. Also, people find many owls in this park. So it is a good place for bird watching and bird photography.


• COLOMBIA LAKE- This place is located beside the lake as the name suggests. Its famous for displays a variety of fireworks every July. Also, it is great for going on walks.
• CLAIR LAKE PARK- This is a great place for a quiet and thoughtful sit. It has a pleasant surrounding with many happy and friendly ducks. They also have a set of playground equipment.
• PETERSBURG REGIONAL FOREST- This is a great place for hiking. Nature lovers will love this place. This is surely an item of the things to do in waterloo list.
• BECHTEL DOG PARK- This is a great place to roam around with dogs. The shrubs are short in height and so you can see your dogs and there is no chance of them getting lost. Also, the walks are good for the owners as the environment is very good in the park.
Thus Waterloo is a great place to go on a trip. There are a lot of things to do in Waterloo and also it feels special due to its historical significance. This place is a must visit.

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Belgium, Blog, Europe - GoroadTrip - December 16, 2018

Surrounded by the river Nete, comprising of the city of lier proper and the village of Koningshooikt lays the municipality of Lier in the Belgian province of Antwerp. Very unfamiliar names in the world map yet a beautiful place to explore. Do you find pleasure in visiting places less known to people? Do you love exploring such exotic locations in the world? If yes then there are several Lier attractions that would form a part of your travel itinerary.

Lier offers a wide variety of historical and cultural places to visit for the tourists traveling miles away from home. Though the list is long, we have tried pointing out the 7 best places to look out for in Lier attractions.

1. Begijnhof Lier – A quaint and serene walk amidst the historical and age-old dwellings in Lier carved with narrow streets and a satisfying view. These small and century-old dwellings were originally made for maiden old women and nuns. These continue to be inhabited by the same people till date.

2. Zimmer Tower is another very queer addition to the list of Lier attractions since it forms a part of the old architecture of the city of Lier. This is a clock tower mixed with some fun and humor. You ought to spend some time staring at it and then sit by the cafe nearby sipping on some famous beer and coffee of Belgium.

3. Next in the list of lier attractions comes the Lier historical town. 10 minutes on a train from Antwerp is this historical town comprising of old age buildings and heritage sites. The best part about the Lier town is that every location is at a walkable distance from each other. Flaunting the streets of this old historical town are the cafes serving the premium quality beer, coffee and amazing food which any tourist can look for to relish their appetite. Historical locations in Lier mostly include the Marktplein, Town hall and St. James Chapel.

4. As we move along our list of Lier attractions, comes the famous St. Gummarus Church. This is a brilliant and alluring piece of century-old architecture with a peaceful and sanctified experience. This attraction is a must for anyone visiting the city of Lier.

5. LAGO Lier de Waterperels – This lier attraction would remind you of the Great Bath in the Harappa & Mohenjo-Daro civilization. It is a collection of community swimming pools comprising of several pools for different ages. Enough cafeterias and lounge seats to relish along the pools if you do not wish to swim or lather around. Hence, this forms a part of our list in Lier attractions.

6. T’ struisvogelnest – This forms a part of our list in Lier attractions because of the fact that this a very commonplace for the locals to organize several parties and get-togethers. This is a brilliant sight to watch as the locals indulge in parties while enjoying with the animals in this farm.

7. In our list of Lebu attractions, Stedelijk museum finds a place. This is a small museum comprising of 3 rooms where one room is reserved for special exhibitions. The other two rooms display the masterpieces of Peter Breugel II. Apart from these, there are also paintings from other century-old artists that occupy the displays of the museum. With pretty good audio explanation facilities, this small museum can provide you insights on the art and culture of this small town.

Hence the small city of Lier should be one in your bucket list to check off during your travel plans at least once in your life.

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Best Places You Must See in Brussels

Belgium, Blog - GoroadTrip - August 20, 2018

Brussels attractions

Brussels is the capital of Belgium. It is one of the loveliest places with wonderful architecture, and with a great history of every alleyway and street. You will get the feeling of business in the streets of Brussels. It is said that its atmosphere of multi-layered makes it a great city to visit. It is having something for each and everyone. Apart from art and architecture, you will get much more which is Brussels attractions. And if you are a health conscious and avoid oily foods then forget your diet routine for some days as because fries, beer, and mussels are very famous in Brussels. Continue Reading

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