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6 States to travel in December in India

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - February 27, 2015

Come December, Indians have an extra shake to their legs, an extra pep to their talk, and generally an air of liveliness and cheer, thanks to the cool winter weather. Naturally vacations and trips are planned to cash in on this pleasant climate. Be sure that you travel to those places which are off limits in the scorching summer heat. Some places for December travel are suggested below:

6 States to travel in December in India


The winter in Kerala sets in as soon as the gutsy south-west monsoon ends. The rains make the natural expanseof Kerala greener and the waters flowing out to full capacity. Consequently Kerala is at its grandest best in winters. With plenty of beaches, backwaters, sanctuaries and plantations in this state of God’s Own Country, Kerala is a lovely choice for winter travel.


Popular world-wide for its Christmas and New Year parties and the Sunburn Film Festival in the winter months, Goa is an excellent place to be in December for party animals. The loud peppy music, dancing lights, delectable food and craziness of the crowds sends party vibes all through winter. Head there for an electrifying holiday.

Tamil Nadu:

Shunned in summers for the sweltering heat, Tamil Nadu is a state to flock to in winters. Rich with the heritage of Chola and Pandava architecture in the temples all over the state, long and lovely beaches, hills and parks, with mouth-watering cuisines thrown in for good measure, Tamil Nadu is a place to definitely enjoy in December.


Karnataka has many dry places that are best avoided in the heat of summers. But in winter, they are the best places to visit and enjoy. Home to some powerful empires, Karnataka has many examples of sculpture and art in the temples of Badami, Pattadakal, Belur, Halebid, Hampi and in the mosques of Bijapur. Add the stunning hill ranges, many beaches and the modern cities of the state and Karnataka becomes a welcome winter destination.


Known as the Cultural Capital of India, Gujarat’s culture and heritage can be enjoyed best in winter. Talk to the local tribes and visit the many archaeological sites and spend a happy December in Gujarat.


Picked by both Indians and foreigners for winter travel, Rajasthan is a popular destination. The riots of traditional colour, marks of royalty, cultural bonanza and a delicious array of cuisines make winter a grand affair in this ‘Land of Maharajas’.

Pack your bags, December is the best time to explore India.

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5 Destinations in India for Scuba Diving

Adventure Activities, Blog, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - February 12, 2015

Scuba diving can be an intoxicating water sport once you get hooked. Blessed with two seas and the Indian Ocean, India has plenty of scuba diving sites. Visit these locations of India for a fun filled and thrilling diving experience.

5 Destinations in India for Scuba Diving

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

These islands and waters are home to an impressive variety of marine life. Visit the diving sites at Havelock Island, Fish Rock and Cinque Island and meet under water beings like Octopus, Angler Fish and Scorpion Fish. Get bowled over by the beautiful Coral Reefs in the deep clear waters of these locations. The sighting of dolphins at these islands is an exciting add-on.

Lakshadweep Islands:

Forming a group of 36 islands, the Lakshadweep Islands are off the Malabar Coast. The crystal clear waters of these islands make diving an enchanting experience. Dive into the deep waters at Aggati Island or Bangarram Island and lose yourself in the sea world of coral reefs and some exotic marine species. Take a cruise from Kochi and reach the islands overnight to add to the enjoyment.


Goa is blessed not with just eye-catching beaches but also a host of diving sites. The diving points at the Jetty, Uma Guva Reef, Shelter Cove and Locker of Davy Jones, take you into an exploration of the secrets deep in the Arabian Sea. You will be able to see ship wrecks too along with the marine life in the waters.

Coastal Karnataka:

With an abundance of back waters and a long coastline, Karnataka has many diving sites. Explore the underwater world and be dazzled by the numbers of varieties of fishes. Spot whales, stingrays, cobias and turtles at diving destinations like the Netrani or Pigeon Island.


Rich in marine life, Pondicherry is an ideal scuba diving destination. To unearth the wonders of the Bay of Bengal dive into the sea anywhere at Cool Shark Reef, The Hole, Temple Reef or Four Corners. Get acquainted with the Lion Fish, Moray Eels, King Fish, Manta Rays, Parrot Fish and many more varieties of these marine species.

The diving destinations have dive schools for amateurs. So even if you don’t know to scuba dive you can still set out on this activity, when in these locations, with a little training and with the help of vigilant guides.

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