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Deep sea fishing in Chennai (Madras) is sport fishing at its best. Anglers who fish as recreation have taken to the seas to explore a technique wholly new to them - deep sea fishing.


This involves casting a net out at sea, between 10 kms and 50 kms from the shore, allowing you to catch better quality and a wider variety of fish, while discovering fabulous locations.


Off the coast of Chennai where deep sea fishing is growing increasingly popular, especially with catch such as shark and other large fish – the sport is thrilling.


You would require a permit from the Port Authorities prior to deep sea fishing. Once this has been acquired, get on a catamaran and head out to sea. Anchor the boat and cast your net.


Deep sea fishing is a primary means of livelihood for the fishermen of this coast. In effect, those who come for recreational or sport fishing respect this by practicing CPR. That is, Catch-Picture-Release. Almost nobody will take the day's catch back home.


Another precautionary measure undertaken while deep sea fishing is to handle the fish with care. You will be able to feel a slimy coat (mucous layer); this should not be messed around with as it is the protective layer of each fish.


Deep sea fishing in Chennai is an activity for both experienced anglrs and first timers. It employs modern, state-of-the-art equipment and is moderated by a skilled, experienced and passionate team of handlers. It is a wonderful way to explore our marine eco-system.


On account of the constant inflow of brackish water from river to the sea, the fishing experience here is exceptional. Early mornings, the feeding time of fish, is an ideal time slot to set out. Sunset is second best.


The next time you are on the east coast and are looking for a serene day at sea, or if you would like to dabble in the wild depths of the ocean – deep sea fishing in Chennai is perfect for your cause.

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