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Spiritual and Scenic Paradise Sringeri

Blog, Heritage & Culture - GoroadTrip - July 29, 2017

A temple town in Chikmagalur, Karnataka, Sringeri is located on the banks of the Tunga River along the Western Ghats. It is popular as a spiritual goal. He is also known for Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham founded by Adi Sankaracharya. It is one of the four main temples of the philosophy of Advaita Vedantha and one of the Shakthi Sthalams of India. Sringeri also attracts tourists for its cultural and cultural activities as well as its many temples. Some places to visit in Sringeri are:

Sringeri Mutt:

Also known as Sringeri Sharadha Peetham and Dakshinamnaya Sringeri Sharadha Peetham, this mother is on the banks of the Tunga River. He has a vidyathirthalinga in accordance with the traditions of Yajur Veda. The architecture is followed by Dravidian and Hoysalan. The skillful style can be seen in the twelve zodiacal columns, which are arranged so that the rays of the sun fall on the pillar of the month of the respective zodiac. The main sanctuary stands on the circular platform in the shape of a high star.

Sharadha Temple:

It was dedicated to the goddess Sharadamba and was founded by Acharya Sri Shankara Bhagvatpada. It is built in the typical style of the temples of southern India. One of the highlights of the temple are the many stone pillars with sculptures of various goddesses.

Temple of Malayala Brahma:

Near the temple of Sharadha is this temple. It is dedicated to Malayala Brahma or KshetraPalaka, which means janitor. According to legend, a scholar Malayala Brahmana was cursed because he did not share his knowledge and became a Brahma Rakshasha. In order to get rid of the curse, he was advised to act as the goalkeeper of Mutt by Vidyaranya Rishi.

Temple of Vidyasankara:

A rectangular temple dedicated to Vidyashankara who resided here in the 14th century. Built in many styles such as Dravidian, Vijayanagaran and Chalukyan, the temple has many inscriptions that speak of the leaders of Vijayanagara. The main shrine has the deities of the goddess Durga and Lord Vidya Ganesha with the idols of the Trimurthis and their wives. The central ceiling, the sloping roofs in fluted slabs and the sculptures of gods and goddesses on the base of the sanctuary are exemplary and dazzling.

Torana Ganapathi Temple:

The temple dedicated to Ganapathi adores Ganapathi in various forms such as Kshipra Varaprasadhi and VaraPrasadi. The coconut and mods of Sugar and Jaggery, which are the favorites of Ganesha, are offered. The Padukas of Vriddha Narasimha Bharati Swamy are another important element of the temple.

Temple of Kere Anjaneya:

To the west of Sringeri Math is the KereAnjaneya Temple. It is believed that this temple of Hamuman is an Anjaneya temple, which was consecrated and built by Adi Shankaracharya. With a huge idol of Hanuman, the temple also has shrines for Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva. 27 steps to reach the temple.


Horanadu is about 20 kilometers from Sringeri. It is attractive with lush landscapes of Western Ghats. A temple dedicated to the goddess Annapoorneshwari is another attraction. The deity is represented as Shankha and Chakra and sits on a Peetha. An idol of Sri Chakra Gayathri Devi is also present.


At a distance of ten kilometers from Sringeri is the village of Kigga with green trails and hiking. A trekking route leads to Narasimha Parvatha summit. A temple dedicated to Saint Rishyasringa, made famous by the Ramayana, is a major attraction of the village. The others are Srimane Falls and Rishi Vasishthas Ashram. Spoil yourself with countless activities such as rock climbing, hiking, hiking, camping and Kigga exploration.


Main for two temples, Hariharapura is a town about 20 kilometers from Sringeri. The Hari temple is dedicated to Lord Hari and the Hara Temple to Lord Shiva. The Hara Temple is about 400 years old and stands on the banks of the Tunga River. A 110-year-old bridge over the Tunga River linking Hariharapura to Koppa is a major attraction.

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11 Adventure Destinations of India

Adventure Activities, Blog - GoroadTrip - July 21, 2017

Adventure tourism in India is a country that is strong with the various topographical features of our country. Mountains, coasts, vineyards, valleys, national parks, the possibilities of adventure activities are endless. Pack up your daring nature for some of these adventure trips to India:

Hiking, Ladakh:

For trekking adventures, there is no other place than the Ladakh valleys. The topographic features of the Ladakh trails of other popular trekking areas of Himachal and Uttarakhand are its topographical variations. Try the relaxed Sham Valley Trek or increase the setting with the more powerful StokKangri Trek.

Bungee Jumping, Rishikesh:

Rishikesh offers climbing, camping and rafting. But it is the only destination in India to engage in the adventure of bungee jumping to the hair.

Balloon ride, Rajasthan:

The hot air balloon allows tourists, especially newlyweds, to admire the sand dunes, majestic forts and bird-sighted palaces for which Rajasthan is famous.

Wildlife Safari, Bandhavgarh National Park:

Bandhavgarh National Park of Madhya Pradesh Walk an elephant and try a wild cat in Madhya Pradesh. The excitement is not only attracted by wildlife lovers, but also by regular tourists in the spell.

Abseiling, Dandeli:

Dandeli in Karnataka caters to adventurers and offers a variety of activities, including jeep safaris and kayaking.

Mountain bike, Manali:

The Manali Mountains, the destination of number one cycling fanatics, have without a doubt the best roads to cycle the pristine beauty of the Himalayas.

Mountaineering, Sikkim:

Sikkim, the land of the Lepchas, is definitely the land of the mountains. There are so many peaks that you can conquer, like Mount Thingchinkhang, Pandim Mountain and the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga, to get your mountaineering quota.

Cave exploration, Meghalaya:

The excitement and thrill of caving can only come from the “land of the magnificent vineyards” that is Meghalaya.

Heliski, Gulmarg:

An activity for real daredevils, heliskiing in Gulmarg is a must. There is no greater success than the one you get when you jump from a helicopter to hit the snow with your skis.

Climbing, Karnataka:

In most parts of Karnataka, it belongs to hilly areas and becomes a popular destination for climbers. Visit the cities of Savandurga, Ramanagara, Badami, Hampi or Madhugiri for a climbing experience.

Skiing, Auli:

With its dazzling white slopes, high altitude and unspoiled landscape, Auli is undeniably the first destination in India.


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The World’s Tallest Trees of Redwood National Park

Blog, Destinations, Things To Do, Wild life & Conservation - GoroadTrip - July 17, 2017

The Redwood National and Regional Parks are located on the north coast of California and home to the tallest trees in the world. These parks protect nearly half of the redwoods in the world, which can reach an incredible height of more than 350 feet. Redwood National Park works in partnership with three state parks; Jedidiah Smith, Del Norte Coast and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Together, they offer tourists vast expanses of lush land, grassy meadows, riverbeds, and beaches to explore, all the while impressed by these magnificent redwood wonders that tower everywhere.

Redwood National Park:

The journey to this land of high-rise living can begin with the Thomas H. Kuchel Visitor Center, which offers access to a beach, several exhibitions and a movie about the redwood ecology. From here you can reach the Klamath River Overlook with a five-mile drive. The vantage point is 650 feet above sea level and lies at the confluence of the freshwater river and the Pacific Ocean. It is a good place to watch wandering whales and spectacular waves. You can continue along Coastal Drive on the coast and stop to see the radar station. You can also drive along this coast if you are adventurous. Another aspect is the High Bluff Overlook, which is great for having a picnic while watching the sea life, such as whales, sea lions and seabirds on the rocks. Redwood Park is also full of trails that meander through the redwoods of the forest, the beautiful diversity of wildlife and beach stations.

Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park:

With some of the most picturesque redwoods in its vicinity, Jedidiah Smith Park has much fewer trails because of its dense and uninterrupted growth. It is suitable for camping and has some nice campsites near the river and in the middle of the big redwoods.

Del Norte Coast Redwood State Park:

Popular for its trails and campgrounds, Del Norte Park also has many scenic picnic areas along the mighty Pacific Ocean. Some of the most popular stops are Wilson Creek for great views of the ocean and the Damnation Creek Trail, Coastal Trail for spectacular walks and Mill Creek Campground, the largest in the Redwood National Park.

Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park:

This 14,000-hectare park is an example of everything big and green. The rainforest with ferns, mossy paths and rocks, redwood leaf mats under the prickly trees and the spots of Roosevelt’s moose are just some of the attractions of this park. The Prairie Creek Visitor Center, Elk Prairie, Trillium Falls Trail, Newton B. Drury Scenic Drive and Gold Bluffs Beach are just a few of the many places that make Prairie Creek Redwoods a gem.

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5 Memorable Camping Expeditions in South India

Adventure Activities, Blog - GoroadTrip - July 14, 2017

If you are outside, you will find a hotel closed. Open the clear skies, the sprawling hills and the picturesque waters by camping outdoors. Camping in South India is especially cool with the time and generosity of nature.Scout for some amazing campgrounds like the ones listed below:


The Coorg Mountains surround you in the green while you camp in the splendor of the Western Ghats. You will find many campsites that offer you the best of nature; a torrent, bubbling water, the fresh air of the mountain and the vast green expanse of hills. A popular place is Bettigiri, Brahmagiri Hills, Madikeri and Kushalnagar.


The freshness of Matheran is protected by the fact that it is a mountain resort without a car. Breathe fresh invigorating air when you leave your camp in the morning. Enjoy the sounds of birds and watch them on the green and beautiful slopes of Sahadri. You can walk or ride in this beautiful place.


Munnar is the best place in the world. The hill station is considered one of the best trekking destinations in South India. Try campsites on the high cliff in the Periyar Tiger Wildlife Reserve or in Mattupetty’s luxuriance.


Wayanad, blessed with lush Western ghats, streams, wildlife and hilly terrain, is the perfect place to camp. Swim in the Kalanidhi River, take a walk through the picturesque hills and relax under the stars in front of a camp before retiring to your tent. You can also enjoy water sports such as boating and fishing or opt for the more demanding mountain bike.


Manchinbele, a popular birding destination, is about 40 kilometers from Bangalore and is also a popular camping destination. You can choose your own camping trip here
Wayanad, Kerala, Camping in South India
Priority approval of the nearby military base. Or visit the Xtreme Zone, where you can also find other activities such as abseiling, kayaking and paintball for campers.

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Visiting the Scotland of India, Coorg

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - July 9, 2017

Coorg is a beautiful mountain resort in Karnataka and is an excellent choice for a holiday. You can check some of the following places on vacation here:

Abbey Falls:

The Kaveri River Abbey Falls is an admirable sight, especially after the monsoon. Surrounded by coffee and spice plantations and miles of green space, Abbey Falls offers the nature lover in you.

Brahmagiri Hills:

Perfect for a hike, the Brahmagiri Hills lures with their lush landscapes and the intoxicating air of the mountain. Traveling through sparkling waters and rich flora. If you’re lucky, you’ll discover the Langur Nilgiri, the giant flying squirrel and the spotted deer.

Dubare Elephant Camp:

Visit elephants in their natural habitat at Dubare Elephant Camp. They are treated by observing how they are fed, trained and bathed. There are also many other wild animals such as peacocks, wild dogs, crocodiles and sloths.

Iruppu’s case:

The Iruppu Falls are formed by the Lakshmana Thirtha River and fall from a height of 60 feet. When the water flows, the jet creates a magical atmosphere. Hiking through the beautiful green hills to the waterfalls adds to the magical experience.


A village in the middle of Madikeri and Siddapur, Chettalli is a good place for cultural tourism. Enjoy the native culture of Coorg in this peaceful retreat.

Nagarhole National Park:

A visit to Nagarhole National Park brings you closer to the wildlife already present in Coorg’s natural environment. With more than 270 species of birds and other animals, the next generation of exotic creatures is present.

Tibetan settlement, Bylakuppe:

Bylakuppe has the Namdroling monastery, which is the second largest Tibetan settlement in India. Particularly festive during the Losar Tibetan New Year Festival, tourists can take a look at the rich Tibetan culture and architecture of the monastery.

Rajas Headquarters:

The Raja’s Seat, the best of Coorg’s many views, offers breathtaking views of the resort’s hills and valley. There is a musical fountain and an exquisite garden to the point that tourists will appreciate.
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