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Laid Back Metropolis of San Diego

Blog, Destinations, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - August 14, 2017

The eighth largest city in America is San Diego. For its sunny atmosphere, happiness and relaxed attitude, it is affectionately known as America’s Finest City. Perfect for the vacationer, San Diego makes it hard not to relax and unwind in their many holiday destinations. There are lively beaches, museums in the city center and the zoo, all perfectly made by the sunny weather. Enjoy sharing these places in San Diego:

San Diego Zoo:

San Diego Zoo is without doubt one of the biggest attractions in Southern California. It has an incredible number of 3000 animals belonging to about 650 species, all installed in landscapes that reproduce their habitats. Equipped with a map, you will find the comfort of a double-decker bus, an express service bus and the Skyfari cable car to explore the vastness of the zoo. Some of the habitats created here are the Elephant Odyssey, the Gorilla Tropics, the Tiger River, the Absolute Monkeys, and the Sun Bear Forest. Koalas, Komodo dragons, Asian bears, Siamangs and orangutans are just a few of the many animals that can be seen in one day.

Torry Pines State Reserve:

The reserve is located on the border of the Pacific Ocean north of La Jolla. It is about 18 miles from downtown San Diego. The 1700-acre nature reserve is ideal for hiking and bird watching amidst the diverse wildlife and rare pine trees of Torry. The trails along the coast are beautifully carved for pleasant walks. You can also stop to swim at two of the beaches, Black Beach and Torry Pines State Beach, where the State Reserve is located.

USS Midway Museum:

For a tour of the oldest American aircraft carrier visit the USS Midway Museum. You will receive first-hand information about life on a US Navy carrier. Around 60 different exhibits will be exhibited and the tour will take you to the engine room, crew cabins and even to the ship’s prison.

Coronado Beach:

Due to its quiet atmosphere and central location, Coronado Beach is popular with families. The beach has a panoramic view and the backdrop of large houses. Along the half-line coast, boogie boarding, bodysurfing and sandcastle building are some of the most popular activities undertaken by tourists on the beach.

Gaslamp Quarter:

With its 16 Victorian-style blocks, the Gaslamp Quarter is a popular spot for shopping, dining and dining out. You can walk the many streets or just hop on the Old Town Trolley Tour to discover the vibrant attractions of this area.

Cabrillo National Monument:

Located 10km from downtown San Diego, the Cabrillo National Monument is a statue of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, the first European sailor on the California coast. Since the monument is 422 feet above sea level, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean and the naval base and watch the whales especially in the months of December to February. Also try the Bayside and Coastal trails that surround the monument and visit the Lighthouse and Visitor Center Old Point Loma while you are here

Mission Beach:

One of the liveliest beaches in Southern California, Mission Beach is popular for sunbathing. His walk is popular with indoor skaters and cyclists. Belmont Park with its Giant Dipper rollercoaster is another attraction for children and adults.

Sea World:

SeaWorld is located about seven miles from the city center and is home to a number of marine animals. Visitors can see California sea lions, dolphins, otters, killer whales, sea turtles and many other species of marine life. The kids are in a treat with the many rides such as the fast Manta Ray roller coaster, Shipwreck Rapids ride and trip to Atlantis. The underwater shark observation tunnel, the penguin habitat and the Wild Arctic Ride / Exhibition are other attractions.

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park:

The Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is more popular for its scenic views and extends over 68 acres. It spans over one and a half miles along the coast of the Point Loma peninsula, making the experience spectacular. The sunsets are beyond the description of the sandstone cliffs of the park.

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Outdoor Adventure in Mount Sastha

Adventure Activities, Blog, Destinations, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - January 18, 2017

Mount Shasta is located in northern California at an altitude of 14,179 feet. It is the fifth highest peak in California and the second highest in the Cascades. Mount Shasta is an imposing peak 11,000 feet above the valleys that surround it and define the landscape of Northern California. With its inspiring beauty and scenery, Mount Shasta is easily becoming a popular outdoor adventure destination. Some places to choose from here are:

Mount Shasta City Park:

Mount Shasta City Park is an urban park. It is one of many parks in Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District. It stretches over 26 hectares and offers tourists numerous opportunities for hiking, cycling and camping. The land on which Shasta Mountain Park currently stands was once a hunting ground. The park is also the base of the beautiful spring that is the upper reaches of the Upper Sacramento River.

Lake Siskiyou:

Overlooking Mount Shasta, with breathtaking views of the Shasta National Forest, Lake Siskiyou awaits you. The lake is a complete family trip with opportunities for fishing, camping and trekking in the middle of nature.

Shasta-Trinity National Forest:

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is located in northern California and is managed by the US Forest Service. With many beautiful campsites, the place is a pleasure for campers. With its varied landscapes, forests, hills and lakes it promises adventure.

Mount Shasta Ski Park:

Between the town of Mount Shasta and the town of McCloud in the Cascade Mountain Range is the Mount Shasta Ski Park. With almost 425 hectares of ski slopes, the Ski Park is suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Castle Lake:

Castle Lake is located in the Trinity Mountains in Siskiyou County and is a glacial lake. Typically located in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the lake flows into Castle Lake Creek and joins the Siskiyou Lake Reservoir. Fishing and camping are both a pleasant experience at Castle Lake. But the hike takes the cake as there are beautiful trails leading to the Castle Crags Wilderness area, which leads to Castle Crags State Park next to the trails to Heart Lake and Little Castle Lake.

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Beach Side of San Diego

Blog, Destinations, Things To Do, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - December 29, 2016

With a coastline of almost 70 miles, San Diego California is connected to several beaches. Each beach is a winner with pleasant weather, silvery sand and calm water suitable for all seasons. Some of these beautiful beaches, which are guaranteed by locals and visitors, are:

Beach Side of San Diego

Coronado Beach:

In constant weather Coronado Beach is a wide and shallow beach. It is perfect for families with gentle waves suitable for swimming, surfing or boogie surfing. Coronado Beach has the distinction of being one of the most romantic beaches and the best family beach in the world. He also enjoyed a bit of celebrity as the beach featured in the romantic comedy “Some Like It Hot” starring Marilyn Monroe.

Mission Beach:

Mission Beach stretches for about two miles between the Pacific Ocean and the entrance to the Mission Bay Canal. A walk along the beach and the bay allows people to walk around and even ride a bike. Activities such as giant roller coasters, beach volleyball and surfing on designated beaches make Mission Beach a huge tourist attraction.

La Jolla:

The approximately 1.5 km long sandy beach La Jolla is a perfect beach destination for families. It has Kellogg Park next to it with lawns to relax and enjoy a picnic. The gentle waves, especially in summer, make it perfect for the diving courses that are held here. Surfing is also allowed, but in certain areas. Visitors can also visit the Steven Birch Aquarium nearby.

Imperial Beach:

Located five miles from the US-Mexico border, Imperial Beach is popular for the US Open Sandcastle Competition, which takes place every summer. In addition to swimming and surfing, beachgoers can take a tour of public art or a nature walk in the famous Tijuana Estuary to observe birds.

Pacific Beach:

The Pacific Beach nicknamed “The Strand” stretches for about two miles. Pacific Beach is one of the busiest beaches in San Diego and usually has large crowds. It offers a magnificent view of the sunset and is also dotted with many shops and restaurants.

Silver Strand Beach:

One of the most popular beaches for camping, Silver Beach Beach is between Coronado and Imperial Beach. Tourists can also enjoy a variety of activities such as swimming, kayaking, water skiing, surfing and boating in the sea and beach volleyball on the shore. Campers are helped with picnic tables, barbecues and fire rings on the beach to increase the fun of camping.

Solana Beach:

Located in the north of San Diego, Solana Beach is enchanting with its hidden coves and beautiful cliffs. From almost every corner stairs lead to the beach on the cliffs. The beach is popular for its five hot spots; On the beach, Tide Beach, Seascape Beach, Fletcher Cove and Del Mar Shores.

Ocean Beach:

Ocean Beach is a beach where dogs can run without a leash. Fishing without a license is also allowed here. Lifeguard stations are an integral part of the beach as the sea has strong tears that restrict swimming and surfing to designated areas.

Tourmaline Surfing Park Beach:

Tourmaline Surfing Park Beach is another beach in the north of the country of San Diego. He is known for surfing and windsurfing. Surrounded by cliffs that are almost 75 feet high, the beach is in a very beautiful location. He has lifeguards all year round. Separate areas are reserved for swimmers and surfers on the beach.

Windansea Beach:

The beach of Windansea is located in La Jolla and attracts experienced surfers and swimmers with rocky shores and waves on the coast. The beach also provides privacy for swimmers and sunbathers as it has large rocks strategically positioned on the beach.

Moonlight Beach:

Frequented by North County Beach Goers, Moonlight Beach is a state beach in Encinitas, San Diego. It is a privileged family getaway as it has a beach volleyball court and surfing facilities. It also has a large playground on the sandy beach for children. Snack bars and good restaurants complete this beach vacation destination.

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3 Hillstation getaways from Mumbai

Blog, Destinations, Offbeat, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - July 16, 2016

‘The winter air feels so crisp and nippy’, said Sneha as she entered the office. ‘Yes, I had to wear a sweater, imagine in Mumbai!’ said Rohan and laughed. ‘We should be outdoors in this weather and not sitting cooped up at our desks,’ Meena sighed. ‘Yes, madam, let us leave all our work and head out, who will finish these reports?’ teased Prakash. ‘And we have a meeting with the clients next week,’ added Aruna. The five friends had a start-up which was doing quite well in the one year of commencement.

Meena persisted, ‘We have not taken a break in a year. Let us go on a short trip. The reports are nearly done and we are ready for the meeting.’ Rohan was also in favour of the suggestion and soon all five decided to take a four-day break. The next decision was the place to visit. Prakash said, ‘Let us go on a road trip. I read about it all the time on It’s so much fun.’

‘Sounds great,’ ‘but where?’ they wondered. Rohan who was new to Mumbai said, ‘Let’s explore the hill stations close to Mumbai.’ ‘Hill stations in winter? That should be cool!’ laughed the others.

As all their decisions were instant, the five friends set off the very next day.

Their first stop was Matheran, a petite hill station two hours from Mumbai. This eco sensitive hill station was a treat to all their senses with the pure, invigorating air, scenic views, waterfalls, lakes, parks and a surprisingly large variety of medicinal herbs and plants.

After spending a day at Matheran, they friends left on the 96- minute drive to Lonavala. Slightly more commercialized than Matheran, Lonavala offered plenty of activities like waterfall rappelling, trekking and farm tours which the friends enjoyed immensely. They also visited the Korigad Fort and Bhaja caves. While returning back they bought many boxes of the famous Lonavala chikkis to take back home.

They reached Mumbai after two days in Lonavala but were in no mood to return to their routine. ‘Let’s extend the trip,’ said Meena still restless. ‘We can go south of Mumbai this time’. Deciding to indulge her and wanting the extension themselves, they all continued on the National Highway up north.

Three hours from Mumbai they reached Kalsubai which is the highest peak of the Sahyadris in Maharastra. But since it required a three-hour trek to reach the summit, the friends decided to reserve it as an exclusive trip for another time. They proceeded to Bhandardara. A hill station set in the Sahyadri ranges, the place felt blessed abundantly with nature’s best. The high mountains with the lush greenery and soft waterfalls gave the friends plenty of options like trekking and boating. The friends felt completely relaxed and sat quietly together watching the lovely sunset over the hills that evening.

The next day they returned to Mumbai recharged but with the idea of another road trip already formed.

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Beyond the Beaches of Goa

Blog, Destinations, Offbeat, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - January 23, 2016

Our mind-map of Goa freezes on its beaches … a cliché committed by the Western yearning for sun and sand. However, there is a wonderful landscape in Goa’s interior, populated by interesting characters, a rich and vibrant culture and a gastronomic tradition that is a cuisine with many flavors and cooking techniques.

Let’s start with the oldest Latin quarter Fontainhas in Panjim or Panaji. It lies at the foot of the Altinho hills with springs on the west side, which give it the name Fontainhas. To the east is the ancient Ourem Creek, built on reclaimed land. In Fontainhas, fairy lights glitter at the bistro entrances on the roadside. As you float through the streets, you can hear the soothing sound of violins and accordions interrupted by rattling pelvis while someone beats a rhythm on the drums. The guest houses are old mansions full of carved wooden furniture, lace curtains and scents of wonderful food flowing through the open doors.

The chapel of San Sebastián in the area is a bright white with noise that crosses the street on which it is located. Built in 1818, it contains a crucifix that was in the palace of the Inquisition in Old Goa. In mid-November, the street mass in front of the chapel shows the love of life, laughter, food and Feni. He celebrates the feast of Our Lady of the Law of Livrament. Next to the chapel is a painted fountain, which should fulfill wishes!

As you drive through the winding streets of Goa, you will be amazed by the ceramic facades of the houses. It seems like the walls of the bathroom have been uncovered, but other pretty bungalows with Spanish villa designs redeem the cityscape. The Goanic architecture of churches and ancient buildings reflects the remnants of Portuguese civilization. The bungalows with loft verandas and atypical wrought iron balconies, the patios often with a ringing fountain and tiled courtyards have old world charm. The famous buildings include the famous Basilica of Bom Jesus, the Church of St. Francis, the Se Cathedral, the Church of St. Augustine, the Church of St. Anne and Mary Immaculate Conception.

Shri Mangesh Temple in the village of Mangeshi in Priol, Ponda Taluk, (near Mardol near Nagueshi) is 21 km from Panaji. This temple is one of the largest and most visited temples in Goa. The most famous and most revered singer in India, Lata Manghkar and his family, got their name from this temple. The story of this temple is part of the virulent history of Goa!

The streets of the village are populated by the seller of Vadapav, the coconuts piled in the citadels and the sellers of bananas in the light saris. When it’s the right time of the day, you see women walking on the basket with the basket swinging a tune that only they can hear. The vegetable cart rolls like an impressionistic painting in magnificent colors, with the red tomato as a highlight. Bougainvilleas of all colors climb and crawl along doors, walls and doors, and palms waft in the breeze reminiscent of the sea.

Located near the border between Goa and Karnataka, the Dudhsagar waterfalls are a wonderful sight and can easily be reached by bus and taxi.

The Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located near Panaji on the Mandovi River. It is a mangrove grove where amazing bird species live. Covering an area of ​​1.78 square meters, you can take a ferry and a pleasant ride early in the morning to reach the shrine.

The Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary in Mollem is Goa’s largest conservation area. Therein is the National Park of Molem. The Sanctuary has many animals including Gaur, Sambar, Leopards, Spotted Deer, Thin Tori, Jungle Cats, Malaysian Giant Squirrels, Pythons and Cobras. Plan to stay a few days to see the wildlife.

Take a wonderful walk to Surla Falls and discover the deeply satisfying atmosphere of Tambdi Surla Village and Shiva Temple in the thick jungle of Bhagwan Mahavir National Park. This classic 12th century temple with its intricate structure is carved in basalt. Its timeless beauty has survived severe weather conditions, attacks from Portuguese attacks and others. Paved paths and avenue

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