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All About Erode

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - January 30, 2018

Erode is an important railway junction and an important city of Tamil Nadu. It is also known as the Turmeric City because it is the leading producer of turmeric in Tamil Nadu. It has a lot of interesting places to visit in and around it. To visit some of the places in Erode would be:

Temple of Thindal Murugan:

One of the main places of worship in Erode is the Thindal Murugan temple dedicated to Muruga. The temple is located on a hill at a height of about 50 meters, about six kilometers from the city center. The temple is supposed to be 750 years old, and the Rajagopuram does not stop to impress the adepts.

Temple of Arudra Kabaliswarar:

One of the ancient Hindu temples, the Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple, dates back to around 1200 years ago. It was built during the reign of Karikal Chola. The gods of the temple are the god Arudra Kabaliswarar and the goddess Varunambigai. Other deities present are Mahaganapathy, Saneeswarar and Kalyanasubramanyar. Located in the center of the city, the temple with its two beautiful Rajagopurams is a highlight of the place.

Government Museum:

The Government Museum was opened to the public in 1987 and houses exhibitions and inscriptions from Kongu Chola’s reign. Visitors are enchanted by the gallery, with a range of handicrafts, artifacts and baroque stones that catch their eye. Separate sections for manuscripts, Tanjore paintings and prehistoric artifacts are other attractions.


An ancient structure of the city of Erode, St. Mary’s Church was begun in 1867 and completed in 1892. The church is an impressive 100-meter monument with a sacred bell. The complex houses a school. A unique and striking feature of this Catholic Church is the statue of Jesus.
Thanthai Periyar Anna Memorial House:

The home of a freedom fighter and the socially active people of Erode, VenkataRamasamy or ThanhaiPeriyar as he is fondly called by his followers, is now a memorial. The old house is maintained by the Department of Information and Public Relations. The public can look at his photographs and personal belongings and have the opportunity to understand the great visionary he was.

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A visit to the Orange City of India – Nagpur

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - January 25, 2018

Orange City, Nagpur carries many crowns. It is the winter capital of our country, the third largest city of Maharashtra, the geographical center of India and one of the best green cities. The area in and around Nagpur is very green and picturesque and is home to many parks and nature reserves. Some of the best places to visit in Nagpur are:

Hill of the seminary:

Named after St. Charles Seminary, Seminary Hill is six miles from the city center. The hill of the foot has a Japanese garden and the upper hill, the Botanical Garden Satpura. The hike on the hill is nice with spectacular views of the city.

Balaji Mandir:

This temple is dedicated to Lord Balaji on Seminary Hill. The temple also has a deity of Lord Karthikeya. Many believers climb Seminary Hill.

Japanese rose garden:

Located at the foot of Seminary Hill, the Japanese Garden is a feast for sore eyes. The roses planted here in a riot of color between tall green trees and thick bushes seen everywhere. The iron structures of the rose garden are decorated in an impressive Japanese style.

Maharajbagh Zoo:

In the city center, the Maharajbagh zoo is a great attraction for nature and nature lovers. With a botanical garden and herbs, the zoo offers a pleasant and natural atmosphere. It also has some rare animals that can not be found in any other part of our country. A playground for children makes it a complete family vacation destination.

Sitabuldi Fort:

Fort Sitabuldi in Nagpur was built on two hills by the British. It has a hollow and a memorial for the soldiers who died in the war between the Marathas and the British. The fort is now the Territorial Army and open to the public on holidays.

Sri Poddareshwar Ram Mandir:

The temple is located on Central Avenue Road in Nagpur and is dedicated to Lord Rama and Lord Shiva. He also has deities of Sita and Lakshmana. Built by Sri Jamnadhar Poddar, the temple is very impressive with marble and sandstone sculptures. The temple comes to life with the ShobhaYatra during Ramnavami.

Lake Futala:

Lake Fatula covers 60 acres and is a huge attraction in Nagpur. It is popular for colorful fountains, illuminated halogen lamps and Tangafalten. Chowpatty, with restaurants serving delicious chatroom, is famous in Chowpatty, Mumbai.

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11 camping sites in Pune for Campers

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - January 20, 2018

Pune has many campsites. The Pune neighborhood is home to some of the best campgrounds filled with fun and adventure. You can try some of the below if you have a trip to Pune:


One of the quietest places for camping near Pune is Wai. The presence of the Krishna River Camping allows you to practice water sports such as swimming and rafting. There are also facilities for learning archery, rifle shooting and bamboo rafting. Treat yourself to bonfires and barbecue parties with music before retiring to your tent for a memorable camping holiday.


Pawna Lake is one of the least explored destinations in Pune and Mumbai. Campers can enjoy the wonders of nature in the beautiful and picturesque setting of the lake.


Located in the mountains, Vasinad is the ideal place for hikers and campers. Surrounded by beautiful and beautiful mountain views, the resort helps you regenerate in nature. The spectacular sunsets and sunsets are so intriguing that the camera can capture the magnificence of the naked eye.


Murud is a small fishing village near Pune and an unconventional rental of many tourists. You can go to Murudjanjira Fort and ride from the top in the Arabian Sea. You can also visit an old mosque nearby, Eidgah, which has an open roof. Participate in a volleyball game or go around the world. The pleasure of any activity is enhanced by the cool and green rental.

Kaas tray:

The special attraction of the Kaas Plateau is the beautiful flower garden, which includes more than 850 varieties in the monsoon season. Enjoy dancing flowers and natural beauty while setting up your camp for a nice weekend.

Torna Fort:

If you want to camp, go to Fort Torna. The view of the sprawling greens of the hill, which turn orange at sunrise and the panoramic view of the surroundings. Get lost in the clouds during the day and the brightness of the stars at night.


Mulshi offers a complete set of valley, greenery, lake and dam for campers who choose it as a destination. It is an ideal refuge for a family or friends traveling in groups. There are many trails in the valley and several opportunities for climbing, abseiling and fishing in Mulshi.


Choose Panchgani for your camping destination to feed your adventure site. Ziplining, rifle shooting, rock climbing, obstacle course and others. Trekking is another fun activity because Panchgani is naturally blessed with natural wonders.


Camping in Karjat offers you an amazing experience. You can enjoy the solitude of the natural environment enjoying a barbecue near the campfire in your camp in the middle of the green nature. Or you can experience adrenaline with all the activities you can participate in. The waterfalls of Ulhas and Bhivpuri extend the possibilities for water sports such as rafting and Kondana pastries are ideal for hiking and exploring.

Ahupe Ghat:

Ahupe Ghat is a nature lover and lies between the picturesque Konkan region and the village of Ahupe in the Western Ghats. Build a camp to be near Mother Nature in the Ahupe Ghat. The place is also ideal for hikers and hikers, as there are many scenic trails in the green valley. This is perhaps one of the most exciting and enjoyable trekking destinations on the Deccan Plateau.

Peth Kotligad:

One of Camper’s most popular destinations is PethKotligad. The campsite is situated on a hill and offers beautiful views of the hill and the surrounding countryside. Camper can also enjoy beautiful walks here.
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Water Sports in Santa Catalina Island

Adventure Activities, Blog, Offbeat - GoroadTrip - January 18, 2018

Southwest of Los Angeles is Santa Catalina, one of the Channel Islands. This rocky island is about 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. With its beautiful beaches, the island is full of adventure, sports and holiday attractions. At the top of this list of activities are water sports. There is a lot for lovers of swimming at sea, snorkeling or water skiing. The island of Santa Catalina, which divides into two areas called Avalon and two ports, is a dream destination for sea lovers.

Some water sports to make your trip here unforgettable are:


One place to dive freely is the Lovers Cove in Avalon. The underwater journey between the colorful sea life has caught you prisoner. If you also want a guided tour, head to Two Harbors on the isthmus of the island where you will have easy access to one of the best dive sites in the world. For clean, clear water with a visibility of 40 to 100 feet, the site was described as “the healthiest marine environment in the world.” With rental equipment as well as guides and instructors, snorkelling becomes unforgettable.


This activity involves speed, fun and excitement that will get you into adrenaline. To take a jet ski, you must start from the green pier at Avalon Harbor and be transported to the Jet Ski Barge. From the houseboat you can jet ski with lifejackets and instructions to the sea.


A highlight of the island of Santa Catalina for tourists is parasailing. Parasailing boats on the water of the ocean are a common sight here with thousands of people doing this adventure. Parasailing takes them about 800 meters above the sea, where they can float from the colorful parasailing while watching the sea and the island below. If you are lucky enough to see the dolphins as well.

Paddle boarding:

Tourists will find stand-up paddle boards, a great way to experience the wonders of Catalina’s beautiful locations such as Avalon Harbor, Casino Point and Lover’s Cove. Paddle boarding is a relatively easy way to enjoy the sun by the sea and also enjoy underwater views.


Santa Catalina has exotic places to surf like Shark Harbor and Ben Weston. Surfers enjoy riding on the calm waves of the sea, where many of them settle.
Santa Catalina also offers a variety of water adventures in organized tours. Ocean Runner Dolphin Tour, Flying Fish Boat Tours and Glass Bottom Boat Trips are the ones you should definitely look for.

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5 Palaces to visit in Karnataka

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - January 15, 2018

The state of sandalwood, Karnataka, has its own share of kingship with many palaces to boast about. Much of tourism, these palaces must be visited for their size and history attached to each of them.

Bangalore Palace:

Located in the heart of the capital, the Bangalore Palace is a trademark of the city. It was built by the Maharaja of Mysore, in 1887. ChamarajaWodeyar Show the Tudor style of architecture, the palace is impressive with its many ramparts, parapets, arches and turrets fortified towers as well as intricately carved interiors. The palace sits in a vast 45,000-square-foot area on 430 acres and is surrounded by a beautiful garden that makes it ideal for setting for exhibitions, programs and cultural concerts.

Mysore Palace:

Also known as the Maharaja Palace or the Amba Vilas Palace, the Mysore Palace was the royal home of the Wodeyars. The palace took about 15 years to be built by the legendary British architect, Henry Irwin. The palace is palatial and exposed to Indo-Saracen architecture. The entrance is charming through the Dollhouse or GombeThotti. The palace is the pride of Mysore and tourists line up in the queues to see the works of art and beautiful sculptures. They are hypnotized by the stained glass roof and the opulent gold throne. The palace gives an ethereal appearance when it is illuminated on Sundays and all national holidays. The festival is at the top during Dasara with processions at Chamundi Hills.

Lalitha Mahal Palace:

Built by Raja KrishnarajaWodeyar IV, the LalithaMahal Palace is located 11 kilometers from Mysore at the foot of the Chamundi Hills. It represents the style of Renaissance architecture designed by Fritchley and resembles St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Glimpses of style in the Palazzo Italina and the English manor are also seen in this palace. It now looks like a banquet hall, a ballroom, Italian marble staircases and the hall of the viceroy preserved.

Jaganmohan Palace:

When the Mysore Palace was rebuilt after a fire, the Wodeyar royal family moved to Jaganmohan Palace, which was built in 1861. The palace is a three-story structure with a large, beautiful room only used to organize cultural programs. Today, a large part of the art gallery.

Tipu Sultan’s Palace:

Built by Tipu Sultan in Srirangapatna as his summer retreat, this palace is named Daria Daulat Bagh. Built mainly with teak wood, the palace shows Indo-sarcissistic architecture. It is built on an elevated platform with open corridors. An astonishing feature of the palace is the colorful frescoes did not cover every free space on the walls, awnings, pillars and bows Describing portraits, battle scenes and floral motifs.

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