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How to Plan a Group Road Trip

Blog, Road Trips - GoroadTrip - November 20, 2018

While many of us prefer to travel alone or with a close friend, there is something about a group road trip that tends to put a smile on anyone’s face. A road trip has the potential to become one of the best experiences of your life and go down in family history as the trip that changed your life. And while the people you are traveling with matter a lot, there are several other things that can make or break a proper road trip. So, in case you haven’t planned such a trip before and feel that you could use some help with it, here is a list of tips and tricks that you should keep in mind so you can all have the time of your lives.

How to Plan a Group Road Trip


The most important part of a road trip is the choice of vehicle. Depending on your group’s size, you can rent a minivan, a camper, a bus or even a car. Make sure to assess how much space your group requires and get a bus rental price quote to see if it is within your budget. Then you can decide whether people from your group will drive the vehicle themselves or you need to hire a driver too. This way, every one of you can relax and connect over good trip music and bad gas station pizza on the way.

Map out your journey

To make your journey hassle free, make sure you map out the route you’re going to take on your road trip beforehand. Also, make sure to take a look at all the alternative routes that lead to your destination. And don’t forget to keep a GPS device or a physical map on you the entire time.

Planning accommodations

Once you decide what route you’re taking for your journey, make sure to look up motels or hotels along the way in case you want to sleep under a roof for a night. Many groups prefer to camp though, so it would also be wise to look at any possible camping locations along the way. Make sure to pack all the important camping gears and you are ready to spend the night bonding around a bonfire, s’mores and some silly old ghost stories.

Choose pit stops

Choosing resting spots where you can stretch your legs, take a bathroom break and recharge is a very important part of a road trip too. Sure, there will be some hotels and petrol pumps along the way, but it doesn’t hurt to check where they are on the route. So if there’s an emergency, you will have an idea about where you can stop. Also, make sure everyone saves the numbers of hospitals and emergency services on their phones.

Choosing sites to see along the way

Choosing the best attractions to stop at along the way may seem like a very easy task but things aren’t always the way they seem. For each spot you choose, you need to take into account the entry fees, the opening and closing times, the average time required to tour the place, parking facilities etc. You need to also be careful to choose things that everyone in the group can enjoy.


Take into account how much each person will be able to comfortably spend before deciding on the average budget. Make sure to discuss everything with your group before starting on the bookings. When you are renting a vehicle, you need to also take into account the money that will be spent on gas refills. If you plan on booking hotels for a few nights, make sure that the prices complement your budget. Also, include the money that will be spent on refreshments for the entire group and make sure to keep a few hundred bucks aside as emergency money.

Plan distractions

After everything is said and done, it is not only the pit stops and comfortable transportations that make a group trip successful. It is also your responsibility to make sure everyone has fun. So, when the playlist is on its third loop and the radio is just plain boring, playing a few road trip games will cheer everyone up and make sure that all of you have the time of your lives. If you need some ideas, here are a few options you can check out.

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Blog, Road Trips - GoroadTrip - September 28, 2018

Consider this article as a tribute to all those times when you planned a road trip with your friends back in school but it never actually happened. Road trips sound marvellous, don’t they? Ever moving to a strange destination, trying the food and learning the culture of all the places that fall on the way there. It is exciting. And it is not just the destination but the journey that matters. Many a person has called their first road trip life-changing. The people, the special road trip music, the bad pizza everyone shares at some roadside place in the middle of nowhere- everything about a road trip is different and exciting. And while the urge to throw all plans out of the window is overwhelming, there is still a little bit of preparation involved. Use a camera like this, carry that, don’t forget a portable charger – the usual. Continue Reading

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6 Beautiful Road Trips of South India

Blog, Road Trips - GoroadTrip - November 17, 2017

Our country is a tourist attraction with many beautiful destinations. In addition, our roads are now a pleasure to drive or drive with high maintenance and easy routes. All you have to do, if you get a sentence, go for it. Last minute plans or plans of the day. Go to the top of the page Here is a list of the best excursions you can do.

Vishakapatnam to the Araku Valley:

Vishakaptanam is blessed with the beautiful mountains of the ghats and the green waters of the Bay of Bengal. At 120 kilometers from Vishakapatnam is the hill station of the Araku Valley. The road that connects the two places is winding, gently elevated and dotted with beautiful green hills, making it the most enjoyable and ecstatic experience.

Chennai in Pondicherry:

The 160-kilometer stretch from Chennai to Pondicherry is perhaps one of the most scenic in southern India. Start at sunrise and see the golden glow. Usually, this brings you to Pondicherry. But for shutterbugs, it would be possible to take a break.

Bangalore at the Bandipur Forest:

For the forest road experience, take the road from Bangalore to Bandipur. The depth and tranquility of the jungle with the coolness is an exciting feeling. You can even drive this route for those 235 kilometers. The same route can be chosen for the journey from Mysore to Ooty.

Chennai to Munnar:

If you have a break from the hot Chennai Heat, plan an escape from the street to Munnar. This brings you to the next day! The well-appointed roads, followed by the winding and fresh ghats that lead to the mountain resort, make the trip interesting.

Mumbai to Goa:

Another 10-hour drive is the NH 17, which connects Mumbai to Goa. From sunrise, you can follow the Goa sun when the party begins!

Mumbai to Lonavala:

The short distance of 83 kilometers and the beautiful promenade make Lonavala a popular weekend trip from Mumbai. Surrounded by picturesque squares and green spaces, the road will awaken your mood and rejuvenate you before you reach the picturesque mountain resort.

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6 Beautiful Road Trips of North India

Blog, Road Trips - GoroadTrip - October 9, 2017

There is no shortage of destinations in our country. Planned holidays or spontaneous trips, there are places for each of them. Increase the pleasure of your trip and enhance your trip by opting for a road trip. Look at Goroadtrip for advice. Here are some of the best routes for a trip to North India:

Shimla to Manali:

The road that stretches 250 kilometers from Shimla to Manali can be compared to a road to paradise, it’s breathtaking! With the sparkling waters of the Beas River, you can get to know the Himalayan mountains of Manali.

Puri at Konark:

It may be only 36 km from Puri to Konark on the NH 203, but it is loaded with a picture perfect enough to fill a book. The beautiful paved road is connected to its branches, which connect to a glass roof, which appears as a welcome gesture with open arms for the traveler.

Gangtok at Lake Tsomgo:

One of the most beautiful roads in the north-east, connecting Gangtok to Tsomgo Lake, also called Changu Lake, impresses with its scenery. With mountain ranges flanking the sides of the road, the 40-kilometer road in the hilly surroundings is a challenge.

Delhi to Agra:

One of the most popular roads of the Yamuna Highway. It allows travelers to travel 165 kilometers in less than two hours. A trip from Delhi to Taj Mahal and Agra Fort and back can be done in a day.

Shillong to Cherrapunjee:

One of the best routes for the road from Shillong to Cherrapunjee is around 53 kilometers. The road is blessed with enchanting waterfalls, picturesque villages and beautiful vineyards along the way.

Kolkata to Digha:

A popular weekend destination that often visits Kolkata. Digha is about 180 kilometers from Kolkata. The place is popular because of its beautiful beach as well as the beautiful road. The road to Digha is marked by green sections that offer a pleasant and relaxing walk.

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Road Trip on Pacific Coast Highway

Blog, Road Trips - GoroadTrip - May 14, 2017

Also known as PCH, the Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most scenic drives in the world that you can take along the ocean. It stretches from the southern tip of Baja California to the Olympic Peninsula and covers a distance of about 500 miles. Along the way, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of the sea, scenic coastal villages and unspoilt woodlands. You can also go through vineyards.

One of the most fascinating routes on PCH is San Francisco San Diego, because every place has interesting tourist stops that can be part of your journey.

San Francisco:

From the Golden Gate Bridge you will continue on PCH, but not before you visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz Island and drive down Lombard Street and Union Square.

San Jose:

The city on PCH is worth a visit with its many interesting galleries and museums and the mysterious Winchester Mystery House. Do not forget to visit the headquarters, which is responsible for changing the computer world; Google, Facebook and Hewlett Packard Garage are all in San Jose. A visit to the zoo and the largest outdoor market in the United States is also a must in San Jose.

Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz is for beach lovers. The charming beach, the Santa Cruz beach, the Big Dipper and the lighthouse make the stopover worthwhile. Pacific Avenue makes good purchases to bring home jewelry. For a bit of hiking, you can try the Wilder Ranch State Park or enjoy music at the Rio Theater.


One hour from Santa Cruz, where the rolling coastline is Monterey Bay. Monterey has its own share of attractions that you must visit. The Lobos State Nature Reserve is one, and the former Fisherman’s Wharf is another. Spend an interesting time at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and go shopping at Cannery Row. If you continue on the 17 mile road, you can be overturned by the scenic beauty along the road and the friendliness of the coastal village. Treat yourself to some activities such as sailing, whale watching, kayaking and golf, all part of Monterey.

Big Sur:

A slow ascent to Monterey will take you to Big Sur after crossing one of the largest bridge bridges in the world, Brixby Bridge. Lose yourself in the beauty of Big Sur with so many points of view that driving slows considerably, but with many good reasons. Pfeiffer Beach, Point Sur State Historic Park, McWay Falls and Ragged Point can make you pause for a few days. The natural thermal baths of the Esalen Institute could be another reason to stop, as their healing properties are known.

San Simeon:

San Simeon is famous for its magnificent Hearst Castle on Enchanted Hill. The castle sits on an incredible 250,000 acres and is impressive with its rooms, cottages, suites, kitchens and land. The moonstone beach and the elephant colony PiedrasBiancas are other interesting places.

San Luis Obispo:

This coastal city of California has everything you need for a fun stopover. The walks you can take on the many hills like Islay Hill, Black Hill, Bishop Peak and San Luis Obispo Botanical Park are invigorating. The views of the Fremont Theater and Soda Lake are impressive, and Pismo Beach is great for parachuting, surfing and relaxing in the many restaurants. The Bubblegum Alley is a 15-foot-high and 70-foot-long lane, and if it does not keep you from seeing the chewing gum pastes glued here, you can visit them to leave one of them and make a mark.

Santa Barbara:

Santa Barbara offers a good break before you meet LA. Enjoy wildlife and flora at the Santa Barbara Zoo, Botanical Gardens and Lotus Land. Visit the Lobero Theater or Arlington for a chat or the historic Santa Barbara Museum for a brushstroke with the story.

Los Angeles:

Of course, stopping in this sprawling city of California with its iconic Hollywood sign is a must when you’re at the PHC. The Hollywood Hall of Fame, the Kodak Theater, Universal Studios and the Santa Monica Pier are just some of the many attractions of this glittering city.

San Diego:

The San Diego road trip is just the place to relax by the bay. Take your time and visit the Balboa National Park and the Cabrillo National Monument at the top of Loma Point.

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