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Chennai’s Music Season

Blog, Festivals/Events - GoroadTrip - May 15, 2015

With a nip in the air, the dawnchilly and misty

The thrum of the thambura, the throb of drums

The bow on the violin, flute and pipes

Rhythmic anklets jingling, steps a-timing

Notes and lyrics in pitches a-scaling

The Music season is on in Chennai


Bhajan singers walking the streets

Black clothed hill-bound pilgrims

Carrying lamps, shoulderingdouble bundles

Carol singers strolling and serenading

Each with religious fervour according totheir faith

The lights of devotion shine in Chennai

Naradha Gana Sabha, Chennai music season, December season


Relatives visiting, hotels, roads teeming

The gloss and glitter of Sabha hopping

Mock snow, tinsel, Xmas treestwinkling

Frenzied Pongal shopping, New Year’s dancing

USA twangsAppreciating,Australian drawling

The tourist invasion is on in Chennai


Exhibitions, seasonal sales, offers and rebates

Lectures and demos, dissertations on music

Gossip, innuendo, critics, reviews, mud-slinging

Doyens and upstarts, the pro and the amateur

Jostling for attention or just a mention

A media blitz is let loose in Chennai

Chennai Music Festival, December Season


Mufflers and sweaters, wools and shawls

Shimmering silks with diamonds and geegaws

Veshtis and jibbas with flyaway angavastrams

Plaits and chignons, bobs, kudumis and pigtails

Decorated with jasmine, roses and ribbons

Chennai is all dressed up for its December Season

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