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Why is Bangkok known as the City of angels?

Asia, Blog, Destinations, Thailand - GoroadTrip - February 5, 2019

Bangkok is regularly the initial stop of the travelers visiting Thailand. This city, which is otherwise called “the city of Angels” offers such an enormous amount to do and see, a whole vacation could without much of a stretch be spent merely here. Bangkok is likewise known by its local name ‘Krung the’ which implies as the ‘city of Angels.’

In Bangkok, the old and new are near one another. The city houses more than 400 sanctuaries, some Royal spots and Mansion, and skyscrapers of high rises and suspension spans.

Since the formal name is a blend of the old Pali and Sanskrit dialects, there are varying interpretations of the importance, and there are likewise unique methods for composing the name in English. A general explanation of the name is:

The great city of angels, it’s the place where divinity abides, the mighty city, the illustrious capital enriched with nine valuable gems and brimming with bliss, it is plenteous with huge regal royal residences, it’s the place the resurrected heavenly attendants live, at the command of Indra, and Vishvakarma gloriously build the capital.

Attractions in Bangkok
Bangkok point of interest offers countless things to do and watch for everyone. To see a portion of the city’s history, visit the architecturally significant area Rattanakosin which houses the Grand Palace, the Wat Pho, the National Museum and numerous different spots worth a visit.

Travel enthusiastic in Bangkok will discover a portion of Asia’s biggest shopping centers, plenty of road markets, and the renowned Chatuchak weekend bazaar and a few floating markets.

A day where you spare for relaxation and the fun-filled ride can visit the Dream World Amusement Park, Safari World, Siam Park City, and Marine Park. Among the other numerous family, attractions are Art in Paradise, Madame Tussauds Wax, Muay Thai Boxing Show, Ocean World, etc.

Shopping in Bangkok
It seems that nearly everything is available to be purchased at Thailand’s biggest outside market, the Chatuchak weekend bazaar; you can easily there by BTS Sky Train. For some more upmarket shopping, go to the Siam region with malls like Siam Paragon, MBK and Siam Discovery Centre. The Sukhumvit region is an outstanding Bangkok point of interest which gives enchanting nightlife, shopping paradise, mouth-watering eateries and day spas for relaxation.

To get the extraordinary view of Bangkok, go to the 88 stories high Baiyoke building in Pratunam region, which has various nom-nom eateries on the top floors. This place is generally crowded with shoppers who show high interest in buying several merchandise, textiles, and accessories.
Eat Out at Chinatown
Each city has its own must have Chinatown and Bangkok is no particular case to this, you realize you have arrived when you stroll through the stately Chinese gateway and into Chinatown itself. The streets are crowded with roadside restaurants and eatery joints where you can’t finish food at just one attempt. Here, you get excellent quantity food at a very affordable rate which highly implies Bangkok point of interest. It is a food paradise for every foodie who indulges themselves in having various variations of eateries than shopping.

Therefore, Bangkok which is for most a hopping off point for Thailand vacation is packed with everything from merriment and chaos, to freedom, thrill, and experience. Through the city crowd, large high rises, fabulous royal residences and sanctuaries, and an incredibly famous floating market, Bangkok seamlessly attracts a considerable number of voyagers from around the globe.

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South Africa – The Hottest Travel Destination for 2019

Blog, South Africa - GoroadTrip - February 4, 2019

Sky-high mountains, lavish virgin forests, fine sand beaches and lions lounging in the afternoon sun; South Africa is sure to be the hottest holiday destination for 2019. Below are some tips and inspiration to truly make your holiday to South America an unforgettable one.

Go on a Golfing Holiday to South Africa

South Africa is an oasis to a number of world-class golf courses. Whilst most of the tourists come for a superb safari experience, some also incorporate the excitement of seeing wild animals with golfing beneath the African skies. Whether you’re on safari at Kruger National Park, on a road trip along the Garden Route or wandering around the diverse city of Cape Town, there’s probably a nearby golf course oozing with South African atmosphere.

Visit Table Mountain National Park

The Table Mountain National Park is Cape Town’s most notable attraction. It’s an enormous flat chunk of sandstone that elevates 3,500 feet and has 350 trails to the summit, thus drawing many hikers to the nation. If you’re not into hiking, cable cars are available also. As the weather changes year-round, you could get lucky with clear skies and breathtaking views, or perhaps you may experience the blanket of clouds called “table cloth” that often mantles the mountain.

Go on a Safari in South Africa

A safari is to South Africa what the Taj Mahal is to India; it’s tantamount, emblematic and something that you must experience when holidaying in the country. South Africa is the greatest place around the world to see the Big Five; the lion, rhinoceros, leopard Cape buffalo and African elephant, therefore making it the perfect safari holiday destination. Safari adventures in South Africa can be as stress-free or rip-roaring as you like, but you’ll not control the feeling of astonishment upon encountering some of the most amazing animals in the wild.

Swimming with Great White Sharks

Get a closer look at this fascinating species as South Africa is home to several shark diving spots.

Just south of Cape Town, Gansbaai is considered as the great white shark capital of the world. Mossel Bay is also a great spot which is a bit further east. Both offer tours to tourists where you head out to the sea, become educated on some shark behavior and go on a cage in the sea whilst sharks swim around you.

Wine Tasting Escapade

After all of the excitement, you may want to enjoy a more soothing activity such as wine tasting. This country also produces some of the finest wines in the world, with a few of these prestigious wineries being found in Cape Winelands, a 45-minute drive from Cape Town. The blend of comforting sceneries and the taste of wines will complete your South African trip. You will never be bored in South Africa, as there are endless amounts to see and do.

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Six best shopping spots in Langkawi

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - February 2, 2019

Langkawi attraction center of being an international Shopping hub with the calm beaches and vast mountains. This has uniquely given travelers the best reasons to visit this tropical island. Under its duty-free status, the island has a large concentration of shopping malls and retail outlets that stock large shopping items from all over the world. From cigarettes, liquor and chocolates to luggage, apparel, perfumes, and cooking utensils, they have all-in-all. However, with this Langkawi managed to become a shopping destination among Malaysians as well as foreign tourists.
Now, let’s look at the six best shopping spots in Langkawi:
1. The Zon Shopping Paradise
The Zon Shopping Paradise Langkawi is a large duty-free shopping complex. Spanning over 300 square meters, the all-white building is strategically placed adjacent to Underwater World Langkawi. The shopping complex has abundant space for free parking and cabs are easily accessible upon demand. The shoppers can mostly discover everything here from a variety of precious jewelry, household items, watches, kitchenware, scents to merchandise, sunglasses, travel bag, and much more. In addition to this, they sell things at a much lower price than the average retail cost.
2. Cenang Mall
To beat the scorching heat in the afternoons, Cenang Mall standout being Langkawi attraction during summers. However, Cenang Mall is around 5 minutes from Pantai Tengah where the more upmarket resorts and eateries are found. The shopping center is intended to enable customers to shop easily under its two-story complex. Cenang Mall has now ruled the upmarket with its prominent retail brands, like, The Loaf, Starbucks, Maybank, KFC, Guardian, Old Town White Coffee and so on.
3. Teow Soon Huat Duty-Free Shopping
Teow Soon Huat, a renowned shopping spot along the Padang Matsirat zone. It is considered an enormous duty-free shopping mall was comprising 60 outlets, 12 fine-dining, and a general store. Customers can discover uniquely priced household goods, a wide range of clothing, travel bag, foodstuffs, and so on. The best Langkawi attraction is that Teow Soon Huat which offers special discounts on a vast variety of products than the average retail cost.
4. Jetty Point Complex
A two-story shopping center strategically placed at the gateway of Kuah Jetty. Jetty Point Complex is a well-known Langkawi attraction for every shopper who wants to indulge themselves in the last-minute shopping. Shoppers can discover high-end merchandise and accessories for men, women, and kids to serve them all purpose. In addition to this, shoppers can also indulge themselves in duty-free high-end cosmetics, fragrance, sportswear, alcohol, cigarettes and so on.

5. Coco Valley
Coco Valley stocks a vast variety of cocoa products and you will get a handful choice of wine, whiskeys, and champagnes. The best part of Langkawi attraction is that the chocolates sold here are extensively less expensive than most places in the country. Coco Valley stocks significant chocolate brands from most parts of the world, making it a one-stop shop for every shopper.

6. Temoyong Night Market
Now Temoyong Night Market is one of the island’s most mainstream road bazaars. It is an enthusiastic undertaking loaded up with local delight, paintings, garments, pottery, watches, shades, wallets and purses, portrait, trinket, and numerous other knick-knacks. It is very much frequented by non-natives and local people who look for unique items to quench their shopping madness.
The travel experience of every shopper in Langkawi has always been heavenly. They have undoubtedly made it a shopper’s paradise island where everything is alluring and enchanting to grab for it. People who enjoy the merriment of bargaining can avail this opportunity to the utmost in Langkawi.

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Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - January 30, 2019

Georgetown is a very old place with lots of history. It is in the north-west of Malaysia, on Penang Island. It is the capital city of the Penang state. It seems to be the second largest city of Malaysia after Kuala Lumpur. This city has become a very well-known place to visit in Malaysia. Georgetown is a rare combination of today’s modern lifestyle and is also soaked in history with its atmospheric streets lined with heritage architecture. Georgetown is famous for its art, heritage and excellent food.
Penang Island is energetic and exploring its many sights especially the Georgetown city within a day is quite challenging. A trip to Georgetown, Malaysia, can be a fulfilling experience. Let us explore the Georgetown attractions in the following:
1) Penang KhooKongsi- This place is built 650 years ago which seems to be the foundation of the Hokkien community. The well-decorated kongsis is on JalanAcheh. This place is an interesting tourist spot. A trip to Georgetown must include this exotic location of historical significance since it provides some insight into the culture of the place.
2) Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion- This mansion is built in the Hakka-Teochew style. The Blue Mansion is close to the Georgetown portion of Penang. A trip to Georgetown would be enough to cover this place during the visit to the country.

3) Kapitan Kling Mosque- This mosque is the largest in Georgetown. The mosque allows visitors only if they are properly dressed. While planning for a trip to Georgetown and if the tourists also plan to add this to their list they must be appropriately dressed in order to not hurt the religious sentiments of the people here.

4) The Queen Victoria Memorial-This place is the best-known tourist attraction spot on a trip to Georgetown. It is in the south of Fort Cornwallis and was built at the cost of 35000 Straits dollars.
5) Clan Jetties- This place is the most tourist-friendly with its stilt houses and a temple that is worth visiting.
6) KapitanRestoran- This place is famous for its clay pot biryani and tandoori chicken and they serve all varieties of Indian dishes. This is a must addition to the trip to Georgetown.
7) KuanImTeng- This is a Taoist and Buddhist temple in Georgetown.
There are so many things to see in Georgetown and lots of delicious food everywhere you look. The joy of being in Georgetown and exploring these colonial and beautiful streets with the fusion of culture is immensely soul-stirring. A trip to Georgetown would thereby, in turn, create an alluring experience in the minds of the tourists which would last for a really long time. Such an experience tends to bring people back to this place whenever they plan to visit Malaysia. Georgetown’s blend of culinary, historical places and great religious attractions are worth the visit for everyone once lifetimes since such exhilarating experiences do not come to someone’s cradle every other day. Georgetown is a place to relish, enjoy and have some fun away from the busy cities of Malaysia.

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Asia, Blog, Destinations, Indonesia - GoroadTrip - January 27, 2019

Jakarta is a city of mixed cultures from Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European. It is the capital city of Indonesia and is located on the northwest coast of Java island. The country places its reliance on this city for their economy, culture, and politics. The opportunities and offers in business and high standard living attract emigrants from different countries and places. Jakarta has become an important city for international diplomacy. The major challenges it encompasses are urban growth, ecological breakdown, inequality, poverty, congestion, gridlock traffic, and flooding. The city provides a lot of things to do at night because there are a lot of people who prefer to hang out at night when the traffic has dwindled to a trickle and the heat had faded. Now let us find out the top things to do in Jakarta at night:
1) JalanJaksa Street- This is the first in the list of things to do in Jakarta at night. This place is often set side by side to the Khaosan Road in Bangkok. Hanging out in this place, getting into the local bars and also tasting the street food are the activities to be executed at night.
2) National Monument Monas- It was built it 1961 under the first president of the independent Republic of Indonesia, Soekarno Hatta. It is difficult to climb the monument at night. But Monas is excellently brightened up at night and could be seen from a great distance.
3) Sunda Kelapa- The tourists are invited here at night to look into the old sea crafts by the guides. It is an old port with some old forsaken ships. This also forms an attraction and hence part of the list of things to do in Jakarta at night.

4) Chinatown- Jakarta also has Chinese settlements. Tourists can try different unconventional foods and buy original red souvenirs for their beloved. Tourists enjoy a gastronomical experience as a part of the exciting things to do in Jakarta at night.
5) Sky Rink Jakarta- This ice skating rink is situated in one of the largest shopping centers i.e. Mall Taman Anggrek. The reason it forms a part of the things to do in Jakarta at night is that of the fact that the mall is open pretty late in the night for locals as well as tourists to shop away in glory from a large number of shops thriving in this mall.
6) Immigrant Nightclub- Tourists can visit this place if they want to get known to the high society people and also for some relaxation at night.

7) Skye Bar- In central Jakarta, there is bars and restaurants open at night to stay rooftop and enjoy the beautiful outline of the city.
Jakarta is a city full of energy and life. Jakarta is the place where Indonesia sets its best face. The citizens are good natured and positive and the crime levels are also very low. There is no shortage of nightlife and entertainment in this capital city. The disorganized charm of this city can be found on every thoroughfare. These are quite a few things to do in Jakarta at night which in turn makes every night for the tourists even more interesting and worthwhile.

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