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South Africa – The Hottest Travel Destination for 2019

Blog, South Africa - GoroadTrip - February 4, 2019

Sky-high mountains, lavish virgin forests, fine sand beaches and lions lounging in the afternoon sun; South Africa is sure to be the hottest holiday destination for 2019. Below are some tips and inspiration to truly make your holiday to South America an unforgettable one. Continue Reading

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The Exotic and Exciting Two Days Trip to South Africa

Africa, Blog, South Africa, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - July 24, 2018

trip to South Africa

There are various places in South Africa you can visit in just two days. You can plan for a trip to South Africa and enjoy the best places to see. The official name of the place is Republic of South Africa. You can at best explore the treasures of the Dark Continent. Trip to South Africa is definitely going to make you feel so special. You would love the show of African scenery at the place. There are more things in and out here. You would even love to explore through the beautiful and the hot deserts. There are more beautiful things to admire as you move along. Continue Reading

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Top Fun Things to do in Johannesburg

Blog, South Africa, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - December 14, 2017

places to visit in Johannesburg

For those who know little or nothing about South Africa, we usually talk about the city of Cape Town for a great holiday but have you ever thought about traveling to the other big city of that country, namely Johannesburg?

This city is located 1800 meters above sea level. Johannesburg was the center of anti-apartheid movement and we can still see sharp scars between the dense downtown and residential suburbs that adjoin the huge townships like Soweto farther south.

We bring you a list of some of the places to visit in Johannesburg.

• The Apartheid Museum

It is impossible to visit Johannesburg without mentioning the apartheid that marked South Africa. The Apartheid Museum is dedicated to this racial segregation policy. Here you can retrace its history and its end with the intervention of Nelson Mandela, famous South African political leader and revolutionary. Here you can immerse yourself in South African history and better understand these tensions, which are not totally erased even today.

• Nelson Mandela Square

After the Apartheid Museum, your visit to Johannesburg naturally takes you to Mandela Square. This public square is in the Sandton City district. It is the wealthiest district in Johannesburg and a popular shopping and dining destination.

• Fashion District

Welcome to a world of colors where fashion lovers will find their happiness. Here, it’s simply a fashion designer’s paradise. If you do not know what to see in Johannesburg, Fashion District will dazzle your eyes with its incredible and colorful fabrics.

• World of Beer

200 different beers are produced in South Africa, and Johannesburg has chosen to create a museum dedicated to this product. The history, production, and tasting of beer are displayed. And of course, in the end, you can enjoy a few beers and come to your own opinion about South African beer.

• Constitution Hill

An essential part of your stay in South Africa is visiting the Constitutional Court located in the ramparts of Old Fort, a former prison where Nelson Mandela was detained. This very informative tour teaches you more about the fight against apartheid.

• The Wits Museum

One of the newer places to visit in Johannesburg since it was completed in 2012, this art museum is also a must see during your visit to Johannesburg. With 9,000 works, it is simply the largest museum of African art. There are collections from the 4th century to the present day. Jewelry, musical instruments, masks, paintings, sculpture are exhibited. Many events take place throughout the year including discussions with the artists.

• Ngwenya Glass Village

Tourists in Johannesburg also visit the outskirt to discover places such as Ngwenya Glass Village. Through the twelve arts and crafts stores in this village, you will learn more about the tradition of glassblowing. Admire the craftsmen in their works and participate with your children in playful and enriching activities at the same time.

• Soweto

Soweto is the abbreviation of South Western Township. It was in this suburb of Johannesburg that Nelson Mandela was born. It is a symbol of resistance to apartheid. You are advised to take a guide who will help you retrace the history of this suburb.

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