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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Adelaide

Australia, Blog - GoroadTrip - August 30, 2018

Introverts and peace lovers’ cheers! If you are looking for a quieter lifestyle than Adelaide is perfect for you! It’s a lot smaller than Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne. But the city is very accessible as it has a grid-like layout.

In terms of transport, it’s ok. There are only 4 lines that you can take for the trains. But if you are driving then there is next to no traffic, as it is very quiet.
Adelaide attraction consists of historical features and there are many festivals held there if you are into that kind of thing.

The weather is almost perfect. Let’s have a look at Adelaide attractions

Northern explorations

North Tce: Adelaide City’s Centre northern boundary road is a must for some of the oldest Colonial Architecture in Australia. Whole buildings, if not, fronts, are completely preserved and kept in pristine condition, look the same as the day they were completed. Amongst these are, Old and New Parliament House, Adelaide University Buildings, The Royal Botanical Gardens and Old Insane Asylum on grounds, Government House – home to SA Governor General, parts of Adelaide Railway Station, Old Adelaide Goal, The Freemason’s Lodge and many facades now on retail centers.

On North Tce, you can also find Adelaide City Library, one of the oldest in AU, and with one of the oldest collections of rare and original publications from AU, and abroad.

Heading up King William Street, to the north, you can see the Adelaide Festival Centre, built in the 1970’s, a totally unique and still modern design. This is the home of the oldest modern Arts Festival in the world. It is also home to the world-renowned Fringe Festival, bringing in the unusual and oddest acts in the world. Well worth a look in.

Back to Nth Tce. Heading towards the Adelaide Hills, you can visit the Adelaide Royal Botanical Gardens, which features not only trees, plants and flowering plants of AU and the local region, but has a purpose-built Tropical Centre, which we like to call the “Pregnant Pastie”, which will become apparent why, when you see it!

Adelaide City Centre is surrounded by a complete circle of Park Lands, with a small area breaking that circle along North Tce. These parklands contain many varied gardens from different areas from around the world, and some of the gardens contain restaurants and tea/coffee houses.

In North Adelaide, an adjunct to the City Centre, traditional architecture continues in the old churches and Uni and Torrens Parade Grounds, a Defence Force parading area. Here are lots of upmarket coffee shops and restaurants, as well as you many traditional pizza and fish & chipperies.

Still, in the City Area, a visit to Adelaide Oval is worth it, whereof not you are a sports fan, just for the spectacle.

In the Centre Shopping area, Rundle Mall is King. Here is, what once was, the longest paved pedestrian-only street in the Southern Hemisphere. It’s is still one of the longest, and the major retail area of the city.

Southern explorations

Victoria Square. Recently redesigned, it is a monument to the original inhabitants of the Adelaide Plains, the Kaurna mob, and pays homage also to an English Queen Victoria. It’s also now known as Tarndanyangga. Many events, like the Tour Down Under, are staged here.

Other places to visit, are the Adelaide Hills, always visible from anywhere in Adelaide, especially the Mt. Lofty Lighthouse. This building and its cafe/restaurant have been rebuilt many times due to the numerous bushfires that destroyed them. The lookout view over Adelaide to the sea is spectacular.

While we are still in the hill area, the German-settled town of Hahndorf is a must see. If you are into live music, Governor Hindmarsh is a good place to visit.

Other Adelaide attractions

Moving on, Adelaide has many great beaches, Glenelg Beach, West Beach, Hallet Cove, Semaphore/Port Adelaide, West Lakes, etc, each with their own unique attractions. It is worth visiting each of these major areas, for their individual feels, environments, and local attractions, whether the person made, or natural.

Hope this gets you started on exploring this city.

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