Career with GoRoadTrip

Current Openings

HEZ001-Software Developer

Eligibility : MCA / BTech

Experience : 1-4 years

Role : Extremely strong in programming, believes developing software is a mixture of art and science and has experience in working in extremely agile enviroments. Needs to be exceptionally good in web development, Ruby On Rails the preferred medium of development - though a quick learner with experience in other languages is also welcome.

Needs to be very comfortable with algorithms and data structure, knowing trees from graphs and preorders from postorders. In addition should be able to tell an inner join apart from an outer join.

Knowledge of javascript will be a huge plus as will previous experiences in performance tuning.

HEZ002-Development Manager

Eligibility : MCA / BTech

Experience : 6+ years

Role : Extremely hands on, lives, breathes and eats technology. Loves solving hard problems and also in guiding and mentoring a team to get them to be successful.

Strong experience of working in a scrum based environment, knows how to adapt quickly and also understand how best to blend business with technology.

Needless to say, has all the skills that are expected from a developer as well.

HEZ003-Travel Expert

Experience : 8+ years

Role : Has travelled extensively in India, understands the ins and outs of the various travel needs of travelers. Understands what tickles the travelers fancy and how to satisfy those.

Has a strong background of writing interesting travel content for reputed organizations. Can sing to the soul of the intrepid traveler as well as the closet traveller. In addition, has a very strong analytical bent of mind to help drive and define strategies making use of the above strengths.

HEZ004-US Product Leader

Role : Entrepreneur at Heart, Product Visionary by Profession - We are expanding our management team to launch the US operations. This will be multi-faceted role, with following responsibilities:

Product Manager - Define the go-to market strategy, including MVP, partnerships, customer acquisition strategy and monetization model. Further work with our engineering team to develop the solution

Content Manager - Define an approach to develop rich and scalable content. Start with a pilot region. Build on the existing team with new talent.

Background in travel industry is desirable but not a must-have.

If you are interested in any of the above roles please contact us at [email protected]
Please put the position code as subjet line of your mail.