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Water Sports in Santa Catalina Island

Adventure Activities, Blog, Offbeat - GoroadTrip - January 18, 2018

Southwest of Los Angeles is Santa Catalina, one of the Channel Islands. This rocky island is about 22 miles long and 8 miles wide. With its beautiful beaches, the island is full of adventure, sports and holiday attractions. At the top of this list of activities are water sports. There is a lot for lovers of swimming at sea, snorkeling or water skiing. The island of Santa Catalina, which divides into two areas called Avalon and two ports, is a dream destination for sea lovers.

Some water sports to make your trip here unforgettable are:


One place to dive freely is the Lovers Cove in Avalon. The underwater journey between the colorful sea life has caught you prisoner. If you also want a guided tour, head to Two Harbors on the isthmus of the island where you will have easy access to one of the best dive sites in the world. For clean, clear water with a visibility of 40 to 100 feet, the site was described as “the healthiest marine environment in the world.” With rental equipment as well as guides and instructors, snorkelling becomes unforgettable.


This activity involves speed, fun and excitement that will get you into adrenaline. To take a jet ski, you must start from the green pier at Avalon Harbor and be transported to the Jet Ski Barge. From the houseboat you can jet ski with lifejackets and instructions to the sea.


A highlight of the island of Santa Catalina for tourists is parasailing. Parasailing boats on the water of the ocean are a common sight here with thousands of people doing this adventure. Parasailing takes them about 800 meters above the sea, where they can float from the colorful parasailing while watching the sea and the island below. If you are lucky enough to see the dolphins as well.

Paddle boarding:

Tourists will find stand-up paddle boards, a great way to experience the wonders of Catalina’s beautiful locations such as Avalon Harbor, Casino Point and Lover’s Cove. Paddle boarding is a relatively easy way to enjoy the sun by the sea and also enjoy underwater views.


Santa Catalina has exotic places to surf like Shark Harbor and Ben Weston. Surfers enjoy riding on the calm waves of the sea, where many of them settle.
Santa Catalina also offers a variety of water adventures in organized tours. Ocean Runner Dolphin Tour, Flying Fish Boat Tours and Glass Bottom Boat Trips are the ones you should definitely look for.

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11 Adventure Destinations of India

Adventure Activities, Blog - GoroadTrip - July 21, 2017

Adventure tourism in India is a country that is strong with the various topographical features of our country. Mountains, coasts, vineyards, valleys, national parks, the possibilities of adventure activities are endless. Pack up your daring nature for some of these adventure trips to India:

Hiking, Ladakh:

For trekking adventures, there is no other place than the Ladakh valleys. The topographic features of the Ladakh trails of other popular trekking areas of Himachal and Uttarakhand are its topographical variations. Try the relaxed Sham Valley Trek or increase the setting with the more powerful StokKangri Trek.

Bungee Jumping, Rishikesh:

Rishikesh offers climbing, camping and rafting. But it is the only destination in India to engage in the adventure of bungee jumping to the hair.

Balloon ride, Rajasthan:

The hot air balloon allows tourists, especially newlyweds, to admire the sand dunes, majestic forts and bird-sighted palaces for which Rajasthan is famous.

Wildlife Safari, Bandhavgarh National Park:

Bandhavgarh National Park of Madhya Pradesh Walk an elephant and try a wild cat in Madhya Pradesh. The excitement is not only attracted by wildlife lovers, but also by regular tourists in the spell.

Abseiling, Dandeli:

Dandeli in Karnataka caters to adventurers and offers a variety of activities, including jeep safaris and kayaking.

Mountain bike, Manali:

The Manali Mountains, the destination of number one cycling fanatics, have without a doubt the best roads to cycle the pristine beauty of the Himalayas.

Mountaineering, Sikkim:

Sikkim, the land of the Lepchas, is definitely the land of the mountains. There are so many peaks that you can conquer, like Mount Thingchinkhang, Pandim Mountain and the mighty Mount Kanchenjunga, to get your mountaineering quota.

Cave exploration, Meghalaya:

The excitement and thrill of caving can only come from the “land of the magnificent vineyards” that is Meghalaya.

Heliski, Gulmarg:

An activity for real daredevils, heliskiing in Gulmarg is a must. There is no greater success than the one you get when you jump from a helicopter to hit the snow with your skis.

Climbing, Karnataka:

In most parts of Karnataka, it belongs to hilly areas and becomes a popular destination for climbers. Visit the cities of Savandurga, Ramanagara, Badami, Hampi or Madhugiri for a climbing experience.

Skiing, Auli:

With its dazzling white slopes, high altitude and unspoiled landscape, Auli is undeniably the first destination in India.


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5 Memorable Camping Expeditions in South India

Adventure Activities, Blog - GoroadTrip - July 14, 2017

If you are outside, you will find a hotel closed. Open the clear skies, the sprawling hills and the picturesque waters by camping outdoors. Camping in South India is especially cool with the time and generosity of nature.Scout for some amazing campgrounds like the ones listed below:


The Coorg Mountains surround you in the green while you camp in the splendor of the Western Ghats. You will find many campsites that offer you the best of nature; a torrent, bubbling water, the fresh air of the mountain and the vast green expanse of hills. A popular place is Bettigiri, Brahmagiri Hills, Madikeri and Kushalnagar.


The freshness of Matheran is protected by the fact that it is a mountain resort without a car. Breathe fresh invigorating air when you leave your camp in the morning. Enjoy the sounds of birds and watch them on the green and beautiful slopes of Sahadri. You can walk or ride in this beautiful place.


Munnar is the best place in the world. The hill station is considered one of the best trekking destinations in South India. Try campsites on the high cliff in the Periyar Tiger Wildlife Reserve or in Mattupetty’s luxuriance.


Wayanad, blessed with lush Western ghats, streams, wildlife and hilly terrain, is the perfect place to camp. Swim in the Kalanidhi River, take a walk through the picturesque hills and relax under the stars in front of a camp before retiring to your tent. You can also enjoy water sports such as boating and fishing or opt for the more demanding mountain bike.


Manchinbele, a popular birding destination, is about 40 kilometers from Bangalore and is also a popular camping destination. You can choose your own camping trip here
Wayanad, Kerala, Camping in South India
Priority approval of the nearby military base. Or visit the Xtreme Zone, where you can also find other activities such as abseiling, kayaking and paintball for campers.

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Dramatic Mountain Landscape of Yosemite National Park

Adventure Activities, Blog, Destinations, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - April 29, 2017

Sea Lion Cove in Point Lobos State Reserve

“Dramatic” is the first word that comes to mind for all visitors to Yosemite National Park. Strikingly, the rock formations of the Yosemite Valley, created by prehistoric glaciers that irrigated the mountains and cliffs, have produced these mesmerizing landscapes. Visitors enjoy the high cliffs and waterfalls that flow in these mountains that stretch incredibly from 3,000 feet to over 13,000 feet!

Try to dazzle with extraordinary views of these sights and do not forget to pack your camera.

Cathedral Rocks and Spires:

These rocks are visible year round because of their height which is 2000 feet. They are formed in an unusual symmetrical balance and appear as a triple rock formation. Tourists agree that Cathedral Rocks and Spiers are the finest rock formations in Yosemite National Park.

El Captain:

Delighted by professional climbers from all over the world, El Captain stands at an impressive height of 3590 feet. Both Cathedral Rocks and Spiers and El Captain are visible from Yosemite Valley.

Half Dome:

One of the most spectacular cliffs in Yosemite, the Half Dome is about 8,842 feet above sea level popular for its sheer size. It has a smooth granite wall that rises almost a mile above the valley. The cliff can be climbed after a strenuous and strenuous trek by experienced mountaineers. Half Dome is seen almost everywhere in the eastern Yosemite Valley because of its altitude.

Glacier Point:

Glacier Point offers one of the best views of Yosemite. It is on the edge of the Yosemite Valley, 3000 meters high on a granite perch. The climb is easily accessible via a road and visitors can afford the impressive views of mountain peaks, pure valleys and rushing waterfalls below.

Mount Dana:

Located at the eastern end of Yosemite, the summit of Mount Dana reaches an altitude of 13,060 feet. It is the second highest peak of the park. The best view of Mount Dana is from Tioga Road, west of the Tioga Passage.

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Outdoor Adventure in Mount Sastha

Adventure Activities, Blog, Destinations, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - January 18, 2017

Mount Shasta is located in northern California at an altitude of 14,179 feet. It is the fifth highest peak in California and the second highest in the Cascades. Mount Shasta is an imposing peak 11,000 feet above the valleys that surround it and define the landscape of Northern California. With its inspiring beauty and scenery, Mount Shasta is easily becoming a popular outdoor adventure destination. Some places to choose from here are:

Mount Shasta City Park:

Mount Shasta City Park is an urban park. It is one of many parks in Mount Shasta Recreation and Parks District. It stretches over 26 hectares and offers tourists numerous opportunities for hiking, cycling and camping. The land on which Shasta Mountain Park currently stands was once a hunting ground. The park is also the base of the beautiful spring that is the upper reaches of the Upper Sacramento River.

Lake Siskiyou:

Overlooking Mount Shasta, with breathtaking views of the Shasta National Forest, Lake Siskiyou awaits you. The lake is a complete family trip with opportunities for fishing, camping and trekking in the middle of nature.

Shasta-Trinity National Forest:

The Shasta-Trinity National Forest is located in northern California and is managed by the US Forest Service. With many beautiful campsites, the place is a pleasure for campers. With its varied landscapes, forests, hills and lakes it promises adventure.

Mount Shasta Ski Park:

Between the town of Mount Shasta and the town of McCloud in the Cascade Mountain Range is the Mount Shasta Ski Park. With almost 425 hectares of ski slopes, the Ski Park is suitable for both beginners and advanced skiers.

Castle Lake:

Castle Lake is located in the Trinity Mountains in Siskiyou County and is a glacial lake. Typically located in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, the lake flows into Castle Lake Creek and joins the Siskiyou Lake Reservoir. Fishing and camping are both a pleasant experience at Castle Lake. But the hike takes the cake as there are beautiful trails leading to the Castle Crags Wilderness area, which leads to Castle Crags State Park next to the trails to Heart Lake and Little Castle Lake.

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