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My Experiences in Disneyland

Blog, Destinations, Things To Do, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - December 26, 2017

Growing up with Disney Books and Disney Channels, Mickey and Donald are as many friends as my kids. No wonder then that a trip to this magical theme park on a summit experienced all our excitement. Launched in 1955, Disneyland Park in Southern California is Walt Disney’s original theme park. Being at the doors of this wonderland was like a dream that came true for all of us.
As soon as we entered, we were in a delusional solution with extravagant fun options. There were eight thematic countries called Main Street, USA, Tomorrowland, Mickey Toontown, Fantasyland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Adventureland. These choices are categorized under attractions, entertainment, events and tours and of course gastronomic options.

Here are some of the ways that have given us the time of our lives …

An attraction of Fantasyland, the term “curious and curious!” From the epic “Alice in Wonderland” came alive for us when we jumped on an oversized crawler to see the wonders here. We went into the enchanted rabbit hole and were quickly kidnapped into this wonderland of Queen’s Garden, Tulgey Wood, White Rabbit’s House and many more.

Casey Jr. Circus Train:

We saw our kids board the Casey Jr. train in Fantasyland and make an unforgettable journey through storybook land. Storybook Land is full of miniature versions of Disney’s classic backdrops such as The Little Pig’s House, the manicured park of Peter Pan, the Dwarven House of Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs and many other fairytales.

Astro Orbitor:

We had the chance to pilot a rocket in this carousel of Tomorrowland. The rocket crashed after takeoff and quickly began to cover a galaxy of planets, giving us the opportunity to experience space travel. We felt very much in control as we controlled the lever for all our value!

Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road:

A fun ride from Frontierland, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad train ride took us through a gold mining town. Tunnels, caves, canyons, a rushing waterfall, rock formations, rocks, the remains of an earthquake were just some of the shocks that shook us and made us rediscover our safety at the station, where it all started!

Buzz Light year Astro Blasters:

This Tomorrowland attraction immediately became our son’s favorite when he fell headlong into an exciting space battle. The fight is the same as the one shown in Disney’s popular Toy Story movie series.

Mickey’s Toontown:

We all had a nostalgic moment in this Disneyland Park with Mickey Mouse comedy series and all the other Disney characters come to life for us. Donald’s Boat, Goofy Playhouse, Chip’n Dale Treehouse. Minnie’s home and so many other charming attractions made it hard for us to leave Mickey’s house.

Indiana Jones Adventure:

From Adventureland, this attraction took us on a fantastic journey with a troop transport. The ride was fast and let us experience what is going on rough terrain as we embark on this adventure to find Indiana Jones.

Fantasy Faire:

This part of Fantasyland had tied my daughter while her princesses and prince charming were animated when they were playing before us. She shook hands with some of her favorite characters from all of her fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Tangled.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade:

We participated in one of the most visual and daring parades in our lives, with this parade led by none other than our favorite Mickey Mouse on the drum. The music came from classic Disney movies and when the characters passed us or in tanks with their own musical instrument, we could not help but get into an animated jitter. The parade started at 16:30. gave us a delicious start to a wonderful evening.

Fireworks at Disneyland Park:

The night at Disneyland Park was celebrated as spectacular fireworks lit up the sky. The fireworks were in harmony with the timeless melodies of Disney and made the experience really magical for us.

The restaurants were phenomenal in Disneyland. There were barbecues, French cuisine, snacks, ice cream parlors, cafes, popcorns and fruit carts, and we felt like we had tried all the dishes on the planet by the end of the year our visit to Disneyland.

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