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Goa – For the Beach Lovers

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - November 26, 2016

A beach lover? Then head to Goa.There are so many of them that you will be spoilt for choice. It is a fact that Goa does not believe in small numbers as there are close to 54 beaches to visit when in the state. The plentiful beaches have names that begin with almost every alphabet right from A to V!

Beaches- The pulse of Goa

Beaches of Goa run along nearly 83% of the coastline of Goa. They captivate with the miles of silver sands, breezy palms and the mesmerizing sunsets. Some of the more popular ones are listed below:

Anjuna Beach: Located around 18 kilometres from Panaji, the Anjuna Beach is spread over 30 kilometres. They overlook the hills which adds to the scenic delight. A highlight of this beach is the Ozran region popularly called ‘Jewel of Anjuna’ where unusual rock formations encircle a small cove of black rock and white sand which goes on to join the sea.

Baga Beach: Named after the Baga River, the Baga Beach is about 15 kilometres from Panaji. This beach is a favourite with tourists who throb the place. They can relax under parasols and beach beds while sipping on their favourite mocktails. Beverage and food joints are so plentiful that tourists turn into foodies guiltlessly! Another indulgence for tourists are the many water sports at the beach; parasailing, windsurfing, Jet Ski rides are a few among them. The sight of the Baga River flowing into the Arabian Sea is undoubtedly a visual treat.

Calangute Beach: If Baga Beach is busy, then Calangunte Beach is bustling. Known as the Queen of Beaches, it is around 15 kilometres from Panaji and runs to about seven kilometres in length. In addition to sun bathing, travellers can spend time with water sports and shopping. A shopaholic’s delight, the beach has stores with products from all over India including jewellery from Tibet and handicrafts from Kashmir. Seafood stalls and beers are another attraction.

Talk on the beaches of Goa will fill up a book. But a hands-on experience is a must.

Plan a trip to Goa Beaches

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5 Popular Weekend Getaways from Mysore

Blog, Destinations, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - August 28, 2015

Mysore in Karnataka is geographically inclined for short trips or weekend getaways. You can plan a visit to a historical place, a place with scenic and natural surroundings or a trip to a wildlife sanctuary; with Mysore as the base, you can make the trip in two days. Some such weekend getaways from Mysore are:

5 Popular Weekend Getaways from Mysore


Madikeri in Coorg is the closet hill station to Mysore at a distance of around 120 kilometres. Madikeri is a typical hill station with rambling hills, pockets of forests, valleys, streams and coffee plantations with the quaintness of Kodava culture adding to its charm.

MM Hills:

Around 135 kilometres from Mysore, these lush and green hills mark the boundary between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. MM Hills or Male Mahadeshwara Hills was inhabited by the feared bandit Veerappan and his men. Now tourists can freely enjoy the beauty of the hills and bask in its natural surroundings of sandalwood and bamboo trees and watch the flow of two rivers, Cauvery and Palar. An ancient temple of Shiva set amidst the hills and valleys is a place worth a visit.


A small town in the Malnad region, Sakleshpur is around 150 kilometres from Mysore. Abundant with coffee plantations, the place is a nature lover’s delight with a lush countryside. Sakleshpur is characteristic of thick growth of plants, majestic trees, pepper vines and small streams and waterfalls. Ideal for trekking and camping, tourists can also visit Tipu Sultan’s Manjirabad Fort which offer magnificent views of the Western Ghats from the top.


About 15 kilometres apart these two heritage places are archetypal specimens of the intricate Hoysala architecture. The Channakeshava temple at Belur has a unique star shape and exquisite panels on the exterior walls that narrate stories from ancient times. The stone carvings of the celestial dancers stand out for their beauty and stunning art.


Near Madikeri in Coorg, Talacauvery is around 165 kilometres from Mysore. Set on the top of Brahmagiri hill at an altitude of around 4200 feet, it is the birth place of Cauvery River. As you climb up you dip into some misty clouds. Brace yourself for some knockout views when you reach the top.

Travel with your family or friends or just set off on your own. You will enjoy these interesting places either way.

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5 Best Weekend getaways from Kochi

Blog, Destinations, Weekend Getaways - GoroadTrip - July 17, 2015

God’s own country, Kerala, has a bouquet of travel destinations; hill stations, back waters, beaches, historical monuments, shopping, eateries, all bunched together in one string. With Kochi as the base one can plan and travel to all genres of destinations whenever they have a free weekend.

5 Best Weekend getaways from Kochi

Kumarakom and Alleppey:

Approximately around 60 kilometres from Kochi, Allepey and Kumarakom back waters are referred to as ‘Venice of the East’. With a vivid scenery, luxury resorts, house boats, home stays and local delectable cuisine, the back waters are an enticing weekend getaway from Kochi.


About 130 kilometres from Kochi is the choicest of hill stations, Munnar. The gurgling brooks, rambling hills, dancing green tea leaves and the wonderful mountain air makes you want to rush to Munnar every weekend if you are in Kochi.


Just about 160 kilometres from Kochi is Thekkady. This place takes you directly into the lap of nature with its lush greenery and rippling waters. Wander through the forests taking in the scents of spices like pepper, cloves and nutmeg and stop at the town for a refreshing cup of the native filter coffee. Camp out at night to experience the pure air, forest smells and the sight of fireflies lighting up the sky.


Drive down around 220 kilometres to visit the crowing jewel of Kerala, Kovalam. The Arabian Sea at Kovalam is at its beautiful best with some mesmerizing views of sunsets that have you rooted to the spot. The three crescent beaches of Kovalam lets you get your fill of beaches and the sea. Excellent and delicious cuisine of Kovalam are a yummy add-on.


You can venture out a bit further and travel about 300 kilometres to the tip of India that is Kanyakumari. The scenic drive along the coastal line is incentive enough. Experience the unique sight of the sun setting over the Arabian Sea when the moon is rising above the Bay of Bengal at this peninsula. In addition to its ancient and mythological temples, Kanyakumari is famous for the Vivekananda Rock Memorial and Our Lady of Ransom Church.

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Top 11 Beaches along the East Coast of India

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - September 13, 2014

Top 11 Beaches along the East Coast of India

Digha Beach, West Bengal:

One of the oldest beaches of West Bengal, the Digha Beach is around 187 kilometres to the south west of Kolkata. The Casuarina plantations and trees along the coast add to the beauty of the calm waters of this popular beach.

Mandarmani Beach, West Bengal:

Mandramani has the longest motor able beach road in India with a drive-in beach. Lined by a fishing village on one side and dense jhau trees on the other, the beach is very picturesque.

Shankarpur Beach, West Bengal:

A beach village about 185 kilometres from Kolkata, the Shankarpur Beach is a recent discovery but has already gained popularity as the best beach of Eastern India. The glorious sunrises, clear waters and casuarina groves make the beach a photographer’s delight.

Chandrabhaga Beach, Odisha:

Since it is close to the Sun Temple, the Chandrabhagha Beach is called as Konark Beach as well. The serenity of the beach is welcoming. Attractions like the light house and deer park add to the allure.

Chandipur Beach, Odisha:

A speciality of this beach is the rise and ebb of the tides. The waves ebb approximately five kilometres during low tide and then advance back the same distance at high tide. It is fascinating to watch this hide and seek of the waves.

Puri Beach, Odisha:

Puri Beach is one among the most beautiful beaches in India. It is populated densely every July owing to the car festival of Puri celebrated during that month.

RushiKonda Beach, Andhra Pradesh:

Known as the Jewel of East Coast, RushiKonda Beach is around eight kilometres from Vishakapatnam. The golden sands dotted with mango and palm grooves are hard to resist and you end up spending hours on the beach. Water sports activities like windsurfing and jet skiing are add-ons.

Mypad Beach, Andhra Pradesh:

Located 20 kilometres from Nellore, the Mypad Beach is a scenic beach destination. Rife with swaying green trees and lush long grass, the sparkling waters of the balmy beach, it is a complete family vacation spot.

Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu:

The town of Mahabalipuram which is around 50 kilometres from Chennai attracts more than the beach. The exquisite Shore Temple, the rock cut caves, the exemplary five chariots are enough reasons for tourists spending days in the many resorts of Mahabalipuram.

Marina Beach, Tamil Nadu:

The longest beach in India and the world’s first longest urban beach, the Marina Beach is Chennai’s major tourist attraction. A four mile long promenade makes it a walker’s delight and there are plenty of stalls and entertainment to engage tourists.

Kanyakumari Beach, Tamil Nadu:

The Bay of Bengal culminates its eastward journey at Kanyakumari Beach as it meets the Arabian Sea to form the Indian Ocean.Hence the beach is called ‘Land’s End’. Being able to watch both the sunrise and sunset at sea is a spectacular experience. The Thiruvalluvar Statue and Vivekananda Rock Memorial are added attractions of this beach.

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