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Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - January 30, 2019

Georgetown is a very old place with lots of history. It is in the north-west of Malaysia, on Penang Island. It is the capital city of the Penang state. It seems to be the second largest city of Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. This city has become a very well-known place to visit in Malaysia. Georgetown is a rare combination of today’s modern lifestyle and is also soaked in history with its atmospheric streets lined with heritage architecture. Georgetown is famous for its art, heritage and excellent food.
Penang Island is energetic and exploring its many sights especially the Georgetown city within a day is quite challenging. A trip to Georgetown, Malaysia, can be a fulfilling experience. Let us explore the Georgetown attractions in the following:
1) Penang KhooKongsi- This place is built 650 years ago which seems to be the foundation of the Hokkien community. The well-decorated kongsis is on JalanAcheh. This place is an interesting tourist spot. A trip to Georgetown must include this exotic location of historical significance since it provides some insight into the culture of the place.
2) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion- This mansion is built in the Hakka-Teochew style. The Blue Mansion is close to the Georgetown portion of Penang. A trip to Georgetown would be enough to cover this place during the visit to the country.

3) Kapitan Kling Mosque- This mosque is the largest in Georgetown. The mosque allows visitors only if they are properly dressed. While planning for a trip to Georgetown and if the tourists also plan to add this to their list they must be appropriately dressed in order to not hurt the religious sentiments of the people here.

4) The Queen Victoria Memorial-This place is the best-known tourist attraction spot on a trip to Georgetown. It is in the south of Fort Cornwallis and was built at the cost of 35000 Straits dollars.
5) Clan Jetties- This place is the most tourist-friendly with its stilt houses and a temple that is worth visiting.
6) KapitanRestoran- This place is famous for its clay pot biryani and tandoori chicken and they serve all varieties of Indian dishes. This is a must addition to the trip to Georgetown.
7) KuanImTeng- This is a Taoist and Buddhist temple in Georgetown.
There are so many things to see in Georgetown and lots of delicious food everywhere you look. The joy of being in Georgetown and exploring these colonial and beautiful streets with the fusion of culture is immensely soul-stirring. A trip to Georgetown would thereby, in turn, create an alluring experience in the minds of the tourists which would last for a really long time. Such an experience tends to bring people back to this place whenever they plan to visit Malaysia. Georgetown’s blend of culinary, historical places and great religious attractions are worth the visit for everyone once lifetimes since such exhilarating experiences do not come to someone’s cradle every other day. Georgetown is a place to relish, enjoy and have some fun away from the busy cities of Malaysia.

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Asia, Blog, Destinations, Indonesia - GoroadTrip - January 27, 2019

Jakarta is a city of mixed cultures from Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European. It is the capital city of Indonesia and is located on the northwest coast of Java island. The country places its reliance on this city for their economy, culture, and politics. The opportunities and offers in business and high standard living attract emigrants from different countries and places. Jakarta has become an important city for international diplomacy. The major challenges it encompasses are urban growth, ecological breakdown, inequality, poverty, congestion, gridlock traffic, and flooding. The city provides a lot of things to do at night because there are a lot of people who prefer to hang out at night when the traffic has dwindled to a trickle and the heat had faded. Now let us find out the top things to do in Jakarta at night:
1) JalanJaksa Street- This is the first in the list of things to do in Jakarta at night. This place is often set side by side to the Khaosan Road in Bangkok. Hanging out in this place, getting into the local bars and also tasting the street food are the activities to be executed at night.
2) National Monument Monas- It was built it 1961 under the first president of the independent Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno Hatta. It is difficult to climb the monument at night. But Monas is excellently brightened up at night and could be seen from a great distance.
3) Sunda Kelapa- The tourists are invited here at night to look into the old sea crafts by the guides. It is an old port with some old forsaken ships. This also forms an attraction and hence part of the list of things to do in Jakarta at night.

4) Chinatown- Jakarta also has Chinese settlements. Tourists can try different unconventional foods and buy original red souvenirs for their beloved. Tourists enjoy a gastronomical experience as a part of the exciting things to do in Jakarta at night.
5) Sky Rink Jakarta- This ice skating rink is situated in one of the largest shopping centers i.e. Mall Taman Anggrek. The reason it forms a part of the things to do in Jakarta at night is that of the fact that the mall is open pretty late in the night for locals as well as tourists to shop away in glory from a large number of shops thriving in this mall.
6) Immigrant Nightclub- Tourists can visit this place if they want to get known to the high society people and also for some relaxation at night.

7) Skye Bar- In central Jakarta, there is bars and restaurants open at night to stay rooftop and enjoy the beautiful outline of the city.
Jakarta is a city full of energy and life. Jakarta is the place where Indonesia sets its best face. The citizens are good natured and positive and the crime levels are also very low. There is no shortage of nightlife and entertainment in this capital city. The disorganized charm of this city can be found on every thoroughfare. These are quite a few things to do in Jakarta at night which in turn makes every night for the tourists even more interesting and worthwhile.

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Blog, Destinations, Indonesia - GoroadTrip - January 24, 2019

Indonesia is a must visit destination if you are traveling around Southeast Asia and Bali is one of the most celebrated islands in Indonesia. The island is rich in its ancient culture, its warm geniality, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, affordable villas, exciting nightlife and so much more. The striking and out of the ordinary temples and palaces are the main tourist attractions in Bali. Bali is probably one of the most frequented places. As soon as you get into this place the exhilarating redolence of the clove oil dangles in the air mesmerizing the visitors. Let us now find out the best places to explore in Bali:
1) Pura Tanah Lot- This is one of the unique temples located in the seaside and is one of the sacred temples in Bali and also one of the major attractions in Bali.
2) Mount Batur- This place is famous to begin the trek to 1700-meter mountaintop to get a glimpse of the sunrise. The trip to Mount Batur can be combined with a visit to the Pura Ulun Danu Batur temple.
3) Uluwatu Temple-“Ulu” means ‘tip’ and “watu” means rock. The beauty of this temple is reflected especially well during sunset.
4) Ubud Monkey Forest- This forest is also named as the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Bali.
5) Waterbom Bali- A water park in Kuta. It is one of the best places to beat the heat in Bali. Just because it helps people relish the summers it forms an important attraction in Bali.
6) The Nusa Islands-The three Nusa islands are Nusa Lembongan where the visitors can go for surfing, kayaking, diving, Nusa Ceningan which has a beautiful blue lagoon, and Nusa Penida which has boat riding facilities. Nusa Lembongan is the most famous among all the other two islands. Such alluring experiences make this place the most amazing attractions in Bali.

7) The Sidemen Valley- This valley is in the northeast of Ubud in between the Klungkung and Besakih temple route. The main tourist attractions in Bali are the rice fields and local plantations. This place is a top producer of ‘tuak’.
8) Sekumpul Waterfall- This series of seven waterfalls is situated in the north Bali in the Singaraja region. This place is adored by the nature lovers who want to escape from the mass.

9) TirtaEmpul Temple- Visit this temple is a national cultural heritage site of central Bali. The best time to visit this temple is during the sunrise and the sunset. This is an extremely important attraction in Bali.
Bali is startling, beautiful and delightful. All it needs is a dauntless soul and a good attitude to get everything out of the Bali holiday. Major attractions in Bali have helped create a beautiful and alluring experience in the minds of those who look to soak up the sun and also enjoy the amazing places in Bali while keeping in mind to explore every possible area and tourist spots as much as possible.

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Blog, Destinations, Europe - GoroadTrip - January 21, 2019

Granada is in Southern Spain. It is one of the most beautiful and celebrated cities in Southern Spain. It makes one feel like walking back in time. The city is said to be a Moorish gem. The city has indefinable beauty to be discovered. Granada was previously dubbed as Llbyr by the primitive people of this place. Are you eager to know about what Granada, Spain has to offer you? Let us then find out the best things to do in Granada:
1) Alhambra- This would be the first addition to the things to do in Granada. It is a palace built as a small fort in AD 889 in Granada. The emirs of Granada would get away into this place to stay away from the summer heat. The gardens, colorful flowerbeds, pools, and fountains make it worth spending a fascinating day in this place.

2) Albyzín- It is in the vicinity of Granada. This district was under the Muslim rule. This place was first inhabited by the Liberians. Albyzínis also inundated with Ziri wall, New door or door of Weights, Fajalauza door, Alhacaba Towers, Monaita door, Puerta de Elvira, Church of El Salvador, St. Louis. Temple, Palace of Dar al-Horra and many other places to visit. This place is worth an in-depth exploration. This is a notable addition to the list of things to do in Granada.

3) Granada Cathedral- Next in line to the list of things to do in Granada would be a Roman Catholic Church. This church was built by Queen.

4) Isabella. This cathedral is an outstanding artistry of Spanish Renaissance design and is worth a visit.
5) Royal Chapel- It was built between 1505 and 1517. This place is next to the cathedral and is a burial setting of the Spanish Monarchs. Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were inurned here. This forms an essential addition to the list of things to do in Granada.
6) Alcaicería- This is an ancient marketplace and is situated near the Granada Cathedral. Visitors may enjoy shopping Arabic glass ornaments, leather goods, clothes, ceramics, jewelry, and spices. This place is rich in culture and history with engrossing, eye-catching things to buy.
7) Sacromonte-Set on the valley of Valparaíso, this place is famous for Romany caves rich in historical, cultural and religious levels.
8) The Banuelos- This place is also known as Aammim Alyawza. The Banuelos in Granada is a skilfully maintained 11th-century Arabic baths. It was declared a National Monument in the year 1918.
9) The Sierra Nevada- This place is best for hiking and trekking around the beautiful and breathtaking sceneries. Yosemite National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Sequoia National Park all recline within the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
Granada’s stunning views, the alluring Spanish beauty, and its historical places attract travelers in a large number. Once you have gotten your fill of this place’s rich background scenario you have to make sure to visit Granada once in the lifetime for an unforgettable wide view. Hence this list should be a must when you wish to figure out the things to do in Granada.

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Blog, Destinations, Europe - GoroadTrip - January 17, 2019

Mallorca is a beautiful and extravagant Mediterranean island with brilliant weather and vast landscapes and mouth-watering food. It is the largest part of the Balearic Islands in Spain it forms a picturesque location with mountains covered in green flora dipping into the sea. Apart from the brilliant landscapes and esplanades Mallorca attractions also comprise historic towns and charming villages filled with tourist attractions like churches, castles and art museums. The list of a few places to enjoy while in Mallorca has been explained in a nutshell
1. City of Palma de Mallorca – Palma de Mallorca is a harbor town marked with a blend in a perfect seaside atmosphere and cultural touch. It has two most important tourist attractions – the Cathedral and castle. Catredal de Mallorca sits on the side of the harbor symbolizing a vision of faith and hope among people. Castillo de Bellver sits on the top of a hill three kilometers away from the capital city. It also houses a history museum and a chapel which reflects the formidable 13th-century building.

2. Alcudia’s Old neighborhood – Surrounded by green landscapes and pine covers, Alcudia forms a major part of Mallorca attractions. This medieval town is known for its historical monuments, delicious food, and amazing traditional festivals. Several interesting tourist locations like La Albufera for bird watching since this park along the bay attracts almost 200 species of birds every year. Also near the city is Yannick & Ben Jakober foundation which is an excellent modern and contemporary art museum. This museum also houses a beautiful garden with a sculpture park.
3. The hilltop town – The beautiful setting between the Tramuntana Mountains and the Mediterranean sea, the historic village of Valldemossa is located. This town is classified with steep pedestrian streets & buildings with old stone facades giving this place a heritage appearance. The area is filled with thick vegetation sloping down into the beach over the alpine cover. Most of the restaurants in this town offer an amazing variety of seafood which is mouth-watering and serves as a delight to the tourists.

4. Soller – Among the olive groves and citrus orchards leading to the sea. The famous Soller train takes the tourists on a ride through the beautiful landscapes. The town is marked with several beautiful historical monuments including parish church of Sant Bartomeu, Sa capatella Monastery and the Alfabia palace.

5. The island also exhibits a major number of beaches which also forms a part of Mallorca attractions. Llucmajor beaches, Playa del Arenal and the Cala Pi beach are the prominent beaches which allow people to soak up some sun during the summer months.
With such beautiful places thriving across Mallorca it forms one the most exquisite and alluring places to visit in the island of Spain. Mallorca offers a blend of culture and beautiful landscapes which catches the eye of many tourists looking to have an exhilarating experience. Mallorca should be in the bucket list for any person looking to travel overseas in search of some peace and tranquility.

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