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Beach Side of San Diego

Blog, Destinations, Things To Do, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - December 29, 2016

With a coastline of almost 70 miles, San Diego California is connected to several beaches. Each beach is a winner with pleasant weather, silvery sand and calm water suitable for all seasons. Some of these beautiful beaches, which are guaranteed by locals and visitors, are:

Beach Side of San Diego

Coronado Beach:

In constant weather Coronado Beach is a wide and shallow beach. It is perfect for families with gentle waves suitable for swimming, surfing or boogie surfing. Coronado Beach has the distinction of being one of the most romantic beaches and the best family beach in the world. He also enjoyed a bit of celebrity as the beach featured in the romantic comedy “Some Like It Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe.

Mission Beach:

Mission Beach stretches for about two miles between the Pacific Ocean and the entrance to the Mission Bay Canal. A walk along the beach and the bay allows people to walk around and even ride a bike. Activities such as giant roller coasters, beach volleyball and surfing on designated beaches make Mission Beach a huge tourist attraction.

La Jolla:

The approximately 1.5 km long sandy beach La Jolla is a perfect beach destination for families. It has Kellogg Park next to it with lawns to relax and enjoy a picnic. The gentle waves, especially in summer, make it perfect for the diving courses that are held here. Surfing is also allowed, but in certain areas. Visitors can also visit the Steven Birch Aquarium nearby.

Imperial Beach:

Located five miles from the US-Mexico border, Imperial Beach is popular for the US Open Sandcastle Competition, which takes place every summer. In addition to swimming and surfing, beachgoers can take a tour of public art or a nature walk in the famous Tijuana Estuary to observe birds.

Pacific Beach:

The Pacific Beach nicknamed “The Strand” stretches for about two miles. Pacific Beach is one of the busiest beaches in San Diego and usually has large crowds. It offers a magnificent view of the sunset and is also dotted with many shops and restaurants.

Silver Strand Beach:

One of the most popular beaches for camping, Silver Beach Beach is between Coronado and Imperial Beach. Tourists can also enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, kayaking, water skiing, surfing and boating in the sea and beach volleyball on the shore. Campers are helped with picnic tables, barbecues and fire rings on the beach to increase the fun of camping.

Solana Beach:

Located in the north of San Diego, Solana Beach is enchanting with its hidden coves and beautiful cliffs. From almost every corner stairs lead to the beach on the cliffs. The beach is popular for its five hot spots; On the beach, Tide Beach, Seascape Beach, Fletcher Cove and Del Mar Shores.

Ocean Beach:

Ocean Beach is a beach where dogs can run without a leash. Fishing without a license is also allowed here. Lifeguard stations are an integral part of the beach as the sea has strong tears that restrict swimming and surfing to designated areas.

Tourmaline Surfing Park Beach:

Tourmaline Surfing Park Beach is another beach in the north of the country of San Diego. He is known for surfing and windsurfing. Surrounded by cliffs that are almost 75 feet high, the beach is in a very beautiful location. He has lifeguards all year round. Separate areas are reserved for swimmers and surfers on the beach.

Windansea Beach:

The beach of Windansea is located in La Jolla and attracts experienced surfers and swimmers with rocky shores and waves on the coast. The beach also provides privacy for swimmers and sunbathers as it has large rocks strategically positioned on the beach.

Moonlight Beach:

Frequented by North County Beach Goers, Moonlight Beach is a state beach in Encinitas, San Diego. It is a privileged family getaway as it has a beach volleyball court and surfing facilities. It also has a large playground on the sandy beach for children. Snack bars and good restaurants complete this beach vacation destination.

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On the Food Trail

Blog, Food - GoroadTrip - December 16, 2016

Food is customarily an integral part of every travel plan. But for those foodies who unapologetically dine, gobble and stuff their way through all travels, their trips should be planned around food and more food. And our country does indulge you with so many signature dishes of different states.

Idli and Dosa, Karnataka:

Idlis are a south Indian’s staple diet. Karnataka especially Udupi, serves this famous preparation in different avatars; kadubu, moode or gunda, using banana or jackfruit leaves for moulds. Dosa also takes on interesting appearances with the most favoured one being the commanding Masala dosa. Stuffed with potato masala and served with sambhar and chutney, this dosa roasted to an attractive brown and glinting with ghee/oil is definitely a head turner.

Pongal, Tamil Nadu:

Pongal or VenPongal, is Tamil Nadu’s baby and also a favourite south Indian breakfast item. It has both a spicy and sweet version.The spicy version is best eaten with sambhar and chutney while the sweet version is offered as ‘naivediyam’ for most festivals.

Aviyal, Kerala:

Fresh and ‘coconutty’, the Aviyal is prepared with a variety of fresh vegetables, curd and coconut flavoured with coconut oil. Aviyal is omnipresent in the Kerala menu for all festivals and occasions.

Hyderabad Biriyani, Andhra Pradesh:

Cooked in a ‘dum’ the world famous Hyderabad biriyani retains all its spices, aroma and flavour that escapes to tease the senses when served. With a side serving of mirchkasalan, raitha and gongura pickle, it is an entire meal in itself.

Vada Pav, Maharastra:

This snack can be had any time of the day. VadaPav is presented with a dumpling of potatoes in gram flour sandwiched between two buns. The taste of VadaPav is accented with chutneys and deep fried green chillies.

Doi Machh, West Bengal:

For Bengalis fish curries and milk sweets go hand in hand. Any place you visit in Bengal, you are sure to get the local delicacy Doimachh which is a fish curry with rice and the hamper of sweet milk delicacies of Sandesh, Rasgulla and Mishtidoi.

Dhokla, Gujarat:

Every Gujarati dish maintains a balance of sweetness and spice. Several Gujarati dishes like Thepla, Khandhvi and Dhokla find a place in stores all over the world. For its delicate taste and easier cooking style, Dhokla is the show stopper here.

Daal-baati, Rajasthan:

Rajasthani food is as colourful as its people and culture. Many pulses are used in the dishes. Daal-baati is one of the kind. The Daal-baati is served with churma, a sweet dish. Rice or chapatis eaten with this will disappear in no time!

Makkai-ki-roti, Punjab:

Rich with corn fields, Punjab produces the most delectable corn breads or Makkai-ki-roti. This is served with a gravy prepared with locally grown mustard leaves, sarson-ka-saag which is a delicious accompaniment. Include other Punjab delicacies like Rajma-chawal, Chole-batura or Amritsarikulchas and Malailassi in your platter and you will do a round of bhalle-bhalle when you are finished with this sumptuous meal.

Paranthas, Delhi:

Delhi has many ‘parantha wale gallis’. The paranthas of Delhi are a huge attraction along with its chaat. Non-vegetarians will also love the Makhani chicken and Tandoori Chicken which are Delhi’s own production.

Kalaadi cheese, Jammu and Kashmir:

Made from cow’s milk, the Kalaadi cheese is a native dish of the state. The other local favourites made from produce from the state’s hills are Rogan josh, Yakhni, Haaksaag and Gustaba.

Tungtap and Jadoh, Meghalaya:

Another state that is partial to fish dishes is Meghalaya. Tungtap is the accompaniment served with Jadoh which is the flavoured rice. Individually the two dishes do not taste great but eaten together, they are a delicious treat.

Lucknowi Dal and Kebabs, Uttar Pradesh:

From this biggest state of India, we get many royal or ‘Nawabi’ dishes. Lucknow is in the forefront with its exotic Lucknowi dhal which has a texture than none other owing to milk being one of the ingredients. The famous kebabs that are the saviour of any tapas bar and dhabas are a heritage of Lucknow.

Khechadi, Orissa:

With one of the largest kitchens in the world in the temple of Puri, Orissa serves around 10,000 devotees with Prasad every day. One popular dish prepared as Prasad is the Khechadi which is Orissa’s version of the typical Khichdi. The dish is prepared steaming soaked rice and lenthils that is garnished with spices fried in ghee, making the Khechadi a filling and aromatic dish.

Travellers who think with their tongues and act with their taste buds can set out on many food trails in our country; any choice will be delicious.

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Living the dream in Ireland

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - December 4, 2016

With ageless castles and period lighthouses, museums that can tell you plenty of secrets, cliffs and seas that you can get awed by, Ireland is one fairy tale that is filled with one absorbing page after another. Some pages you can turn in the chapter of castles are:

Living the dream in Ireland

Dublin Castle:

Situated in the heart of Dublin, this castle gives Dublin its name. The city is named after the Black Pool or ‘Dubh Linn’ present in the castle garden. The castle stands at the seam of the River Liffey and its tributary Poodle. The south wing of the castle is now used as a venue for State Functions. The Chapel Royal and Medieval Undercroft are open to visitors.

Ferns Castle:

Built in the 13th century, the castle is partly ruined. The tower that still remains is intact and has a circular chapel adorned with a carved ornament. Many fireplaces and a vaulted basement offer peeks of royal living.

Dalkey Castle:

This castle takes you back in history to the 15th century. You get spectacular panoramic views of the sea and mountains from the castle. The castle organizes shows by history actors who hold workshops for tourists like longbow shooting and hedgehog pie making.

Kilkenny Castle:

One of Ireland’s most popular heritage sites, this castle dates back to the 12th century. Guided tours with options of self-exploration on certain months are presented. The Long Gallery with a painted roof and a carved fireplace of marble is the show stopper here. Don’t miss visiting the castle kitchens with the fine tea room all done in pristine marble and glowing copper.

Drimnagh Castle:

A castle belonging to the Norman times, it was built in the 13th century. The castle has all the works; a grand gate with arches and tall windows, a massive hall and an impressive moat that surrounds most of the castle. The castle has been used as a set for a TV series too.

This fairy tale does not end here. The first chapter has just begun.

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