About GoRoadTrip

There are many things that make a great trip. A fabulous destination, fantastic timing, a good ride, great company, oodles of passion… But only one thing strings it all together to make it truly memorable - a good plan.

GoRoadTrip was formed to grow the breed of informed travelers. By injecting intelligence into every itinerary, GoRoadTrip aims to make travel more personal, more affordable and more enjoyable.

GoRoadTrip is founded by people who know a thing or two about roads as much as they do about codes. So when they are not burning the oil developing some cool software, they are probably negotiating tricky trails in interior Karnataka just to try out an elusive Konkani eatery.

It also helps to know that the GoRoadTrip team comprises alumni of some of the world’s premier institutions and companies such as IIT Madras, Google, Trilogy, Mckinsey and Apple to name a few. In fact, the founders even bring to the table a wealth of experience in successfully nurturing more than a dozen technology startups.

So if you are looking to ride pillion on a cool startup journey, it might not be bad idea to start with us.

Our Team

The Technical Team

Matrix is their favourite film and Binary is their middle name. That’s the GoRoadTrip tech team for you. (Ok we weren’t that serious about Matrix). The ultimate link between the real world and the digital world, the tech team of GoRoadTrip wakes up every morning thinking that they are The Ones.(There we go again...). This team ensures that GoRoadTrip remains the most robust, intelligent and super-cool site for every road trip planner.

Travel Evangelists

Our team of Travel Evangelists have already been there and done that - Thrown themselves into the unknown world of highways, towns and roads just so that our travellers have a great trip. These soldiers take time out to explore, sometimes painstakingly discover newer routes, food joints, holiday spots and eventually help accumulate a lifetime of memories for you.


The ones who got you here in the first place. A bunch of creative guys who sit together and brainstorm with a singular objective – make what you see on ground look as fabulous on paper. And if you always believed that a picture is worth a thousand words, wait till you meet these guys. They would gently remind you that it is worth a gazillion more!

Visual Design

Engineers build the products. But designers build the benefits. It is this maxim that drives the Visual Design team. With an eye for aesthetics and an ear, nose and tongue for everything else about user experience, this team is every techie’s partner in crime.

The Drivers

The big boys of the group. The ones who run the show. This core team drives everything at GoRoadTrip. From supervising the snazzy tech to strategizing the big game plan, this team shepherds everyone at GoRoadTrip to design the most fabulous getaways for you!