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6 Best California Top Vacations

America, Blog - GoroadTrip - September 13, 2018

Located in the western United States, bordered by the Pacific Ocean, California represents the allure of a “world end”, both highly urbanized and very wild.

California also offers a kaleidoscope of wild and majestic landscapes and California vacation ideas include the relentless Death Valley desert, the extraordinary Yosemite Park, the forests that dart to the skies of Sequoia National Park. Continue Reading

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6 Things to do in South Lake Tahoe

Adventure Activities, Destinations, Things To Do - GoroadTrip - November 17, 2016

South Lake Tahoe is located on the southern shores of Lake Tahoe and is a city in California, United States. It is one of the most populous cities in El Dorado County. Also called Lake Tahoe Boulevard, the city has much to offer in every season. Some places to go to Lake Tahoe Boulevard are:

6 Things to do in South Lake Tahoe

Taylor Creek Visitor Center:

The Taylor Creek Visitor Center, located about three miles from South Lake Tahoe City, is a center that offers four interesting self-guided trails and the Stream Profile Chamber. The Rainbow Paths, Sky Lake, Forest Tree and Smokey trails give tourists a nature experience that includes the river, swamps and forests.


Vikingsholm is a colossal mansion on the shores of Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe and is located in the National Register of Historic Places. Vikingsholm is considered one of the great examples of Scandinavian architecture and is currently part of the Harvey West unit of Emerald Bay State Park. Visitors can visit it during the summer months, but the surrounding countryside can be enjoyed all year round.

Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort:

The Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort sits on 4,800 acres and has the highest elevation in the Lake Tahoe area. About 33% of the area is suitable for skiing. With the heavy snowfall of the season, the ski resort has one of the largest snow-making facilities from November to mid-April and therefore ski tours.

Regan Beach:

Regan Beach is the oldest beach in the city of South Lake Tahoe. With shallow waters, the beach is ideal for swimming and kayaking. It also has excellent facilities for children with a playground, a large lawn, a volleyball court and a viewing platform.

Lower Eagle Falls:

Lower Eagle Falls rises 150 feet from Upper Eagle Falls to Emerald Bay State Park. The falls are best in spring when the water flow is highest.

Pope Beach:

The beach of Pope Beach is a popular tourist destination. The sandy beach is ideal for sunbathing and the calm waters of the sea for swimming. Tourists can enjoy magnificent views of Lake Tahoe and the back of the Sierra Nevada from this beach.

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