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10 Best Motorhome sat nav that you Must Check Before Hitting the Road

Adventure Activities - GoroadTrip - August 24, 2020

best motorhome sat nav

Planning camping with your motorhome? Do you think Google Maps will be enough as your navigation support? Think twice before saying yes. Spoiler alert – Google Maps are not suitable for motorhome camping. You will have to choose a satellite navigation (sat nav) system to keep your holiday undisrupted. There is plenty of sat navs in the market. Picking the best motorhome sat nav among all of them is a big task.

Why do you need a sat nav for a motorhome?

Driving a motorhome needs good satellite navigation support. The motorhome is very different from a regular car. But motorhome easily gets stuck in a narrow road. You will need sat nav to avoid narrow lanes and bridges.

Best motorhome sat nav list

Before jumping on a random buying, you might need a little assistance about what to buy. Here is a list of the sat navs that is worth buying.

best motorhome sat nav

Garmin Camper 770LMT-D 6.95 Inch Sat Nav

One of the best sat navs available in the market, Garmin Camper 770LMT-D 6.95 Inch Sat Nav, is worth buying. It comes with traffic updates, Bluetooth support, and WiFi. It has a large, easy to read Sat nav screen. It comes with a touchscreen display. You get free lifetime map updates for Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the rest of Europe. You will also get a free digital traffic report. It allows custom routing. Garmin Camper provides road warnings for speed cameras, camper speed limits, sharp curves, narrow roads, motorhome sat nav

Avtex Tourer Two Motorhome and Caravan Sat Nav

Those who have used Avtex Tourer, have given fantastic reviews lately. They fit perfectly in the list of the best motorhome satnav. It comes with clear road warnings for bridge heights, sharp curves, and others. It has a good ASCI bank. About 9000 ACSI campsites are there in the directory. It comes with a protective case and a travel motorhome sat nav

Snooper S6900 VENTURA Caravan and Motorhome Navigation System

Best about Snooper S6900 VENTURA is that it comes with a 12-month manufacturer warranty. It has free European map updates for a lifetime. There are over 31000 campsites in their directory. It has a seven-inch touchscreen. Snooper is famous for doing truck and heavy good vehicles sat navs. They have quite a clear idea about navigating large vehicles.

Aguri Motorhome & Caravan RV720 DVR Deluxe 7″ Sat Nav

Aguri motorhome sat nav comes with a built-in dash-cam. We are in love with the product for this. It makes good sense to have this in-built. You will have to place it carefully so that it does not block your sight. They give a lifetime update of free maps. It covers the whole of Europe and the UK. If you enter the features of your motorhome, the sat nav will choose the safest and best route for you to travel peacefully. It does not want you to register before using it. So, you can use it straight out of the box. It will also alert you upon crossing the speed limit. Overall, it has been rated as the best motorhome sat nav by many motorhome sat nav

TomTom Truck Sat Nav GO Professional 6250

As the name says, it is a Truck sat nav. However, it works pretty fine with a motorhome. They provide the best route for heavy vehicles. You don’t need a computer to update TomTom Go Professional. You can simply do it using the wifi. They provide stopped traffic alerts. If you wish to come on call without stopping the motorhome, you can do that with TomTom Go professional’s handsfree call feature. They also read messages for you. In a nutshell, you get a pretty good motorhome sat nav

Aonerex GPS Navigation System with Sunshade

It also comes with a lifetime map update, like most other sat nav does. It has a 2D as well as a 3D viewing capability. It comes with a voice navigation system. When you aren’t driving, you can watch a movie or play music. It includes camping sites, shops, ATMs, and other such details. The sat nav comes with an optional sunshade. It allows clear viewing of the screen throughout the day. This is one of the best satnav for motorhomes, that does not hurt your pocket much.

Ventura S8100 Caravan and Motorhome Sat Nav

This is one of the lower-end models of sat navs. It has a good GPS satellite navigation system from motorhomes, campervans, and caravans. The preloaded map has about 24000 campsites across 31 countries. The LCD of the sat nav is of standard 7inch. Ventura is a smart buy if you are looking for a basic one.

Top 3 motorhome sat nav Multimedia systems

If you are looking for some multimedia system to be used as sat nav, here is a list of top three to choose from

Sony XAV-AX1000

Sony XAV-AX1000 is only compatible with Apple CarPlay. Evidently, it acts a bit pricier than the rest. Though it does not cost much for the features it has, the screen is a bit smaller than the rest. It comes with a USP port on the front side. The sound system is of really good quality.

Pioneer AVH-Z5100DAB

Pioneer has given a full 7-inch touchscreen display. It is compatible with Apple and Android both. It can also play CDs and DVDs. It has Bluetooth facility which enables hands-free calls and streaming music of your choice.

Kenwood DDX-4019DAB

It is popular for its radio system. However, many use it as a caravan sat nav. It can pair two phones at the same time. USB ports, CD-DVD drives are also available. Kenwood is compatible with both Android and motorhome sat nav


Travel should be hassle-free. It is a killjoy if you must constantly worry about routes and follow the maps manually. Sat Navs come as a savior to wild campers on their motorhome. Pick the best motorhome sat nav and hit the road to explore the unseen.

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Best Wild Camping Spots Across Europe and Other Travel Tips

Wild life & Conservation - GoroadTrip - August 18, 2020

wild camping

Wild camping, as we all know, is a cheap ticket to nature’s call. If you have a motorhome, probably you are planning to hit the road soon. Traveling becomes much easier on a motorhome. No bills to pay, to rules to follow. Most importantly you can plan you’re trip as per your wish.

Before you hit the road, here is everything that you would need to know about wild camping on a motorhome. We have also suggested a few of our favorite wild camping spots across Europe. Read on to make the best itinerary.

What is motorhome wild camping?

Motorhome wild camping means overnight parking without any cost. Many travelers opt for a motorhome or a campervan wild camping. Some travelers use a tent for overnight camping. However, when it comes to safety, motorhome camping is more secured. Park in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the beauty of nature, as long as you want. This is motorhome wild camping in a nutshell.

Where to go for wild camping in Europe?

Even though the pandemic has hit hard, our love to travel has not gone anywhere. Most of the international flights have stopped working. International travel is also a cold mess. Motorhome wild camping is the best way to explore Europe. Here are our favorite places for motorhome wild camping, check them out.

wild camping

Le Clos du Lac, Provence, France

Le Clos du Lac is one of the best camping sites in France. The wild camping site is on the edge of the famous Ecrins National Park. It is a mountain campsite. You will wake up to a wonderful serene sight. There are many hiking trails nearby. You can park your motorhome at the camping site and try some of the trails at Boscodon Forest. There is a play arena with a volleyball court at the site where you will park your motorhome.
Activities: Swimming, Fishing, Butterfly Chasing, Hiking

Landgoed de Barendonk, Beers, Netherlands

This place is well equipped for camping at night. They have a special area for tents, but you can easily park your motorhome somewhere close by. It is more secluded than the tent area. They have a sitting room for you all to take shelter during bad weather. Barendonk estate’s lush green is suitable for a serene family camping holiday.

wild camping

Activities: Geocaching, hiking, cycling

Zur Mühle, Black Forest, Germany

No clubhouse, no play arena, just a lush green hilly area, this is my dream campsite. Zur Mühle is a strong contender of the dream campsite list. If you are thinking of a site without any kind of distraction other than nature’s beauty, visit Zur Mühle. There are many cycling and hiking trails that you might give a try. Find a spot to park your motorhome and keep exploring.

Activities: Hiking, Cycling

Campsite Nature Ferie, Hals, Denmark

Not far from the sea, Campsite Nature Ferie is one of the best sites for wild camping in Denmark. Not all private beaches are for lavish five-star hotels. Some of them are for those you pack their van to explore the scenic beauty. If you were expecting a free motorhome parking, you are wrong. You need to pay about €10 for the night camping. Try the North Sea cycle route if you are there.

Activities: Swimming, cycling, canoeing.

wild camping

Camping Val d’Or, Enscherange, Luxembourg

Camping is done best at a secluded yet serene place. Even you think so, right? Camping at Val d’Or in Luxembourg is exactly a similar one. It is not a known spot, so it is not overcrowded by the tourist. IT is located by the side of the Clerve river.

Activities: Cycling, Paddling, etc.

Where would you find free overnight stops for motorhomes for wild camping?

If you plan to go to the interior of the countryside, you will easily find a spot to park your motorhome. However, there are platforms like Park4Night, Campercontact, Searchforsite,, and others to assist you. Pay a nominal fee to get better access to routes and stops.

wild camping

Travel Tips to Remember

Spot the free zone

Assess the free spot for parking your motorhome for wild camping beforehand. It is always advisable to have a prior idea of where to park your motorhome. For example, there are many free overnight motorhome parking in the UK. But illegal parking can cause you the trouble here.

Beware of the thieves

There are gangs of motorhome thieves all around Europe. Make sure you have a proper security lock system. Lock your doors and windows before going to sleep. If you leave the motorhome for a trail or something, make sure you park in a designated area with proper security.

Do not park in a residential area

It is quite rude to park suddenly in a residential area, just to save money. You might block someone’s gate. You might invade someone’s privacy unknowingly. It is better to avoid such a situation.

wild camping

Don’t overstay

It is okay for a campervan to be parked for three days or four, parking the van for an indefinite period is not good. Someone may want to park there. Wild camping means wandering like wild. Parking at one spot for long will kill the joy.

Have adequate food

Wild camping can take you to distant places where buying food might not be an option. You must keep the food bank in mind. Store if you need to. Buy some canned food. Remember checking on the storage situation every day and spent wisely.

wild camping


Wild camping is fun as long as you want it to be. You need to be careful while wild camping in the middle of nowhere. Carry all the important stuff that you might need. A first aid box with basic medicines is a must carry. Enjoy your holidays amidst the greenery and mountain. It is a therapy to refresh your soul. Google ‘campsite near me’ and start short trips around your countryside to get the nag of it.

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