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Long-Term Travel ideas for 2018: Where to go for More than 30 days

Blog, Travellers & Travelogues - GoroadTrip - March 25, 2018

where to go on holiday

Are you about to start planning where to go on holiday and not sure about the travel ideas for 2018? With many of these countries offering working holiday visas for up to 2 years and tourist visas for up to 6 months, you can enjoy knowing that your travel doesn’t need to be a race all over the world. There are several things you should consider before searching for where to go on holiday and the most important will be determining travel ideas for 2018 and when to go.

Where to Go?

After your workplace and dreaming about traveling all over the world, most people already have excellent travel ideas for 2018 where they want to go. It’s a personal choice and there are fantastic places to see and experience all over the world. If you intend for your systems to pay for your travels, the real key in determining where to go on holiday is your budget.


Thailand has easily become one of the most favored countries for long-term travelers, digital nomads and expats, with lots of people staying at least one month at a time. Many tourists really like to stay for a long time in Thailand due to its wonderful landscapes, rich lifestyle, and low living costs, relaxed way of life, helpful people, delicious meals and excellent climate.


Surrounded by Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos, this Southeast Asian country is easily becoming a nomad hot spot. Get travel ideas for 2018 and start exploring Cambodia. Many tourists start in one country and slowly make their way through South East Asia, stopping in Cambodia for up to a few months at a time.


Vietnam is a well-known destination for a long-term travel due to its rich culture, low living costs and awesome meals. The diverse environments also attract tourists from all over the world who want to involve themselves in completely unfamiliar settings.

Indonesian Island- Bali

Bali, also known as The Isle of the Gods, is one of the most visited Indonesian isles due to its wonderful beaches, excellent surf, incredible natural sites and social ceremonies.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is known as the gateway between east and west, which is what, draws so many expats to the country. Not only do a lot of tourists and expats go there for begin businesses, many people who visit really like the fact that you can eat noodle soup on the side of the road and fully involve yourself in Chinese culture one minute and then enjoy a signature cocktail in the world’s highest bar the next. If you are thinking where to go on holiday, this place is best.


Made up of over 7,000 isles, Malaysia is a nation most tourists determine as heaven. With tropical climate, stunning beaches and coves, helpful residents and low living costs, it’s easy to see why so many tourists decide to stay for a long time. While the internet isn’t excellent in most cities, this is the perfect place to have searching for detox and relax for per month during your long-term travel. Don’t think where to go on holiday, choose the Philippines.

And as mentioned throughout the article, if 30 days isn’t long enough, you can always look into working visas and set up a base for a while as an expatriate.

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