Best Places You Must See in Brussels

Belgium, Blog - GoroadTrip - August 20, 2018

Brussels attractions

Brussels is the capital of Belgium. It is one of the loveliest places with wonderful architecture, and with a great history of every alleyway and street. You will get the feeling of business in the streets of Brussels. It is said that its atmosphere of multi-layered makes it a great city to visit. It is having something for each and everyone. Apart from art and architecture, you will get much more which is Brussels attractions. And if you are a health conscious and avoid oily foods then forget your diet routine for some days as because fries, beer, and mussels are very famous in Brussels.

If you are visiting Brussels for two days only then also you can enjoy all the most popular and major sights of the city but try to make more time for your trip so that you can enjoy all the beautiful flavors of the city. Some of them are:

1.    Grand Place

Grand place in Brussels will inspire you the most and the Brussels attractions which is centered in the middle of the city. And if you will enter on foot then you will be wonderstruck after having a look on it. You will find 15th Century city hall at the center of the Grand Place. Apart from this, striking architecture of the six guild halls will win over your heart. And on some of the days, in the square, you will find flower market. Night visiting will be the best to enjoy the beauty of Grand Place.

2.    Old England Building

In Brussels, the 19thCentury’s formerly department store is the Old England Building. The stunning façade and the musical museum of the Old England Building make the visitors more attracted and is one of the Brussels attractions. There are more than 2000 ancient musical instruments to which till today people come to listen. And the sight from the roof of the building is the most amazing part.

3.    Notre Dame Du Sablon

The stunning Gothic Cathedral was build in the 14th Century and it was used by the Archer’s Guild as a chapel. Its beauty is not only popular and one of the Brussels attractions in between the older people but the youngsters too likes its beauty. Apart from this, the power Madonna statue adds plus point in Notre Dame Du Sablon beauty.

4.    Learning about the lace in the costume museum

Learning about the lace in the costume museum is another Brussels attraction. As it is one of the arts of needlepoint lace and the oldest crafts. At first, it was developed in the country, Italy and its one of the main industry was in Brussels. These lace outfits were displayed and made in many historical outfits. You can see ever-changing exhibitions and they are always well presented.

After you visit Brussels you can be sure that there are versatile attractions. If you talk about peeing statue or about the hills and parks, everything is quite attractive.

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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in the Capital of Iceland

Blog, Iceland - GoroadTrip - August 18, 2018

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland with a population of 123,000 (approx). It is artistic, historical, whimsical and quiet. As you will find much to do it in the city and its attractive places will win over your heart. No matter how long you are going to spend your time in Reykjavik, but these tourist attractions in Iceland will give you memories which will be hard to forget.

1.    Hallgrimskirkja Church

Hallgrimskirkja Church is one of the most important landmarks in the city’s center and tourist attractions in Iceland. It does not matter where you are staying in the Reykjavik but you will be able to see Hallgrimskirkja Church from almost anywhere. Hence, it’s outer and as well as inner beauty will force you to visit the Church first. After you visit the church, from the gift shop buy a token and enjoy your ride in the elevator which is almost 74 meters high. It will give you the best view of Reykjavik.

2.    Whale Watching Tour

You will get the opportunities of watching whale because the city is surrounded by ocean. You will get to see minke whales and humpback whales. On the other hand, dolphins will make your day in Iceland.

3.    Downtown Reykjavik

The downtown area in Reykjavik is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Iceland. You will never experience any of the downtown scenes like Reykjavik have. You will find unique boutiques over here, like, volcanic rock pottery and Icelandic wool clothing. You should be having good numbers of time in your hand to enjoy the foods and to do shopping over here. You can visit waterfront walkway to enjoy observing the architecture and arts, as well as the ocean breeze. You will also enjoy the beautiful sunset in Iceland.

4.    Thermal Pools

The Thermal pools are one of the best places for your relaxation and one of the tourist attractions in Iceland. You should visit this place and enjoy the public thermal pools. You will find total 17 number of pools located around the city which are filled with natural geothermal water in Iceland. Many of the people use the thermal pools as a community meeting spots because it provides them with a natural therapy to their soul and mind. You can spend a whole day in Blue Lagoon to enjoy the ultimate thermal pool experience.

5.    Old Harbor Area

While you step into the Old Harbor Area, you will get the true essence of Icelandic culture. Hence, it is said to be one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Iceland. After you enjoy puffin excursions and whale watching tours, Old Harbor Area will be your departure point. Here you will find the vibrant colored buildings which are repurposed in restaurants, cafes, and stores.

The listed places are the tourist attractions in Iceland. Its beauty will give never to be forgotten memories. Whether you want to spend a family vacation or want to enjoy your honeymoon, Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland will add more happiness to it.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Poland

Blog, Poland - GoroadTrip - August 11, 2018

beautiful towns in Poland

Poland is an interesting choice for a tour. You cannot cover all the beautiful towns in Poland unless you are on a long trip. Here is a list of the best of them.

1] Sanok

This picturesque town is situated on the banks of San river. The Carpathian Mountains make an amazing landscape. The city’s rich and engaging history spans over a thousand years. It is sacrilege to miss the stunning architecture of the Sanok Castle. The one of a kind Icon collection is the jewel on Sanok’s crown.

2] Zakopane

This is one of the most popular beautiful towns in Poland. The ‘winter capital of Poland’ is situated at the foothills of the gorgeous Tatra Mountains. Bustling with tourists, this town has something to offer all year long. Summers are perfect for hiking or climbing. Winters offer the best winter sports. Don’t forget to try osckypek, a special delicacy of Zakopane.

3] Nysa

This important commercial centre of a bygone era was once famous for its “hundred towers.” Most of it by now have turned into dust because of WW II. However, the town hall and the town centre have been renovated. The Jacob and Agnes’ Church stand testament to its past grandeur. The famous 1701 marble Triton Fountain by Bernini has a counterpart here.

4] Kraków

Beautiful Gothic churches, stunning Romanesque architecture, and baroque front pieces make Kraków irresistible. This hub of unique bohemian cafes and jazz joints along with hidden trinket markets makes it one of the most beautiful towns in Poland. Wieliczka Salt Mine is also situated within the precincts of Kraków.

5] Malbork

Cocooned between waterways and wetlands of the delta of Vistula, Malbork is studded with numerous Gothic structures, one of which is the Malbork castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Gothic Malbork castle, situated on the banks of Nogat River, is one of the largest fortifications.

6] Poznań

Poznań is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Poland. It offers the perfect blend of history and culture. This pastel-painted town is famous for the Saint Martin’s croissants and Saint John’s Fair.

7] Toruń

The beautifully medieval Old Town in Toruń is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Toruń is well known for its Gingerbread Museum and Teutonic architecture including the famous Toruń Cathedral.

8] Chocholow

Toeing the border between Slovakia and Poland, Chocholow has a treat for tourists for every season. Located between the picturesque High and Low Tatra Mountain, this tiny town has wooden structures built by Góral highlanders in the 19th century.

9] Reszel

Reszel, like Chocholow, contains remnants of Teutonic architecture, making it one of the most beautiful towns in Poland. It houses an impressive Gothic castle and a stunning church which has the ability to transport us back in time.

10] Olsztyn

The historical town of Olsztyn is a potpourri of Polish, Prussian, and Teutonic cultures. It is situated on the Lyna River. Apart from its breathtaking natural beauty, this town also has numerous water bodies which heighten the beauty of its lush green scenery.

Explore all the beautiful towns in Poland at your leisure. Plan a long trip just for Poland because you are bound to fall in love.

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Fun Things to do in San Marino

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - August 7, 2018

The fun city of San Marino has something in its treasures for everyone. Vacationers and Explorers can find historical sites to explore, crazy shoppers can get some amazing shopping deals, part-timers can pay a visit to the unique museums, and breathtaking views for the nature lovers. These are some of the best things to do in San Marino.

• Historical Sites

How can anyone forget the majestic castles standing tall on the heights of Mount Titano. To a get feel for the place, you can stroll along the walls below the Guaita Tower. They provide interlink between all the three fortresses and provide a lovely view from up there. The 11th century Guaita Tower was functional as a prison until 1970. On the highest point of the mountain is built the Cesta Tower which was erected in 13th century. From outside one can only see the 16th century Montale Tower as it is not open to the public.

As long as you are on Mount Titano, take a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas. A stormy day will bring you an unusual view from the summit of La Rocca.

Catch a glimpse of the ceremonial exchange of guards about every half hour during the business hours from the month of April to September. Guardia di Rocca is the national guard of San Marino which also looks after the daily law and order duties in the area.

There is a train livery just outside the city is a treat for the eyes to watch. Each carriage of the train is painted in the national shades of blue and white. You can take a ride to Borgo Maggiore which is a 1.5 km long aerial tramway which connects the cities.

Visit one of the oldest churches on the planet, built around fourth century AD, the Basilica di San Marino along with the current church in use which was built in 1838. Beside it is the Chiesa di San Pietro which was built in 600 AD and the altar built in 1689.

PalazoPubblico which is the official government building of San Marino also offers an admirable look into the country’s history and architecture.

• Shopping

Prices of items in San Martino can grab you some good deals which are better than even Italy’s prices on fashion. Shopping in San Marino will provide you an awesome opportunity to avoid Italy’s hefty 20% IVA (sales tax). You can purchase leather wallets and handbags at throw away prices.

• Museums

San Marino’s museums boast of some of the weirdest collectibles in the world. In place of showing regular art and science stuff, its museums devote itself to torture and curiosities.

The Martel Museum which is also known as the MuseodellaTortura lies in the center of the city and displays the history and development of torture. Its collections include more than 100 items that tell the tales of torture techniques that were in use during the 16th and 17th centuries. If you were ever curious about the working of the rack, just visit this place. You can also explore the museum of Curiosities which has a collection of unique and odd items.

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The Best Nightlife in Belgrade

Blog, Destinations - GoroadTrip - August 5, 2018

Belgrade’s nightlife is one of the best that Western Europe has to offer. It stands out from all the cities of the Balkans for its clubbing and bar-hopping. Here is our guide to the best nightlife in Belgrade.

As you may know, Serbia’s capital has gained a fair amount of name and fame as a hard-partying hotspot. This place is now touted as “the New Berlin” due to its roaring nightlife, extremely cheap prices (as per the European standards) and general shabbiness. While the direct comparison with Berlin can be a bit exaggerated, its nightlife is enough to put the nearby capitals to shame.

You will have to look out as far as Leipzig or Athens to find a place better than this where you can booze and test your eardrums with battering loud music. So, let us some of the best places to experience the extravagant nightlife of this city.

1. KC Grad- This place was a former military barrack which has now been transformed into a multi-purpose cultural center. This place is run as an EU pet project that organizes everything from art shows to debate panels. Situate in the heart of Savamala, this place is often credited for changing the area’s demographic over the last half-decade or so. It functions as a club for most weekends and its perfect location makes it a reliable starting point for a town which boasts high of its nightlife.

2. Mladost/Ludost- Located just around the corner from KC Grad, this place is actually two different venues, fused into one. The former one is a bar where you can set lose your drinking inhibitions while the later serves as a club with dance floor where you can stumble once you get sufficiently inebriated. This place is more famous top serve fashionable crowd rather than hardcore clubbers. You get an awesome ambiance from its exposed brickwork, raw concrete walls and steel bars that embedded deep into the ceiling giving it a more post-industrial look.

3. Wats– Wats is an acronym for “We Are The Shit” which is located on the top floor of a nondescript shopping center. This place was founded by Zeleni Venac and is the unofficial epicenter of the town. This place is small in size but big in intimacy. Its owners have made sure to give it a look that can create a house party vibe by surrounding the DJ booths with sofas and stacking a bookcase which is full of vinyl. One can see through the large glass windows stretching from one end of the elongated bar to the other.

4. 20/44– This place is located on the opposite side of river Savamala and on the northern side of Branko’s bridge which connects the old town to the brutal urban suburbs of New Belgrade. This place is well regarded as the ‘jewel in the city’s crown’. This place derives its name from the lines of latitudes and longitudes that exactly cross its location. This place is also referred to as ‘the boat’ because of the fact that it actually floats atop a barge (known locally as splav).

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