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Jakarta is a city of mixed cultures from Javanese, Malay, Chinese, Arab, Indian and European. It is the capital city of Indonesia and is located on the northwest coast of Java island. The country places its reliance on this city for their economy, culture, and politics. The opportunities and offers in business and high standard living attract emigrants from different countries and places. Continue Reading

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6 Indian Monuments that lure at night

Blog, Destinations, Heritage & Culture - GoroadTrip - October 27, 2015

While the tour is considered a daily activity, the night owls are not all lost. There are many monuments in our country that are open at night. In addition, their appeal is more intense and the charm of the sunset and the darkness even more accentuated.

6 Indian Monuments that lure at night

Temple of Somnath, Gujarat:

This temple in Somnath is one of 12 Jyothirlings of India. Freely translated, Jyothirling means the radiation of Shiva Linga. A famous religious center, the Temple of Somnath, stands out at night during the Arathi evening. A show of light and sound, “Jay Somnath,” depicting the journey of the Temple of Destruction by the Persians to their present restored state, follows the Arathi.

Victoria Memorial, Calcutta:

This colossal white marble building on the shores of the Hooghly River, with its lush gardens built by the British, has a different aura at night. When illuminated by lights, the building looks ethereal with the gentle reflection of the Hooghly River.

Mysore Palace, Mysore:

This Taj Mahal from Mysore will definitely come out more when the lights are on. Come on Dasara, the shine rises with more than 96,000 lights used for about two months.

Golden Temple, Amritsar:

In Amritsar one has the impression that the golden temple never sleeps. It still sounds sacred prayers and resonates with a liveliness you can never beat. It opens at 2am, but this time may vary by month.

Amber Fort, Jaipur:

The Amber Fort lies in the hills and is a manifestation of the Rajputs and their manners. The beauty of the fort is awakened by the lights at night. As a bonus, a show of light and sound, written by the famous lyricist Gulzar, takes place near Lake Maota of the Fort.

Fort Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer:

Another fortress that attracts during the day, but still attracts attention at night, is the Jaisalmer Fort. The vision of the fort, shining with the light under a clear night sky, remains in the memory of eternity.

Yes, the night attracts with many monuments to visit. To replace these sunglasses with a jacket, the night is young!

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