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6 Top Point of Interest in Bamako

Africa, Blog - GoroadTrip - November 14, 2018

Bamako attractions

Famous for being one of the largest cities in West Africa, Bamako is located in a quiet area on the banks of the Niger River. With a history that goes back to prehistoric times, it is not a surprise that this city is one of the tourist places that is quickly becoming popular.

Among best things to do in Bamako are take a cruise, enjoy a musical evening, attend museum sessions and enjoy the delights of many cuisines. There are many Bamako attractions which tourists can enjoy.

Musée National

One of the main Bamako attractions is a visit to the National Museum. Housing history of the city of Bamako and dedicated to conservation and dissemination, this museum plays an important role in the current city of Bamako. It is distributed in three rooms, each with a separate function. The first one is one of the most interesting and the collection comes from the Touré, Dravé, Niaré and Bozo de Bamako families, which allows you to look at the world which existed in that time. The second presents everything about the colonial period, and the rest is reserved for temporary exhibitions.

Marché de Medina

The market of Medina is one of the many places to visit in Bamako. Is there a better place to discover the essence of the city than the local market? Fresh and organic fruits and vegetables fill the market early in the morning. As the day progresses, you will find kiosk shops, beauty salons that open to pamper women and a market full of people who negotiate at will.

Maison des Artisans

Another Bamako attractions for tourists is Maison des Artisans. A shop that sells exclusive products made by artisans of the city, you will find here a series of interesting things. Here you can find items of silver, brass, gold objects and other items of jewelry, although here you can also find wooden sculptures and leather goods.

Bamako Zoo

One of Bamako’s tourist attractions, the Bamako Zoo is a must-see for people traveling with children. It is home to 100 species of animals, including monkeys, crocodiles, lions and elephants, 12 bird species and 58 fish species, covering an area of 6 hectares. Its headquarters also includes an artificial lake and large trees that try to provide the animals with a somewhat natural environment.

Tour d’Afrique

Located at the entrance to the airport, Tour d’Afrique is one of the main attractions of Bamako. It is 46 meters high and its impressive architecture makes people stay for a while before entering. It symbolizes strength and unity. If you have the opportunity to visit at night, you can see how it shines.

Luna Park

Luna Park, one of the best resorts in Bamako, covers 1 hectare. This is one of the most entertaining attractions near Bamako. The park has many attractions for adults and children, a small shopping arcade, a games room, and a restaurant. During the trip, the Ferris wheel and the ring are just part of this amusement park, the shopping center has almost 20 stores and many restaurants that serve cakes for traditional African cuisine.

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5 Top Things to do and See in Valletta

Blog, Europe - GoroadTrip - November 10, 2018

Things to do in Valletta

Valletta is a city that changes constantly. It is like a modern city trapped in medieval fortifications.

There is a really striking feature in Valletta, which sums up the relationship between the old and the new in a fascinating way – Porta Reale, the gateway to the city.

This main gate of the city has been rebuilt many times over the past few centuries. The last creation of the architect Renzo Piano has just ended in 2014. The attraction consists of Valletta’s high steel blades which plunge into the clear sky on a hot summer day.

Here is a list of things to do in Valletta.

1. Palace of the Grand Master

Grand Palace of the Master was erected in the sixteenth century. Visiting The Grand Palace is among important things to do in Valletta.

In their rooms, you can see beautiful frescoes with performances by the Knights of the Order of Malta, explore a valuable collection and armor. In the center there is one of the most important religious sites: St. Jana, surrounded on all sides by the main square, an excellent starting point for walks. Although the facade of the cathedral seems quite discreet, its interior design impresses with richness and refinement. On the walls of the cathedral, there are 400 Maltese knights who participated in the Great Siege.

2. National Theater

A pleasant surprise also awaits lovers of theatrical art. You can visit the National Theater of Malta. It was inaugurated in the 18th century and today is one of the three oldest theaters in Europe. In the theater, performances are usually presented in English and it often hosts concerts of the Malta National Orchestra. Every week, interesting cultural events take place in this historic theater.

3. Republic Street

The main attraction is the Republic Street, the main street of Valletta, completely accessible for pedestrians. This street is full of popular shops, souvenir shops, restaurants and coffee shops. It seems that life on the street never ends. You can spend a whole day in an interesting way.

4. National Archaeological Museum

Because the surroundings of the city are of great value to archaeologists, the National Archaeological Museum opened in the city, which preserves its unique works, a collection of works and sculptures. Visiting the museum is one of the most engaging things to do in Valletta.

Again, you can go to the National Military Museum, whose building was founded in 1488 and serves as a point of defense. After the siege of the city, the buildings suffered significantly, but thanks to the effort of the knights were completely restored. The museum rooms contain collections of war materials, weapons, and military equipment.

5. Villa Casa Rocca Piccola

For more than four hundred years, this beautiful villa belongs to the descendants of the noble De Piro family. Now, inside the walls of the villa, there is a very interesting private museum. Each of the exhibitions presented here is a unique gem.

Visitors to the villa will have the opportunity to see beautiful old sculptures, paintings by well-known Maltese artists, collections of ancient books and beautiful antique furniture. The museum has a very interesting collection of typical costumes.

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Explore the beauty of Mdina: The Silent City

Blog, Europe - GoroadTrip - November 5, 2018

Mdina top attractions

Mdina the ancient capital of The Maltese Archipelago is separated from its twin Rabat by ramparts and fortifications which are even today one of Mdina top attractions. Originally, Mdina and Rabat actually formed only one city, Melita. The latter has been stormed several times during its existence by the Arabs, Normans, and Spaniards. The architectural heritage of Rabat and Mdina is thus today a melting pot of cultures.

Nicknamed the “Silent City”, Mdina the ancient capital of Malta brings together 4000 years of history of the island. Its 300 inhabitants, descendants largely of the Maltese nobility, maintain with love the most beautiful palaces of the archipelago. The cleanliness of Mdina is exemplary. Visit Mdina for its calm and exceptional heritage.

Visit its alleys

Timeless, Mdina takes you through a maze of alleys. A good signage brings you cultural and historical information in front of many monuments. The quiet and pedestrian town, we always come back to admire the knockers of its doors, its high houses with rich pediments, its majestic bougainvilleas … And simply enjoy its serenity.

Visit its ramparts

Located on the central hill of Malta, the ramparts of Mdina dominate the island. The view is breathtaking on Mosta, the Mediterranean, and Valletta. On its flanks the alignments of the best Maltese vines.

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

St. Peter and Paul Cathedral is a miniature version of St. John’s Cathedral in Valletta. Baroque style and very richly decorated, it was completed in 1702. Rebuilt after the earthquake of 1693, behind its monumental facade, you discover a masterpiece of Baroque architecture making it one of Mdina top attractions. The beauty of its floor composed of carved marble slabs houses the eternal rest of the Grand Masters of Malta. Admission is free during the services but there is a fee if you want to visit the cathedral museum.

Cathedral Museum

Cathedral Museum is one of the most important museums in the Mdina is offered in a combined ticket with the cathedral. The varied collection includes paintings, engravings (on Dürer wood), Roman remains, ancient manuscripts, liturgical objects.

Visit the Palazzo De Piro

Built in the 17th century, the Palazzo de Piro is today a “multifunctional cultural center”. It hosts, in an atmosphere full of grandeur and nobility, the exhibitions and important artistic events of Malta. Rejuvenate on its extraordinary terrace overlooking the northern part of Malta.

Visit The Moat Garden

Before leaving Mdina, go down into the moat for the pleasant garden, resting with its benches and its beautiful perspective on the entrance and fortifications of the city.

Falson Palace

Falson Palace or The Palazzo Falzon is one of the oldest palaces of the Mdina and houses a very interesting private museum made up of the Swedish philanthropist Olof Gollcher’s collection.

Church and Carmelite Priory

Church and Priory of Carmelite Baroque church of the seventeenth century combined with a charming cloister which is one of Mdina top attractions. The refectory is beautiful and the reconstituted cuisine not uninteresting. It includes a nice design cafe to rest in.

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Interesting Places to Visit on Your Next Getaway

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - October 30, 2018

Every now and then visiting a place and experiencing a lifestyle that is the exact contradiction of what one would consider his or her day to day life, is essential in order to view life from a newer angle. Here are five seamless destinations for people looking to ‘get away’ from their usual life, hoping to experience something more.


The Badami caves in Karnataka echo the immense love the 6th and the 7th century AD ruling family, the Chalukayas, had for explorative architecture. These glorious caves are amongst the top tourist attractions in India and that says a lot because there are a lot of brilliant tourist spots in India. The caves date back to 6th century AD and are located at the entrance of a mystifying ravine. In total there are four caves – three of which have ancient Brahamanic Hindu temples and the other boasts a wonderful Jain temple. Carved with stylish images and sculptures of Hindu and Jain gods and thought leaders (Jain Thirthankaras), the Karnataka caves are ideal for experiencing a taste of ancient Indian lifestyle, traditions and culture.


Germany’s capital city of Berlin is home to some of Europe’s most exciting historical spots. Be sure to research the Berlin Pass as it may help you save quite a bit of money if you’re planning on doing a lot of sightseeing. For people who aren’t exactly history buffs, there are loads of stunning lake beaches, in particular the Strandbad Grünau, which is a must visit exotic beach in East Berlin. The Mecklenburg Vorpommern and Prerow beaches on the Baltic coast also are great for serene and uplifting experiences for travellers looking to relish exceptional local food, sandy seashores, green forests and a chilly swim in the beaches while appreciating the splendid natural beauty on the Darss peninsula in the Baltic shoreline.


If unwinding on stunning coastlines and getting mystified in the world of ancient historical attractions is a tourist’s perfect idea of a getaway, staying in and exploring Italy is what they should be planning for. Get perplexed in the extravagant boulevards of Milan while spending the mid-afternoons discovering historic ruins of Sicily. For those who still aren’t convinced about Italy, a trip to the beach resorts in Vicenza and feasting on Italian delicacies is a proposition hard to turn down!


Retreats in Morocco are a delight particularly for travellers who wish to discover the Middle Atlas Slope region by foot. Accessible without difficulty from Marrakech, the Berber communes and societies that tourists will come across on this path are extremely welcoming. Hire a private guide to help you discover the best parts of Morocco. In addition to the Middle Atlas Mountains, other must visit places in Morocco include the celebrated waterfalls of Cascades Ouzoud which are close to Marrakech.


Lisbon was presented with the award of the Best European Destination a couple of years ago and for good reason. The city is stunning and out of the ordinary – it is almost like Europe’s very own South America! Uncover the splendours and affluence of Lisbon, by visiting the extravagant fortresses of Sintra and the St George Castle. With fantastic food and drinks available on every street corner, tourists are most likely to find themselves lost in the spectacular backstreets of Alfama.

These places have an interesting history which deserves exploration!

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Most Amazing Places to Explore in Dubai at Night

Blog, UAE - GoroadTrip - October 22, 2018

Dubai tourist attractions

Dubai has emerged from the sand in a few years and is now one of the largest cities in the United Arab Emirates. It is a big city with many attractions to discover and must-see places to visit on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Dubai does not have many bars and has no nightclubs.

Here’s a glimpse of Dubai tourist attractions, during the evening.

• Ski Dubai

Not the first city that comes to mind as a ski destination, Dubai offers a break from the heat and dust of the desert with the first indoor ski center in the Middle East. If you want to see the desert and go skiing do not miss Ski Dubai, a huge ski slope located in the Mall of the Emirates on the marina side, at the end of the city, near the Burj Al Arab. It’s a bit of a shock to move from desert heat to sub-zero temperatures. Ski instructors can help you, or you can try yourself.

There is even a café-bar in the middle of the track, as in the mountains so you can take a break. You can rent all the necessary equipment and clothing, so no need to bring your skis. Ski Dubai is the principal among Dubai tourist attractions.

• Dubai Fountains

Open from 6 pm to 11 pm it is a magical show, exciting and free, essential when you go sightseeing in Dubai and one of the chief Dubai tourist attractions. If you’ve been to Las Vegas before, you may have already seen the Bellagio Fountains but at Dubai, it is bigger and better than at Bellagio.

The fountains are at the foot of the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. There are many restaurants next to the fountains and it is better to book in one of them and eat on the terrace in winter to admire the fountains in their fine splendor.

• Go Shopping

Go to Dubai and not go shopping? Depending on your budget, you can choose between the hundreds of stores in Dubai Mall, the largest shopping center in the world that also has an ice rink and an aquarium  or lose yourself in the souks of Old Dubai, where you have to negotiate to make good deals, between jewelry, fabrics, and spices. Do not miss to buy saffron, which is cheap in Dubai. There are also “souks” in other parts of the city but these are ultra-modern and ultra-clean and are “souks” only name such as the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Dubai mall is the main Dubai tourist attraction.

• Dinner on the water

If you want to have a good time and eat one night in Dubai, you can choose to dine on a boat and discover Dubai from the waters while enjoying an all-you-can-eat buffet (without alcohol of course).

Quiet and pleasant, it is possible every day and the departure is at 5:00 PM for a return at 8:30 PM. You will have a magnificent view of the Burj Al Arab, but also on the site of Palm Jumeirah. For the fare, you need about $ 50 per person, but with that, you will have a dinner cruise on a beautiful yacht and a buffet with non-alcoholic drinks.

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