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The Ideal Scotland Road Trip for the Classic Road Trip Lover

United Kingdom - GoroadTrip - December 28, 2020


Scotland is best known for its natural scenic beauty as well as landscapes which are graced with magnificent castles. As per the estimation, there are approximately 4000 castles and all of these still look amazing. Therefore a decision to make a road trip to Scotland to view its entire splendor becomes one of necessity.

There are many options for Scotland road trips for you, as tourism companies are many to render you the service. The other option is always there to do it as per your convenience. When that decision to carry on your own is made, the thrill goes up by leap and bounds. With Scotland to be covered to the maximum extent possible, you have to choose the ideal Scotland road trip for the classic road trip lover that is known as the Scotland road trip route 66.

Many people believe that North Coast 500 is the best one. Since it cuts across 500 miles +of Scottish Highlands. It is a trip that would span between 5-7 days, and the driving time every day would not be less than 13 and a half hours as we tour Scotland by car. If ever you desire to see jaw-dropping sights, now is the chance. It is best to describe every day you are on a road trip to make the best decision. Continue Reading

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Top Attractions in Luxembourg City

Blog, Europe - GoroadTrip - September 28, 2018

When one looks at the geographical situation and the history of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, one understands better why this country has as its administrative language, French, and German. Tourists can easily be tempted by a stay in Luxembourg City which is home to a multitude of places of interest. A point of interest in Luxembourg is that it has a cycling network of 600 kilometers and some 20 marked bike paths that are quite safe, plus another 300 kilometers of mountain bike circuits. Continue Reading

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