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Try Something Exotic in 2019

Blog - GoroadTrip - January 2, 2019

So, it’s New Year time once again and it’s time to do something exotic to mark the start of a 2019! As the dark nights are in full swing, treat yourself and book something exotic to look forward to. Continue Reading

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Flying High

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - August 4, 2015

Air travel has come a long way today. Air traffic is as busy as other travel modes. Naturally the air stations or airports are as bustling. But there is a charm to airports that sets them apart from other stations. There is a dignity, professionalism and a courteous air combined with an attractive ambience. Some airports in our country have come by this charm by location and some by design.

A list of our charming and attractive airports are:

Kushok Bakula Rimpochee airport, Leh:

This airport on the lovely hill desert of Leh, Jammu and Kashmir, is in a natural landscape of snow clad mountains. At an altitude of 10,682 feet above mean sea level, this is one of the highest airports in the world. Flights from this airport have to take off only in the mornings as feisty mountain winds set in by noon.

Agatti Island Airport, Lakshadweep:

This airport has to be nature’s pet. You cannot match the natural scenic beauty that surrounds this airport with any other in the world. It is located on a really narrow strip of land that runs through endless blue waters of the Laccadive Sea. Only a single flight to Kochi runs from this airport.

Gaggal Airport, Kangra:

Another airport on a hillstation, Gaggal Airport is in the midst of the Himalayas. 14 kilometres away from Dharamshala, it is at an altitude of 2,492 feet. The serenity stands out when the cold winds whisper at this scenic airport. Flights operate mainly to and from Chandigarh and Delhi from here.

Dabolim Airport, Goa:

Located near the sea shore, this domestic and international airport is in the Dabolim village in Goa. It is one of the most beautiful airports of India.

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi:

This is the busiest airport in India. It is the largest aviation hub for India and South Asia. The airport has been awarded the fourth best position in the world.

ChhatrapatiShivaji International Airport, Mumbai:

This airport is the second busiest in India and the busiest when it comes to cargo traffic. It has been awarded as the best airport in India and Central Asia.

Stroll through the book or cloth stores, relax in the lounges and satisfy your appetite at the many restaurants in the airports. A delay in your flight time will seem welcome.

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On the Fruit Trail of India

Blog, Food - GoroadTrip - June 24, 2015

When you take a bite of an apple or peel off an orange, do you wonder where they come from? Which part of India are they grown, how much they have travelled before finding themselves in your fruit basket? Almost every state in our country is home to one or morevarieties of fruit and specializes in its cultivation. Orchards, vineyards and fruit groves of our country produce some of the finest varieties of fruits which are supplied not just to India but many parts of the world.

The Abode of Some Fruits in Some States are:

Apples, Himachal Pradesh:

Kotgarh in Himachal Pradesh is known as the Apple Bowl of India. The apple orchards run for several acres and are about 80 kilometres from Shimla. Walking through the orchards dotted with red apples, breathing in the apple scents that are mixed with pine from the surrounding forests makes you forget the rest of the world.

Oranges, Maharashtra:

Known as the orange city, Nagpur is famous for its mandarin oranges. Recently awarded with the geographical indication (GI) tag for the use of the name ‘Nagpur Orange’, this variety is exclusive and sought after the world over. While you pick a box of these juicy oranges, spend a lovely time in this green city of India which is also our country’s winter capital.

Pomegranates, Maharashtra:

Yet another fruit that the state of Maharashtra is home to, in Solapur, is the red and pearly pomegranate. Solapur not only cultivates the fruit but also conducts research on it in the National Research Centre.

Alphonso Mangoes, Maharashtra:

Widely popular as ‘Ratnagirihapus’ this king of fruits is grown in the port city on the Konkan coast, Ratnagiri. Alphonso mangoes are the most superior variety of mangoes and hence the royal title. No summer should pass by without a taste of this delicious golden yellow fruit!

Pineapples, West Bengal:

The Bidhannagar area in Siliguri, Bengal, is the largest area growing pineapple.Siliguri is located at the foothills of the mighty Himalaya and the banks of River Mahanadi. Enjoy biting into delicious chunks of the native juicy fruit while you take in the beautiful scenery of the Mahanadi River and the Himalayas.

Bananas, Tamil Nadu:

Although the top position keeps hopping between states, the highest number of bananas are produced by Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and several other states. It is no wonder that India is the largest banana producing country in the world.

Papaya, Andhra Pradesh:

Along with sweet orange, Anantapur in AP, is one major fruit production area. Anantapur is earning the distinction of being the fruit bowl of AP and flourishing with the launch of National Horticulture Mission.

Guavas, Uttar Pradesh:

If oranges are Nagpur’s pride, Guavas are Allahabad’s. Owing to the many distinct varieties of guavas grown here, Allahabad is often referred to as ‘The City of Green Gold’.

Custard apples, Telangana:

Also called Sitaphal, this favourite fruit of the people of Karimnagar, Telangana are grown in large quantities on hillocks and small forest areas.

Grapes, Maharashtra:

Nashik, known as the ‘Grape capital of India’, produces more than half of the total grape cultivated in India. The grapevines are spread at the foothills of the Sahayadri. The climate and location results in the freshness and juiciness of the fruits and is therefore in great demand around the world.

Strawberries, Maharashtra:

Popular for berries, Mahabaleshwar is an ideal location to grow them owing to the hilly Western Ghat ranges present in the place. The favourable climate and hilly terrain grows the best strawberries, pink, sweet and juicy.

Litchis, Bihar:

Known as the Litchi kingdom of India, Muzaffarpur is famous for its Shahi litchis. Muzaffarpur is responsible for the export of the fruit to almost all the big cities in India.

Peaches, Kerala:

Kanthalloor is famous for a wide variety of fruits, especially peaches. This place is on the eastern side of the Western Ghats and the cool climate is ideal for the cultivation of some of the best varieties of fruits.

Plums, Himachal Pradesh:

Best grown in cooler climates, the plums are the pet fruits of northern states like Himachal, Uttrakhand and Jammu and Kashmir.

Pears, Jammu and Kashmir:

Primarily grown in Jammu and Kashmir, pears also grow well in Himachal Pradesh. Since the fruit can adapt to subtropical temperatures it is also grown in the states of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh.

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10 Places In India That Look Like Destinations In Europe

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - May 8, 2015

10 Places In India That Look Like Destinations In Europe

Alleppey – Venice:

Allepey in Kerala was called as the Venice of the East by Lord Curzon. With its scenic backwaters, lagoons, beaches and canals, Allepey indeed lives up to this title.

Khajjar in Himachal Pradesh was recognized as the Switzerland of India in 1992 by Willy. T. Blazer, the Head of Chancery of Switzerland in India. Khajjar has a topographical similarity to Switzerland with its snow clad peaks and rambles of greenery; hence the name.

Coorg – Scotland:

During the British reign the planters of the coffee plantations in Coorg were mostly Scots. They loved Coorg as they found many similarities between their homeland and Coorg and nicknamed it as the Scotland of India.

Nainital- England:

While Nainital is called the lake district of India, The Lakes or Lakeland is the Lake District in North West England. Both are famous for their lakes and popular holiday destinations.

Pondicherry – Greece:

Though established by the French, Pondicherry’s French Quarter bears an uncanny resemblance to Fira in Greece.

Delhi – Paris, Italy:

India Gate in Delhi resembles the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It has also been called as ‘a creative reworking of the Arc de Triomphe’. The QutubMinar has often been said to appear as the Leaning Tower of Pisa of Italy.

Sikkim – Iceland:

The Gurodongar Lake in Sikkim and the Jokulsarlon Lake in Iceland could be called twins! Visit this high altitude lake in India, you will be saved a trip to Iceland!

Mumbai – London:

Modelled on the Big Ben of London by Sir George Gilbert Scott, the Rajabai Clock Tower in Mumbai in the Fort Campus of the University is our very own Big Ben.

Jaipur – Lithuania:

Jalmahal of Jaipur and Trakai Castle in Lithuania both are in the middle of a lake. And the similarity does not end there. They are both majestic and grand and fascinate a great number of tourists.

Pune – Italy:

Styled on the Portofino town in Italy, Lavasa in Pune is the perfect Italian getaway in India.

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National parks in Kerala and Karnataka

Blog, Destinations, Wild life & Conservation - GoroadTrip - April 27, 2015

South India is surrounded by natural settings. With the mountain ranges of Eastern and Western Ghats and the seas and Indian ocean, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the union territories, the region of South India is home to many National Parks. Some national parks of Karnataka and Kerala are:

National parks in Kerala and Karnataka

Bandipur National Park, Karnataka:

Belonging to the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve of Tamil Nadu, Bandipur National Park is one of the largest protected areas in South India. This tiger reserve forest is popular for its wildlife and flora and fauna.

Nagarhole National Park, Karnataka:

Nagarhole is also a part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and has an impressive population of tigers, elephants and Indian bison. Nagarhole is an enchanting park with terrific scenery as it is located in the foothills of the Western Ghats and is filled with streams, waterfalls, valleys and hills.

Kudremukh National Park, Karnataka:

Located around 100 kilometres from Chikmagalur town, Kudremukh National Park is the second largest wildlife protected area in South India. It is very popular for its bio-diversity.

Bannerghatta National Park, Karnataka:

Bannerghatta National Park is frequented by tourists for its many attractions. It is ideal for trekking, has a butterfly park, a snake house, a safari park and an aquarium.

Periyar National Park, Kerala:

This national park and wildlife sanctuary in Kerala is both a tiger and elephant reserve. Also known as Thekkady National Park, it is spread high up in the Cardamom and Pandalam Hills.

Silent Valley National park, Kerala:

Situated in the heart of the Nilgiri International Biosphere Reserve of South India, the park protects the Nilgiri Langur, Wood pigeon, Malabar Giant Squirrel and Lion-tailed Macaques which is an endangered species.

Eravikulam National Park, Kerala:

Located along the Western Ghats, this wild forest and wild life park is a World Heritage Site. It is home to around 26 species of mammals, many amphibians and a great many species of birds.

Mathikettan Shola National Park, Kerala:

Mathikettan Shola National Park is a part of the Cardamom Hill Reserve. It has a number of endemic animals and plants and offers a good opportunity to explore the Shola forest area of Southern India.

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