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Where to Stay in Zipolite: Top 10 Hotels for Relaxation, Romance & Luxury

Weekend Getaways - Chrystelle Garcia - February 27, 2024

Introduction to Zipolit: A paradise defined

Located on the coast of Oaxaca, Zipolit attracts travelers with its lavish relaxation, breathtaking natural beauty and free-spirited beach choices This beach getaway offers a unique blend of peace and spiritual freedom not found in many outlets. Here the Pacific Ocean meets golden sand framed by rustic beach huts and swaying palm trees, providing a picturesque backdrop for a truly relaxing getaway.

Introducing the top 10 hotels

Knowing the various needs and preferences of travellers, we looked at a list of the top 10 hotels in Zipolite. This selection caters to a variety of experiences, ensuring there is something for everyone. Whether you are drawn to the rejuvenating experiences offered by wellness retreats like El Alquimista Hotel Yoga & Spa, the fun and inclusive atmosphere of Hotel Nude Zipolite & Beach Club, or the secluded luxury of Villa Aikia, our guide aims to help you find the best retreat location. Each hotel on our list has been chosen for its unique vibe, amazing amenities and ability to offer guests an exceptional stay. From comfort and romance to luxury, let’s explore the best places to create a home away from home in Zipolit.

El Alquimista Hotel Yoga and Spa

Located on a tranquil beach in Zipolit, El Alquimista Hotel Yoga & Spa stands as a beacon of peace amidst the beautiful Pacific coastline The hotel’s esteemed reputation is well deserved, offering excellent facilities to its patrons gives them a real break

Exceptional offerings

El Alquimista offers guests luxurious comfort but what really sets it apart is its unique offering. Their in-house spa offers services designed to soothe your senses and rejuvenate your spirit. Whether you opt for a traditional massage or a holistic treatment, expect to emerge refreshed and energized.

The spa service is complemented by the hotel’s signature yoga classes. Regardless of your experience level, these classes provide much needed gentle exercise and mindfulness. Yoga in the ocean helps guests practice inner peace, paired with the hypnotic rolling waves.

Hotel Nude Zipolite & Beach Club

For travelers seeking not just a place to stay but a vibrant experience, Hotel Nude Zipolite & Beach Club beckons with its unique charm. Perfectly situated along the picturesque coastline of Zipolite, this beachfront property promises an unforgettable adult-only environment where freedom and fun are the orders of the day.

Facilities: Pool, Restaurant, Bar

At Hotel Nude, the aim is to provide guests with everything they need for a relaxed yet stimulating stay, right at their fingertips:

  • Pool: The heart of the hotel is its inviting pool area, a lively social hub where guests can swim, sunbathe, and mingle with other travelers. Surrounded by lush vegetation, it offers a refreshing escape on warm Zipolite days.
  • Restaurant: The on-site restaurant serves a variety of delicious meals throughout the day, catering to diverse palates with a focus on fresh, local ingredients. Enjoy your food with a view, overlooking the stunning Zipolite beach.
  • Bar: As the sun sets, the hotel’s bar becomes a focal point of activity. Serving an array of cocktails and beverages, it’s the perfect spot to unwind after a day in the sun or to kickstart an evening of entertainment.

Hotel Nude Zipolite & Beach Club, with its beachfront location, adult-only environment, and unique clothing-optional policy, stands out as a vibrant choice for those wondering where to stay in Zipolite. It combines the beauty of the Oaxacan coast with lively facilities and an atmosphere of freedom and fun, making it a top pick for travelers in search of an engaging and uninhibited beach vacation experience.

Casa KalMar

When it comes to finding the perfect blend of proximity to the beach and modern luxuries in Zipolite, Casa KalMar offers an unparalleled experience. This boutique hotel combines stylish ambiance with upscale amenities, making it an ideal choice for travelers who desire comfort and elegance alongside the natural beauty of the beach.

Rooftop Terrace Views and Stylish Ambience

Casa KalMar stands out not only for its close beach access but also for its breathtaking rooftop terrace. Here are the highlights:

  • Rooftop Terrace: The crown jewel of Casa KalMar is undoubtedly its rooftop terrace. Offering panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean, it’s the perfect spot to enjoy a sunrise coffee or a sunset cocktail. The terrace’s design complements the natural beauty surrounding it, creating a serene and picturesque setting for relaxation and socialization.
  • Stylish Ambience: Every aspect of Casa KalMar has been thoughtfully designed to provide a stylish and contemporary environment. From sleek furnishings to artistic decor, the hotel’s ambience is both modern and inviting, ensuring a comfortable stay that feels like a home away from home.

Casa KalMar not only answers the question of where to stay in Zipolite for those seeking a beachside escape but also appeals to those who appreciate the finer things in life. With its stunning rooftop views, chic ambiance, and customized guest experiences, it offers a sophisticated retreat that stands out as a premier choice in Zipolite. Whether you’re soaking in the sun on the terrace or exploring the beauty of Oaxaca’s coast, Casa KalMar promises an upscale, personalized vacation experience.

Cabañas Biuzaa

For those in search of a serene retreat nestled atop a hill with breathtaking panoramic views of the sea, Cabañas Biuzaa in Zipolite offers an idyllic escape. This unique lodging combines the allure of seclusion with the natural beauty of the beach, providing an atmosphere ripe with romantic potential and a sense of tranquility.

Hilltop Seclusion with Panoramic Beach Views

Perched above the vibrant life of Zipolite, Cabañas Biuzaa delivers an experience defined by peace and privacy. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Location: The hilltop location of Cabañas Biuzaa affords it unmatched views of the ocean, making every sunrise and sunset an event to remember. The elevated position not only captures the essence of coastal living but also provides a refreshing retreat from the hustle and bustle below.
  • Views: Each cabana offers a private vantage point over the vast Pacific, turning your stay into a continuous panorama of the sea’s changing moods and colors.

Romantic Potential: Private Plunge Pools

Cabañas Biuzaa is tailored for couples seeking a romantic getaway:

  • Private Plunge Pools: Select cabanas feature private plunge pools, offering couples a secluded spot to unwind under the open sky. These pools are perfect for quiet moments of intimacy, making Cabañas Biuzaa a top choice for romantic escapes.

Cabañas Biuzaa in Zipolite stands out as a haven for couples and solo travelers alike, offering a blend of seclusion, stunning vistas, and thoughtful amenities. Whether basking in the tranquility of your private plunge pool, greeting the dawn with yoga, or simply soaking up the panoramic beach views, Cabañas Biuzaa embodies the essence of a hilltop retreat. It promises not just a place to stay but a serene and romantic experience away from the ordinary.

La Loma Linda: Bungalows, Yoga and Feldenkrais

For those seeking a truly unique and transformational stay in Zipolite, La Loma Linda: Bungalows, Yoga, and Feldenkrais offers everything one could desire. Situated amidst serene hills, this holistic retreat integrates accommodation, wellness, and tranquility into one seamless experience.

A Holistic Retreat Nestled in Serene Hills

La Loma Linda provides a tranquil sanctuary that stands apart from others. Here’s why it’s truly unique:

  • Location: This retreat is located in the serene hills of Zipolite, making it an oasis of peace. The hush of nature, coupled with unparalleled views of the beach, creates an ambience of calmness and tranquility.
  • Bungalows: Their accommodation includes carefully designed bungalows that blend seamlessly into the natural landscape. These private, rustic, yet comfortable spaces are perfect for embracing the tranquility of the area.

Wellness Opportunities: Yoga and Feldenkrais Sessions

The distinctive feature of La Loma Linda is its commitment to wellness and personal growth, which can be seen through the activities they offer:

  • Yoga: Yoga sessions are available for all guests, regardless of their level of experience. These classes are held in a stunning open-air palapa, allowing you to engage with the practice while remaining connected to the natural surroundings.
  • Feldenkrais: One of the few places in Zipolite offering Feldenkrais sessions, La Loma Linda introduces guests to this mind-body method, helping improve movement, flexibility, posture, and overall well-being.

Posada Castillo Oasis

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Zipolite, Posada Castillo Oasis offers a charismatic beachfront lodging experience infused with local charm. This inviting stay stands out for its vibrant community atmosphere, laid-back vibes, and the warmth of its staff, creating a welcoming environment for all guests.

Charismatic Beachfront Lodging with Local Charm

Posada Castillo Oasis serves as a mirror to Zipolite’s soul, showcasing the following features:

  • Location: Positioned directly on the beach, guests can wake up to the sound of waves and the sight of the sun rising over the ocean. The proximity to the water makes it an ideal spot for beach lovers.
  • Local Charm: Embracing the spirit of Zipolite, the posada is decorated with local art and crafts, presenting an authentic and rustic aesthetic. This adds to the immersive experience of staying in this unique part of Mexico.

The Laid-back Nature and Friendly Staff

Posada Castillo Oasis is defined by its relaxed atmosphere and the friendliness of its staff:

  • Laid-back Atmosphere: The entire ethos of the posada is about unwinding and soaking in the easygoing beach life. This laid-back vibe is contagious, helping guests to slow down and embrace the leisurely pace of Zipolite.
  • Friendly Staff: The posada prides itself on having approachable, friendly staff who go above and beyond to make guests feel welcome and attended to. Their intimate knowledge of the area and willingness to share insider tips enrich the stay experience.

Posada Castillo Oasis embodies the quintessence of Zipolite’s relaxed, communal, and authentic vibe, making it a standout choice for those wondering where to stay. This beachfront lodging not only offers direct access to the stunning coastline but also fosters a sense of togetherness through its communal spaces and friendly atmosphere. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool, indulging in local flavors at the restaurant, or winding down in rooms filled with local charm, Posada Castillo Oasis ensures a memorable stay that captures the essence of Zipolite.

Hotel Descalzo

Just steps from the warm sand of the Zipolite beachfront, Hotel Descalzo invites its guests for a stay that encompasses eco-consciousness, a vibrant bohemian vibe, and a suite of thoughtful amenities. This unique accommodation embodies the region’s laid-back ethos, while actively championing environmentally friendly practices and offering a robust guest experience.

Eco-conscious Stay Steps from the Sand

The distinguishing features of Hotel Descalzo are the mindful accommodations and its proximity to the beach:

  • Location: The hotel is located a stone’s throw from the beach, immersing guests directly into the seaside charm of Zipolite. The pleasure of enjoying the golden sand and azure sea is at your doorstep.
  • Eco-consciousness: Committed to sustainable tourism, Hotel Descalzo employs eco-friendly initiatives. From solar energy usage to water conservation methods, the hotel demonstrates a strong commitment to reducing its environmental footprint.

Amenities that Contribute to the Guest Experience

What makes a stay at Hotel Descalzo even more remarkable are the amenities designed to enhance guest satisfaction:

  • Restaurant and Bar: With a focus on local cuisine, the restaurant and bar offer sustainably sourced meals and drinks, further ingraining the hotel’s eco-conscious ethos.
  • Private Balconies: Rooms in the hotel come with private balconies. These spaces allow guests to relax privately while enjoying unrivaled views of the sea and surrounding nature.
  • Spa Services: To provide even more relaxation, Hotel Descalzo offers a variety of spa services. These treatments can help guests further unwind and fully enjoy their Zipolite experience.

Hotel Descalzo provides more than just a place to stay; it offers an immersive beach and cultural experience underpinned by eco-conscious practices. From its bohemian-inspired décor to its thoughtful amenities and eco-friendly initiatives, it represents an ideal choice for those seeking a rich and mindful lodging experience in Zipolite.

Hotel Noga

For those exploring where to stay in Zipolite and seeking not only the serenity of the seaside but also a socially vibrant atmosphere, Hotel Noga stands out as a dynamic choice. This beachfront locale boasts a balance of relaxation and a lively social scene’s that caters to guests eager to engage and indulge.

Amenities: Lively Pool, On-Site Dining, and Entertainment

Hotel Noga’s amenities enhance the guest experience with the following offerings:

  • Lively Pool Area: The pool is a centerpiece of activity, hosting events and allowing guests to cool off, kick back, or socialize.
    • Poolside loungers and umbrellas
    • Daily activities and gatherings
  • On-Site Dining: The hotel’s dining delivers a fusion of international tastes and local flavors.
    • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner services
    • Beach view seating available
  • Regular Entertainment: Guests can enjoy the sounds of local music and themed evenings that ensure the vibrant pulse of Zipolite is ever-present.
    • Live music nights
    • Specialty themed events

Hotel Noga presents an enviable blend of Zipolite’s relaxed beachfront charm with the added bonus of a lively social scene. It is an inviting option for travelers who want the best of both worlds — the opportunity to unwind by the sea and to embrace the dynamic spirit of a beachfront getaway.

Villa Aikia

Overlooking the vibrant scene of Zipolite, Villa Aikia personifies hilltop luxury complemented with stunning aesthetics. This exclusive accommodation takes guest comfort and experiences to elevated heights, rich in bespoke features, and caters to those seeking high-end privacy.

The Epitome of Hilltop Luxury with Stunning Aesthetics

Villa Aikia distinguishes itself with its exceptional location and design:

  • Hilltop Location: Being strategically perched on a hill offers sweeping views of the glistening sea and vibrant surroundings, instilling a sense of grandeur and tranquility.
  • Stunning Aesthetics: The villa’s aesthetics align with the feeling of luxury. Contemporary architecture harmonizes with traditional influences, manifesting a unique, pleasing essence that heightens the overall guest experience.

Bespoke Features: Private Plunge Pools and Opulent Facilities

The beauty of Villa Aikia lies not only in its impressive views but also in its indulgent features:

  • Private Plunge Pools: Each villa comes with a private plunge pool, offering a secluded sanctuary where guests can unwind while soaking up arresting vistas.
  • Opulent Facilities: The facilities at Villa Aikia extend beyond the standard, from spacious, elegantly decorated rooms to a state-of-the-art fitness center and spa allowing guests to keep up with their wellness routines.

Villa Aikia is more than a place to stay; it is a luxurious retreat that encapsulates exquisiteness, private indulgence, and a unique point of view of blissful Zipolite. The thoughtful blend of exclusivity, personalized features, and inspiring aesthetics make the villa an ideal place for those aiming to stay in Zipolite with unrivaled luxury and privacy.

Casa Nudista: Best LGBT Hotel in Zipolite

Located in the heart of Zipolite, Casa Nudista plays a celebrated role as a clothing-optional, LGBT-friendly establishment. This hotel represents a vibrant, welcoming option for those looking for both a lively scene and a comfortable place to stay.

Celebrated Clothing-Optional, LGBT-friendly Hotel

Casa Nudista is well-known and highly regarded:

  • Clothing Optional: It leads the way as a hotel that permits clothing-optional living, allowing guests complete freedom in their comfort and preferences.
  • LGBT-Friendly: The hotel openly welcomes and caters to the LGBT community, promoting an inclusive environment that is respectful and comfortable for all guests.

Vibrant Social Scene and Amenities: Pool and On-Site Dining

This hotel is updated with not only warm hospitality but also essential amenities:

  • Vibrant Social Scene: Guests are treated to a bustling social scene, allowing for connection and camaraderie amidst like-minded travelers.
  • Pool: A beautifully maintained pool provides a place for relaxation and enjoyment, complementing the beach experiences with a refreshing dip.
  • On-Site Dining: A steadfast commitment to excellent cuisine is evident in the hotel’s on-site dining facility, serving a rich variety of local and global dish selections.


With its wide range of accommodations, Zipolit is a choice for every traveler. From the elegant hilltop social setting of Villa Aikia Hotel Noga to the clothing-choice, inclusive experience of Casa Nudista, the accommodation options reflect Zipolit’s personal taste

The variety and quality of accommodation in Zipolit makes it an attractive destination. Take the time to explore unique accommodation options and find one that best serves your position from which you can enjoy all that Zipolit has to offer.

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Driving through tree-lined parks and along state roads are the best way to get to know the amazing attractions and Colorado attractions. The remaining traces of the cultures that once flourished in this region and the ancient dinosaurs that once roamed the earth can be better understood by visiting some of the national parks and monuments. Continue Reading

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My Experiences in Disneyland

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Growing up with Disney Books and Disney Channels, Mickey and Donald are as many friends as my kids. No wonder then that a trip to this magical theme park on a summit experienced all our excitement. Launched in 1955, Disneyland Park in Southern California is Walt Disney’s original theme park. Being at the doors of this wonderland was like a dream that came true for all of us.
As soon as we entered, we were in a delusional solution with extravagant fun options. There were eight thematic countries called Main Street, USA, Tomorrowland, Mickey Toontown, Fantasyland, Frontierland, New Orleans Square, Critter Country and Adventureland. These choices are categorized under attractions, entertainment, events and tours and of course gastronomic options.

Here are some of the ways that have given us the time of our lives …

An attraction of Fantasyland, the term “curious and curious!” From the epic “Alice in Wonderland” came alive for us when we jumped on an oversized crawler to see the wonders here. We went into the enchanted rabbit hole and were quickly kidnapped into this wonderland of Queen’s Garden, Tulgey Wood, White Rabbit’s House and many more.

Casey Jr. Circus Train:

We saw our kids board the Casey Jr. train in Fantasyland and make an unforgettable journey through storybook land. Storybook Land is full of miniature versions of Disney’s classic backdrops such as The Little Pig’s House, the manicured park of Peter Pan, the Dwarven House of Snow White, and the Seven Dwarfs and many other fairytales.

Astro Orbitor:

We had the chance to pilot a rocket in this carousel of Tomorrowland. The rocket crashed after takeoff and quickly began to cover a galaxy of planets, giving us the opportunity to experience space travel. We felt very much in control as we controlled the lever for all our value!

Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road:

A fun ride from Frontierland, the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad train ride took us through a gold mining town. Tunnels, caves, canyons, a rushing waterfall, rock formations, rocks, the remains of an earthquake were just some of the shocks that shook us and made us rediscover our safety at the station, where it all started!

Buzz Light year Astro Blasters:

This Tomorrowland attraction immediately became our son’s favorite when he fell headlong into an exciting space battle. The fight is the same as the one shown in Disney’s popular Toy Story movie series.

Mickey’s Toontown:

We all had a nostalgic moment in this Disneyland Park with Mickey Mouse comedy series and all the other Disney characters come to life for us. Donald’s Boat, Goofy Playhouse, Chip’n Dale Treehouse. Minnie’s home and so many other charming attractions made it hard for us to leave Mickey’s house.

Indiana Jones Adventure:

From Adventureland, this attraction took us on a fantastic journey with a troop transport. The ride was fast and let us experience what is going on rough terrain as we embark on this adventure to find Indiana Jones.

Fantasy Faire:

This part of Fantasyland had tied my daughter while her princesses and prince charming were animated when they were playing before us. She shook hands with some of her favorite characters from all of her fairy tales, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Tangled.

Mickey’s Soundsational Parade:

We participated in one of the most visual and daring parades in our lives, with this parade led by none other than our favorite Mickey Mouse on the drum. The music came from classic Disney movies and when the characters passed us or in tanks with their own musical instrument, we could not help but get into an animated jitter. The parade started at 16:30. gave us a delicious start to a wonderful evening.

Fireworks at Disneyland Park:

The night at Disneyland Park was celebrated as spectacular fireworks lit up the sky. The fireworks were in harmony with the timeless melodies of Disney and made the experience really magical for us.

The restaurants were phenomenal in Disneyland. There were barbecues, French cuisine, snacks, ice cream parlors, cafes, popcorns and fruit carts, and we felt like we had tried all the dishes on the planet by the end of the year our visit to Disneyland.

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Exploring Carmel-by-the-Sea

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The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA at sunset.

As the name suggests, Carmel-By-The-Sea is a coastal town on the Monterey Peninsula in California. It is popular as a romantic seaside destination for its picturesque surroundings and storybook atmosphere. Carmel-by-the-Sea is an ideal way to enjoy a relaxing holiday with scenic coastal walks, art gallery tours or a stroll through the peaceful and charming town. Some interesting places you can check here are:

Carmel Beach:

Carmel Beach is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is located at the bend of Carmel Bay around a pretty bay that makes you think like a private beach. The view of white sand with the waves of the Pacific Ocean crashing over the protruding rocks brings you closer to nature. The cypress trees, which are a landmark of this beach, contribute to its natural beauty. There are many oceanfront roads that you can walk or ride to admire the ocean views. Although swimming is often not recommended because of the dangerous currents, you can enjoy beach activities like volleyball and sunbathing.

Point Lobos:

Point Lobos is the favorite spot for divers, photographers and artists. It is a good place to discover the underwater world and the diverse marine life. It also has many beautiful natural landscapes that attract visitors, especially artists and photographers, to capture the many natural wonders. Point Lobos also leads to many hiking trails, such as the Sea Lion Point Trail, where hikers can see sea lions crossing from a lookout point on a stream, and the Cypress Trail, which gives an insight into Otters

Carmel Mission:

A beautiful mission, founded by Father Junipero Serra of Spain, is a thriving parish church. It is one of the most beautiful Spanish mission locations in California. It has an impressive basilica and a very decorated interior. The high vaulted ceiling, the chain arches, the altar, the bell tower, the window of the stars and the posters of the Spanish colonial liturgical art impress the visitors.

Fairy- Tale Cottages:

A special feature of Carmel-by-the-Sea are the fairytale cottages, which are a true part of his fantastic architecture. Initially designed by Hugh Comstock as a workshop for his wife’s doll making hobby, he built a large selection of pretty, thatched-roof houses and checkered windows, typical of English-style cottages. Some of the cottages now function as tea rooms and china shops.

Art galleries:

With more than 50 art galleries, the city is a paradise for art lovers. The exhibitions are an extensive collection of high quality artwork. There are art trips run by some locals leading you to selected art galleries.

Hidden passageways and courtyards:

Carmel-by-the-Sea has a fascinating variety of passages that you can encounter while running on the streets. Let yourself be surprised by the discoveries of small shops, charming art galleries, quaint cafes in the corners and corners of the city. You will feel like a treasure hunt as you stroll through the narrow streets and courtyards, and unique shops such as “Cottage of Sweets”, “Music Boxes of Caramel” and a guitar shop with a collection of vintage musical instruments.

Garland Ranch Regional Park:

A good place for a hike is the Garland Ranch Regional Park. It has a varied landscape with poplars and plane trees in the plains and many peaks in the mountains of Santa Lucia. Hiking trails lead you through enchanting canyons with colorful maple trees, shady oaks and tall redwood forests. You can also spot wildlife and of course a variety of birds. The park also organizes riding and photo safaris, as well as guided tours by Rangers and volunteers.

Garrapata State Park:

Garapatta Park is 11 km from Carmel-by-the-Sea on Highway 1 and is a national park in California. It has a stretch that stretches for over two miles to the beach, making the trek a delightful experience. A climb of about 50 feet will reward you with the magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean. The paths in the park stretch from the beaches to the dense groves of the coast’s redwood landscape.

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