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5 Most Popular Vacation Destinations in Colorado

America, Blog, Things To Do, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - September 10, 2018

Colorado attractions

For lovers of altitude and adventure, Colorado is a real Eldorado to visit during a trip in the American West! Mountain towns invite adventure lovers with all kinds of sports and outdoor activities – hiking, canyon climbing, rafting, winter sports.

Driving through tree-lined parks and along state roads are the best way to get to know the amazing attractions and Colorado attractions. The remaining traces of the cultures that once flourished in this region and the ancient dinosaurs that once roamed the earth can be better understood by visiting some of the national parks and monuments.

• Rocky Mountain National Park

Only a few miles from the town of Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the most well known national parks in the United States. Mountain peaks, alpine lakes, abundant forests and rolling meadow create diverse scenery. The park has many peaks over 10,000 feet, including Longs Peak, the highest in the park which stands at 14,259 feet.

The Trail Ridge Road, which in turn reaches an altitude of more than 12,000 feet, is the main route through the park and provides easy access to this unbelievable terrain. You can easily sightsee from your car or take a walk along a hiking trail. The park has an extensive network of trails that range from less than half a mile to one day or long walks of several days.

• Mesa Verde National Park

Regardless of whether you have seen the houses on the cliffs, you will be surprised by Mesa Verde and the amount of access to the magnificent ruins that the park allows visitors. The focal point of the park, and one of the Colorado attractions, Cliff Palace, is one of the most famous cave dwellings in the south-west, with well-preserved ruins. Guided tours, which take place regularly in the summer season, allow you to climb the stairs in the heart of the house. If you are not prepared for this level of activity, you can get a full view of the site from a nearby lookout point.

• The Garden of the Gods

Colorado attractions include The Garden of the Gods is a one of a kind landscape with jagged stone towers and fins that span 300 feet off the ground with giant rocks and scattered piles of rocks dotted across the landscape. There are over fifteen miles of hiking trails which allow you to get close to the rock formations. The park is a popular destination for rock climbers and also horseback riding as well as mountain biking.

• Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak which stands tall at 14,115 ft is one of the most famous peaks in the USA. It is close to the town of Colorado Springs. The summit of the peak is fully accessible and you can drive to the top or take the Pikes Peak Cog Railway which is one of Colorado attractions.

• Durango and the Silverton Narrow Gage Railway

In southern Colorado, the city of Durango enjoys a beautiful location at the foot of the surrounding mountains. In the area of the historic center, there are old, well-restored buildings that function as hotels and restaurants.  In summer, the narrow-gauge railway Durango & Silverton is one of the city’s major tourist attractions.

This historic train provides day trips to the valley, from Durango to the old mining town of Silverton, at the top of the mountains.

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5 Best Things to do in Slovakia

Blog, Destinations, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - August 4, 2018

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The Exotic and Exciting Two Days Trip to South Africa

Africa, Blog, South Africa, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - July 24, 2018

trip to South Africa

There are various places in South Africa you can visit in just two days. You can plan for a trip to South Africa and enjoy the best places to see. The official name of the place is Republic of South Africa. You can at best explore the treasures of the Dark Continent. Trip to South Africa is definitely going to make you feel so special. You would love the show of African scenery at the place. There are more things in and out here. You would even love to explore through the beautiful and the hot deserts. There are more beautiful things to admire as you move along. Continue Reading

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California—Starlight Express from San Francisco to Los Angeles

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Blog, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - March 18, 2018

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